30 miles from the mountain
How can something so large
Hide so completely
Shrouded only by water vapor?
30 miles from the mountain
Not far, but endless soldier trees
Stand between us and
We will never meet.
30 miles from the mountain
Feels like the distance
Between my thoughts and my mouth
The fog sinking in my throat,
Choking the urgency out of me.
30 miles from the mountain
I sink 30 miles farther down
Every muffled, belated word weighs 30 tons
30 miles from the mountain
I haven't slept through the night
In 30 days
Because I'm too far from the mountain
30 miles from the mountain
The mist closes in
I want to hide like the mountain

John Go-Soco
John Go-Soco
2 days ago

O Moon in heaven gleaming,
thine argent visage beaming,
upon this dark land dreaming,
O quiet, vibrant light.

How bright thine silver face is;
how fair thy mystic shape is;
how maddening thy grace is!
I am fettered by thine sight.

What pleasure but to see thee;
and spy thine beauty nightly -
yet distance ever spite me
and darken my delight.

My soul is then left open;
my beating red heart broken
with unquenched pain unspoken
but for these verses that I write.

#love   #moon   #distance  
Maria Imran
Maria Imran
3 days ago

If both the people
Are continually waiting to meet each other
At the end of their respective, tiring circles
Why can't they be cojoined?

Why can't we just be us?

Maybe because we are waiting for "Right" to make it right?
#distance   #fate   #circle  

on this blank white page,
my emotions flow,
shine and glow
'till the emptiness imbibes my thoughts  
like raindrops after a drought
I  remember, tears are pockets of sorrow and pain
After 6 years, Your teached me to let them rain
I believe in something now; once they dry, the healing begins

Distance is a slow asphyxiation,
A chaos that requires all of my attention
But If you were here, i would read your eyes
I would look beyond your flesh and see beneath your bones to finally fall in love with the beauty mess that i find inside
Then i would go back to your eyes, swim and drown into them
i would find all the words that were
never really said,
and i assure you, if you were here,  we would be more than alive

To my bestfriend ✉️
#eyes   #tears   #beauty   #bones   #emotions   #believe   #distance   #chaos   #raindrops   #flesh  
3 days ago

The spaces between the silence
The absence of your presence
There you stand, too tall
In the crowd of my defiance

Keeping it real our heads held high
Extracting the blue longing essence
We build the walls staying in dark
Blocks of reality cemented with distance

We shed each other like second skin
In the act of withdrawing assurance
Now the idol dominoes fall in synchrony
In the wind of emotions with eloquence

The doors forever closed and windows jammed
Locked out of endless comforting luminance
While the journey lasts a clock ticks ahead
Lingers the fumes of  evocation fragrance

Walk through a Red Parade in Idstein.
#fall   #dark   #blue   #clock   #journey   #skin   #distance   #idol   #walls   #blocks  
Maria Imran
Maria Imran
4 days ago

Do you go back and trace those letters reeking of your lost love, lost hope, lost years?
Trace, without touching, that is. Never touching. Because how can you? They are as unreachable as are the skies. (And the skies you can still see every night.)

#love   #hope   #lost   #past   #memory   #distance   #letters  
Maria Imran
Maria Imran
4 days ago

It was you. It always was you.
In all my poems, all my yearnings
Every dream, every cry-rising-at-two-in-the-night
You were my weakness.
A negative impact.

4 days ago

they say they miss me
but no one will do anything about it

#miss   #distance  
Nick Abelgore
Nick Abelgore
4 days ago

I am distancing
I am placing


I am too

4 days ago

Love or not
Hard to tell
Far away
From me

Deep deep feelings
Maybe yes
It's a test

I can feel
About you

There's no other way
But to meet
Me and you

I will listen to my inner
Soul believer
I will listen not to lose
What is true

And I know you're sometimes
Stronger than me
But I'll fight for us
Me and you

#love   #worlds   #two   #distance   #between   #far  
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