Ryan Hoysan
Ryan Hoysan
5 days ago

I'm cold
I'm empty
It feels as though
there's nothing left inside
these broken bones of mine.

Just thinking about a lot of nothing in my own head. Seems like I'm leading myself down the spiral of my mind, just hope I don't get lost for too long.
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Rebecca Lynn
Rebecca Lynn
6 days ago

In God's eyes being a kid
is how he knows when
you're ready to come home

but in your eyes being myself
ain't gonna win the first place trophy on the shelf
you think I'm not ready you think it's gonna take too long

By the time you ever come around
you'll be looking for me in an empty town
you said I'd stay, but you were wrong

In God's eyes I am who I am
I am the best that I've ever been
so when you do come back around, I'd be long gone

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to kill myself.

Is it bye killing myself now -- physically --  or live and suffer to the pain my loved ones give to me?

the things other people say
can no longer cause me
to fade away
the voices inside
of my head
are killing me instead

it's completely obliterating me.
#words   #people   #say   #head   #myself   #inside   #voices   #fade  

I talk to myself;
It scares me how much I do...
Maybe I need help.

January 7, 2017.
I talk to myself a lot, and imagine whole scenarios and conversations. Is that normal? I do it a lot when I'm alone. And the more I talk, the faster my mind races. The faster my mind races, the faster I talk, and so on and so forth. It scares me a bit..
#mind   #weird   #crazy   #help   #me   #talk   #myself   #images   #talking   #freak  

I want you all to myself,
-I swear.

When I'm not with you,
You are all I think about.
When I'm with you,
There isn't a place I'd rather be.

So I'll cherish these moments,
-sinking into your lips,
Gripping your hips and snuggling within your arms,
The thought alone makes me smile,
Being with you feels like home.

I could spend an eternity lying with you,
Resting my head along your shoulders,
Letting our fingers intertwine,
Gazing into your eyes.

If I knew sooner, I'd love with a love like this,
I'd never have let myself love anyone else.
Your love was always mine.

Freeewrite - I want you all to myself, I swear, I'm selfish.
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If only i was as wise as i'd been told// It is not the most heart aching thing to say// But to say "I Hate You" in my head// "You Are A Bitch" in my head// It is something i always shy away from// To know the simple ideal of over bearing anger// For myself and throwing it, blaming it on my mother// what a pain i am// To myself, to mind// who could tell me otherwise// My mother whose done so much// deserves much more from me// And yet i am such a child// Being with friends and letting substances control my every being// As said by a "wise man"// You become the company you keep// But this is much more than just company// My mother is my love// My mother is the one who knows me// And yet does not, but tries and does// She is the only person capable of piecing together// A chard up puzzle with burn marks and making it seem brand new// This is for you mom.......

For You Mom

Save me. I am trapped. Inside my head.. No one to talk to, no one to help me escape.. Help me, free me, save me. I need out, now. Please I need out, I need an escape. I will go insane. Save me from drama, school, life, myself.

#suicide   #death   #escape   #trapped   #kill   #myself   #saveme   #helpme   #freeme   #ineedout  
Sarah M Gillihan
Sarah M Gillihan
Dec 21, 2016

I was such a lonely person
And I had no distraction
I put on a face
For other’s satisfaction
My friends were fake
Was I a mistake?
And my name
Is Eleanor Rigby.

I am lost
Floating in a tin can
There’s no hope for survival
When people hear my words
My mind is gone
My mind is scattered like the stars
My eyes shine as bright as the sun
My heart feels blue
And there’s nothing you can do
And my name
Is Major Tom

Music is my soul
I am an eighth note
Bouncing along a musical staff
The guitar strings intertwine with my heart strings
I’ve got punk rocker vibes
I jam
I twist
I shout
And my name
Is Sheena

He loves me
The way he looks at me
In the moment
I mean everything
His thoughts
He’s confessed
And my name
Is Eileen

My support is endless
My love life brought me down
But my friends lift me up
When I found my one
My friends supported me
And my name
Is Jude

Take off the mask
Remove the disguise
Who am I?
You’re in for a surprise
I am the fixer.
The lover.
The keeper.
I am the ballet dancer
Graceful, yet vulnerable
I am 13, wide-eyed
And naive
I am 30, dealing with more
Than a kid should
Ever see

As time passes
You discover yourself
Become one with yourself
Love yourself
Or hate yourself

As time passes
You grow
Into a brand new being
As time passed
It’s almost as if
My brain said,
“I’ll have sadness
With a bit of
Happy on the side.”

But that has passed.
Has passed.
My brain is
Eating up that
Happy side dish like
There’s no tomorrow.
Now I smile like
I don’t care.
I live in a world
So unaware
Of what lies ahead
And sometimes
Of what fell behind
And my name
Is Sarah.

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Felicia Diana
Felicia Diana
Dec 18, 2016

'They walked naked, all around in proud.
I sat covered, quiet and with shame.
To think I was better, for not doing the same.'

First time in a locker room of the gym,
Being the only one not brave enough to reveal
how I was truly born. Giving myself the
excuse of 'being better'. What nonsense my
friend said. You don't have to be shy.
But shy, I was not. It was something else,
a kind of fear of myself, I guess.

- F.D. Prenger
#poem   #poetry   #fear   #life   #depressed   #thoughts   #brave   #shame   #naked   #myself  
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