Drove through snowstorms over icy roads
Warmed by the fire of my love for you
Following a lifeline of energy
Thought it led to your heart, warm and true
But there was only burning pain as you pushed me back
Erasing all the joy I ever knew
Signs were there that it was a trap
But the mine exploding in my face was my first clue

Open hearts are always more vulnerable
#love   #heartbreak   #pain   #ice   #cold   #distance   #danger   #frozen   #devastation  
Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
16 hours ago

Disolve the ceiling above my head
With an outstretched arm
So that I can speak to the stars again
Not to say goodbye
Or to say goodnight
But to welcome them back into the darkest corners of my life
So that I can lay here and not feel flat
With my head tipped back to catch the slight
That way I could be in line with you
Underneath the distant stars tonight

How... Is such a thing even possible God???
#time   #stars   #tell   #distance   #amazed   #will   #wow   #distant   #scribbles   #sean  
Maria Imran
Maria Imran
1 day ago

you were so fuckin' miserable for messing up my life like that.
what do i do now with all those praises you meant so well?
what do i do with your words and your face and your morning texts that keep beeping today even when I have your number no more - hammering my head
your memories leave no chance of torturing
like you didn't

#pain   #sadness   #past   #miserable   #memory   #distance  

Maybe one day when the days are fine,
Maybe some years after nine.
Maybe then we come across each other or maybe we don't.
Maybe we ignore or maybe we don't,
Maybe we smile or maybe we don't.
Maybe we crave for that one hug or maybe we don't.
Maybe then you notice the love in my eyes or maybe you don't,
Maybe you can hear the poem my eyes recite or maybe you don't.
Maybe you still pull my cheeks or maybe you don't.
Maybe you still laugh on my jokes or maybe you don't.
Maybe we exchange contacts or maybe we don't.
Maybe then you leave saying goodbye once again or maybe you don't.
Maybe you call me later or maybe you don't
Maybe i say hello and you reply or maybe you don't.
Maybe we start once again or maybe we don't.
Maybe we fall in love once again or maybe we don't.
Maybe you too wish the same to happen or maybe you don't.
Maybe you too miss me or maybe you don't.
Maybe you too write the same or maybe you don't.

Glenn Currier
Glenn Currier
3 days ago

This distance between us occupied
minutes and hours multiplied
by walking and running thoughts,
divining the cost of careless loss
roving and darting with such might
not even a rest in dreams of night.
Then a trouble or something tragic
pauses me, and a moment of magic
makes all that distance naught.
I fly to you my love in thought
bound again by strings unclear
I yearn and ache to have you near.
     But again the world cries out to me
     and again I am gone - in its roiling sea.

Inspired by Shakespeare's Sonnet # 44.  Although I am not an expert at writing sonnets, they are a delightful challenge for me.  Shakespeare's sonnets have at times brought me to tears - his love affair with the language is palpable.
Devin Ortiz
Devin Ortiz
3 days ago

One day I'll return,
From the mountains and the hills
From the sadness and the pain

One day you'll see me
Past the running rivers and aching valleys
Past the tiring insanity and quiet rage

One day, yes, one day
I'll see through this geographic nightmare
I'll see through this never ending dream

One day I'll be
The setting sun to which all backs are turned
The rising moon who dances in the night

One day the facade will fade
Masks of change will begin to crumble
Masks of change will begin to forge

One day, soon, ahh I feel it
Magic words will find these lips
Magic words will fill these pages

One day, one day, waiting on that one day
Because I feel this time thats fading
Because I feel this time is changing

#pain   #time   #change   #writing   #distance   #masks  
Sanjukta Nag
Sanjukta Nag
4 days ago

We taste distance
And moments keep dropping
Little by little
From our melting hands.

Stories on your skin
Like a room full of silhouettes
Escape my touch.

Silence stands between us
Revealing an unknown script.
We read to us life.

#love   #life   #silence   #distance   #script  

How's the bed you side of the pond?
Do you see figments of me when i'm gone?

Does it stay cold my side of the sheets?
Hate to think another's imprint comes in between.

Do you want more than to share the moon?
We were in orbit in your room.

Do restless nights make you think of us?
Our pillow talk and a little fuss.

I close my eyes; in another world,
our summer nights with the covers hurled.

You ask 'How's the bed your end of the sea?'
Its only warm when you lay with me.

Regan Collins
6 days ago

I heard you were hurting.
I heard your mom and dad
Stopped loving each other,
And the distance between them
Kills you.
I want to say:
I’m sorry.
I’m sorry the pain is making you sick,
I’m sorry you feel hopeless,
I’m sorry you have to hide it.
You don’t know me,
And you may not care to;
You’d probably find it strange
That I sit here at night
Writing poems about you.
But I wish for you to be happy,
And I wish to help,
Although all I can do
Is sit here, and dream
That one day,
I’ll wrap my arms around you,
And show you the love
Your parents never have.
So until that day
(If it ever comes),
I’ll sit here every night
Writing poems about you.

#love   #dream   #poems   #distance   #sorry  
Maria Imran
Maria Imran
7 days ago

This sadness that is bone-deep
This sadness that makes me want to shred my skin and disappear
Into my veins, as blood.

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