Jonny blaze
Jonny blaze
1 day ago

My life consist of complex inginueity striving to be original but molding to the harshness of what the world is doing to me. Am i wrong for contemplating my lifes decisions. Because this isnt the way things where suppost to come out in my own depiction on the out come of my life. Maybe its my thoughts that are making me insane since i constanly think all i am is trash but theres a saying one persons trash is another treasure not sure if weather to believe it or not because woman come and go i just dont measure up to the dream guy. Maybe its my icebox heart that lets them see the coldness in my eyes gazing into theres filling false hopes of prosper and love each seem to be lies. Just to watch them break down in tears with no remorse when i see them cry since id rather not catch feelings being to scared to see where true love coulf take me honestly i dont know why. Im screaming in rage from the inside like im traped in a four corner room staring at walls hyperventilating unable to get out im balled up  feeling trapped im at a loss. Maybe you the reader cant understand what i mean maybe you can i feel like my life has been a bunch of ups and downs more downs then ups i was just a accidental nut that swam into the womb since my fathers pull out game wasnt fast enough now im stuck with the harsh reality of a cold world that beats me down after i get back up when will enough be enough maybe i need to find love and stop trying to hide the void wheres my diamond in the rough maybe I'm thinking again to much enough is enough

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3 days ago

In between seconds and minutes,
     Lies an infinity of words we wished to say
     Are we going to leave it to the winds,
     To deliver our hearts messages?

     An instant connection, we feel it resonates
     Our eyes gave us away, screaming for attention, affection
     All the gravity in the universe
     Is pulling us towards each other

     You feel it too, are you listening?
     Will you walk through the storm of fate,
     That will lead us into each others embrace?
     I am listening, I will..

Will you walk towards me??

That one stare and you know that there is an instant connection..

Raw. First draft. I don't know where it should go.. i just feel the urge to write this.
Mary Scott
Mary Scott
3 days ago

I got sick of comparing you to drugs
that did no justice to the high I felt each time you held me
and juxtaposing ,
you to a sunset was bullshit
I feared I could not capture all your colors in words
what the fuck do I compare you to?
You swallowed me whole and let me crumble in front of you,
you digested me until you were sick and spit me out like dip,
I got sick of comparing you to songs,
I didn't want you stuck in my head anymore
and juxtaposing you to shattered glass didn't pick up the pieces on the floor from when I could not articulate the hurt in my heart and
threw all the god damn picture frames against the plaster wall,
I got sick of comparing you to a missed phone call,
because at least then you'd give me enough attention to ignore it,
juxtaposing you to the sunset was bullshit because you never stuck around long enough to really sink in

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4 days ago

This is nonsense
All of it
I've given up on rhyme and reason
We're lost, in the middle of everywhere

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5 days ago

This heartbreak
Unleashes the poet on me


i wrote a poem for you, even though i know that you will never read them
5 days ago

Were you ever in a random place.
Looking for something, yet. Looking for nothing?
Have you ever walked a random path in which no one was walking.
Looking for something, yet. Looking for nothing.
Then you stop randomly walking down this random path in this random place...
To tell this random person a random thing.


He told me this and I believed him without a second guess. Because I felt  like I was wanted in this world. I didn't think I was something. But
I knew that I was nothing in a world filled with talented souls. I didn't think anyone care.

But, he did.

(Still working on it)
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Mary Scott
Mary Scott
6 days ago

for three years you were my knight,
night took over and flooded my castle but you fought him off
with great chivalry, with cunning words you lied to me
to insinuate safety

but I don't need that anymore.

for three years you were the beast,
who I defended my kingdom from,
at last I have won against the forces that threatened me,

I don't need you anymore.

When you sent a message and begged of my hand,
chills broke my silence, weakened my stand.
For a minute, maybe, I wanted to say yes,
I blushed at the thought of reuniting and bliss,
but I walked outside alone to say no,
and realized there that I had built a moat.
It surrounded my kindgom, with great width and more depth,
and it was filled with water from tears that I'd wept
every time you came back and then left,
and while you shined in the moonlight, I felt weary in the knees,
but learned that you were my night and with you I can't see
I am the moon, I am my own god damn fucking light,
I'm not a last resort when you can't sleep at night

so I said no.
Because I don't need you anymore.
I won't be there ever again when you come to knock down my door.

my abusive ex tried to come back into my life yesterday and it took all my strength not to say no. I don't have a long well-thought out piece but here's something quick bc I'm so proud of myself for saying no when I wanted to say yes. fuck you
Maria Imran
Maria Imran
7 days ago

It's so hard to put your faith on someone when it just doesn't hit you
Or simply believe in their ever so charming words
Because what else does a lie look like if not pretty?

They could be laughing in their hearts as they softly stab you in the back, without you realizing
Crack you'll break, little girl, you'll break so much

7 days ago

Tick, Tock,
Goes The Clock.
Tick, Tock.
It's a mock.
Tick, Tock.
Then time will stop.
Tick, Tock.

#time   #random   #boredpoem  

I can't stand to think that now you look at another,
the way I want you to look at me.
I can't stand to think that your life,
is better off without me.
I just can't stand it.
What you may ask?
Well, that now you don't love me

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