4 hours ago

To whom I hate:
If I truly knew you
I wouldn't hate you
Such is life.

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Too worn in heart
for how dare you
To in response anger
at anger aimed
towards you
How can we express ourselves,
when you steal our emotion?
Tired and missing
my connection
Too tired to love myself
and though I speak
it plainly
the lake of muck within you
was once crystalline ocean

Your first response to effort
is What's wrong here?
Dream Fisher
Dream Fisher
1 day ago

If everyone acted as I do,
I would have a hard time finding myself.

Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
2 days ago

Young but assume self mature,
Over the love put your desire,
Unlike me, you're weak here.

Listed in your service I had for life,
Onto another you moved your fife,
Selfish you were, so I bear this strife,
Exhausts my love & you won't be my wife.

All the best with your experiments in love,
Love you posed much as ideal dove,
Love flowed inside instead of blood.

Maybe you will succeed this time,
You say he is just like you & it's fine.

Lost in your memories my love is,
Only you have I ever loved I feel,
Victory will be mine one day soon,
Enter I will a world of true love.

Selfless love was what I dispensed,
And cheating was what I received,

Like that part-timer,
I appeared the same once upon a time,
I say that with you all may remain fine.

I always lose myself in love and get a cheat in the end.

My HP Poem #1467
©Atul Kaushal

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Chloe Chapman
Chloe Chapman
3 days ago

people bore me                               loneliness bores me
people drain me                             loneliness drains me
people tire me                                 loneliness tires me
people misunderstand me            loneliness means I misunderstand myself
people ignore me                           loneliness is the epitome of being ignored

Chloe Chapman
Chloe Chapman
3 days ago

How can you know me,
    When you've only seen my skin
There is not way
    I could possibly portray
    More than a distorted fragment
        Of the twisted universe
            That resides inside my head.

I try  my dear,
    Oh how hard I try!
But it is futile you see,
    For how can I form words
        To convey who I am
When I myself
Do not even understand
Who I Have Become.

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5 days ago

My life is mystery
A question that wants to remain unanswered
If l find the answer life changes the question
Life is PAIN

i wonder if l will uncover something someday
#life   #questions   #me   #myself   #mysteries  
Zoe M Cripe
6 days ago

I'm Not Her .
I'm Not The Sound Of The Rain,
The Awful Nights Filled With Pain,
The Fear In Your Heart,
The Words That Tear You Apart,
I'm Not The Breath Between Your Thigh,
The Long Ass Sigh,
I'm One Of A Kind .
Something You Won't Realize,
I'm The Winter And The Fall,
Something You Won't Experience At All .
I'm Not Her .
I'm Not A Cherry Blossom Type,
A Fake Hype,
I'm Real,
And Honest .
Something You've Never Heard Of Before .
That's Why I'm Not Her

#not   #real   #her   #honest   #myself   #different   #individuality  

I am a girl
I am a boy
I am who I wish to be
Only this,
And everything more.

I am smart
I am dumb
I am what I aim to be
Not limited to this,
And reaching outward.

I am strong
I am weak
I am made of these things
They are a part of myself
And they make me, me.

And I am loved,
I am hated
I am someone's sun and another's mortal enemy
I am who I will be
And I will be who I am.

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Mar 5

hello to the old,
hello to the young
maybe i have been off
for too long

melodies have been heard
from the windows
& from the walls

like i've heard the lies
and the shallow promises
underneath my bed

they said you were vain,
but i've seen you dancing
with flowers on your hair
on november evenings

other people mentioned
how not good enough you were to me
how i deserved so much better than that
yet i found myself
kissing your slightly plump lips
every single evening that month

that year

till 11pm's

then lie about it to my mother
convinced her that we were with friends
& that we were friends

you see
i have heard someone playing cello
in my head
it was that woeful that i lost myself
that night

the thoughts in my mind were
so quiet, stable
and calm

and i lie too much

you see
i loved every single one of you
whole with your ugly flaws
because i saw the best in you

yet no one saw the best in me

so maybe i was off for too long
off of my heart
my own consciousness

maybe because i lost track of my steps
and found myself in the middle of

#lost   #hurt   #people   #ugly   #myself   #nostalgic   #them   #nowhere  
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