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You may say giving in is easy
But I swear it's not
You may see surrender as the way of living
But I swear it's not
You are going to support yourself
No matter who stops you
You are going to be you
No matter who scold you
You are not going to change
No matter who ask you
You be you
You do you
You are who you are

Strong and independent is the way of living I would like to follow.
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I'm as cold as Alaska, Can't seem to warm up like Texas , If I go to Las Vegas I would lose and go to Kansas !

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No one wants to be alone (although we rarely admit it)
But there's a distinct difference in alone vs. lonely

Alone is when there is space to relax, unwind, and be yourself
Lonely is when there is no one to vent, care, or feel

When you're alone you feel a sense of relief - to break free from the demands of the day
When lonely, you feel only dread and pain - the added weights and sorrows only to follow tomorrow

Alone and lonely; two truths but distinct paths to tread

We've all been at that level at certain points in our lives

Alone vs. Lonely
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Feb 16

Catch me in catastrophe
Tossed in turbulent debris
Dangling so dangerously
Forgetting how to flee

Feb 16

The Sun is pointed at my direction

But it never shines

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my love was sugar
in your tea but you preferred it black
it never stayed hot very long  
you left it on the burner regardless

my love was a mess
in your home I was scattered shoes and broken glass
I asked for time to plan out my escape
but you held the door open for me

my love wore white instead of red
it did not hold hands or smoke cigarettes
I stayed about the surface for most of our time
because I was scared of not doing it right

my love was an open home
empty hallways for strangers to rome
a place to lay their head or put up their feet
it was a soup kitchen for those who were hungry

and I starved myself to keep them full

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"Add a poem."

It said.

But I don't know what to write.

What kind of poems are there? Love poem? Rhyming? Haikeu? Free style?

I have decided,

This is the poem of "I don't know what to write poem."

Pretty neat, huh?


Hahahahahahaha i was bored. I wrot this for fun. Dont judge!!
Feb 12

The waters rage, but my heart is calm. I sit and watch them with wonder as my soul finds satisfaction in their chaos. The ocean is a vast mystery of magnanimous will, and Its force moves me to places beyond my comprehension. The vessel of my existence finds solace in what is unknown, and the eternal movements of these waters will continue their courses for a thousand years. Speak to me those ancient homilies -"Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the Spirit of God move upon the face of the waters." I would hear of Atlantis and of the Platonic aphorisms and the Pillars of Heracles which stand at the going out by the way Gibraltar. Take time and search. For their substance is my meaning and their being, my reality. It's raining outside and the drops that drip justify my vanity. I recall the day you left. I was sitting in my arm chair as I heard the door gently shut. You had shuffled your feet in desperate moments to gather your non- confrontational thoughts and then you were gone. My heart sank. I knew- for your spirit left and I could feel the emptiness of a thousand caverns. One large tear rolled down my cheek at the time that had passed and would never return. I arose to find that you left your toothbrush. Why? Would you buy another? You must have had more on your mind. Regret filled my mind like a missed opportunity that would never be given again. But then, a smile and a relief. The feeling of a load lifted. Thought fragments. I sat again and was comforted by the rain and the drops dripping. Why? Because I hate you ..

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a letter in messy script
a script with too few hits
a hit with too much smoke
a smoke with too few drags
a drag with too much hope
a hope with too few moves
a move with too much step
a step with too few directions
a direction with too much detail
a detail with too few truths
a truth with too much love
a love with too few touches
a touch with too much hand
a hand with too few shakes
a shake with too much promise
a promise with too few pinkies
a pinkie with too much trust
a trust with too few people
a person with too much love
a love with too few words
a word that never made it past a letter
a letter that told it all
everything, that never got sent

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build a bridge
so others can walk to you
and you won't drown no more
in waters that swallowed you before
so others may reach out their hands
and so that they may save themselves
build a bridge so you find help
no one can heal you
if they are tired from swimming upstream to

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