Feb 17
Lunar Love

they say men are from Mars
and women are from Venus
but i wonder what takes so long
for us to cross paths
it's what the astronomers tried to declare
that Mars and Venus never does
and will never intersect orbits
with millions of miles in between them
or what the astrologers tried to foretell
that a love unknown as a nameless star
can never really shine in the first place
because of the thousands of miles between us
but even if it takes an infinity of time or space
for us to reach one another
i would still stay and wait
by your side, i will hover
what matters for now is
i found you
amidst many others
i saw you
even in the dark
and i love you so

hi there! i havent written in a while for a friend!!
this time, here's one for esther my egg tart and her mingyudon boy xx

fun facts i discovered as i wrote this:
- venus is also called the morning star/evening star; it's the brightest in the night sky after the moon!!
- mars has the tallest mountains in the entire solar system despite being the second smallest planet (TOL LIKE KMG)
- venus is love venus is beauty (obviously like esther<3)
- pieces of mars have fallen on earth
- venus is the hottest planet in the SS
- mars will have a ring one day (wedding ring or?????teehee)
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  Feb 17
Feb 17

There's a certain kind of silence here.
The profound and total only-in-the-country type of silence that city folk fear.
(The kind that my poor mother back home staves off with television and beer.)

So heavy and complete that even with your head under the sheets it's impossible to keep warm enough to ever get any decent sleep.
It's the kind of silence that pierces dreams.

The kind that a tortured mind can easily fill with demons of every type.
The kind that keeps you on edge all night with wide searching eyes and adrenaline rushes flooding in behind any foreign sound,
followed by a slow winding down of blood pressure and panic and heart beats.

The kind that when you suddenly wake up in it and glance at the alarm clock,
you hope like hell the first number isn't 3.


It's moments like these that make me wish there was somebody else here with me,
if only for the reassurance that a nearby body can bring.
The sound of someone else's steady breathing.

And maybe, a naked back to trace the subtle valleys of while half-asleep,
thinking little epiphanyish-type thoughts that'll be forgotten by morning.
The kind that usually start or end with: "This is it."

I don't need alcohol or TV, just fantasies.
(And words, apparently)
  Feb 17
Mark Lecuona

Once he said, "I have no King but Caesar!”
And the Roman obeyed his command
Now instead he has become a believer

Once he watched him suffer a whip
And lusted for his blood to flow
Now it fills a grail for him to sip

Once he hid behind the garrison
He saw him fall on a stone road
Now he's become a good Samaritan

Once he had a hammer and a nail
And used them to fulfill a prophecy
Now he hears a mother's painful wail

Once he made a crown of thorns
He pierced his side and found only water
Now he makes halos out of horns

Once he moved a stone to seal a Tomb
He stood guard in front for Rome
Now he's born again from a holy womb

Once he was a doubting Thomas
Then he asked to see his hands
Now he believes the Lord's promise

Once it was he who would not repent
Until ashen palms blessed his skin
Now he fasts forty days for Lent

Once he was flesh upon this earth
And he was a sinner in God's sight
Now he wonders of his own worth

Once he dreamed that it was too late
And as he stood at the edge of his grave
Now he knows for whom he must wait

Just something I was thinking about; the dual nature of man within the Christian narrative.
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  Feb 17
Feb 17

Your ten thousand prayers
Don’t add up to
to doing what
you prayed for
god to do.

Ask the starving man
if he would like
us to sit by
and pray all night
for someone to give him
a piece of food,
or if he would prefer
direct action like
someone passing
him a dollar or a donut.

Ask the man who waits for
rope while he dangles
off the side of the cliff
if he would prefer
ten prayers to be heard
or one of the people
praying to bring him a rope.

Ask yourself if you had to choose
between group praying for a cure
or a doctor who has six plus years
to help you with whatever disease
that is afflicting you.
What would you do?
What would you prefer?

A man can die
waiting for help
while fools decide
out of pride
that their prayers
are better then
taking direct action.


The Soul selects her own Society—
Then—shuts the Door—
To her divine Majority—
Present no more—

Unmoved—she notes the Chariots—pausing—
At her low Gate—
Unmoved—an Emperor be kneeling
Upon her Mat—

I’ve known her—from an ample nation—
Choose One—
Then—close the Valves of her attention—
Like Stone—

  Feb 17
David Hewitt

Lonely bird you chatter so
Morning, noon and night
Above my soul you sing for me
On feathered wing in flight

Lonely bird you hide from me
On branches gilded gold
Send forth new words, soothe my mind
I'll listen, new and old

  Feb 17
mercy party

drunken man old before his time
110 proof teddy bear lying in the sewer heat
puts the bottle to his head and pulls the trigger everyday
and i guess i lost my count of maybes (what if i's)

drowning man promises
i'm going to get better
i will find you in the morning in the bottom of a barrel

on the edge of a railing
wave good day
because i am the pavement you walk across everyday now
and i won't fade away
how much can i hold, don't know from this point
you're the one who left, forgot to end it
and i have been stagnate
hearing these imaginary phone calls, damn you

passed by the window at your work, i can't believe i did that!

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