Eric Lewis
20 hours ago

I don't need direction
I don't need your guidence
You sound like everything I hate
Theres nothing in your "hallowed" shell
Theres nothing you have to give
When i've already cursed the numbers
The time has already come
You missed it
You were never there
When you were it hurt
When you were it tore me open
I've bled out all my empathy
Im not looking for you to rescue me
When you can't even lift your wings
From the heavieness of your parades
Don't you think it's getting late?
Don't you think it's time you go home?
Walk away like you fade in the wind
Because I don't have memory of us
I don't recognize you
I guess I'm just staring into the face
Of a Ghostly past
A Ghost of my past

#pain   #break   #bleeding   #healing   #appo  
Cloey Olson
Cloey Olson
2 days ago

..begging to be loved
yet destroying anyone that does..

#love   #heartbreak   #break  
KA Lix
KA Lix
2 days ago

i wish that i could love you,
but it seems that i can't allow myself that gruesome of a demise

i wish that i could love you,
but whenever i think of you and i and you granting me a title,
just to forget my name and remember their's once it floats off of their tongue when you ask them how they're doing,
i remember that i cannot love you

i wish that i could love you,
but i am so content with the feeling of my chest at rest
and i don't wish to feel an ache if i were to catch you in the arms of another
it is so simple to leave you be, so simple to detach myself emotionally

i wish that i could love you,
but if i give you every part of me, i can see it now
the blood of my heart in your hands
the ripped muscle of the organ wrapped around your fingers
the picture of you and them interlocked, mirrored in my eyes
as tears float on my cheeks
and now i know

now i know that i cannot love you
so please do not ask

trust issues, by me.
#love   #heartbreak   #first   #trust   #broken   #heart   #break   #cheating   #unrequited   #issues  
2 days ago

twenty seventeen and still i run
i'm having withdrawals, low iron
withdrawing, i became an insomniac
by the end of this week, anaemic

four am and i face it all, once unstrung
the depression before the stage call
Helena in blue, she fights for herself
i kite along, learned to speak for myself

quadruple eyes or more, mirrors galore
i wear a garland of peace with body & gore
dance solos, emotions skywalking, ignoreignore
stretch marked by image, what people think is now lore

two years out still with learning curves
into the dead zone, closed mouth ventures
louderlouderlouder screamed anxiety|insecurity
third place, mouth sown open, cured inadequacy

sixteen sweet selfish swan, black night stars shine
runt of the pack still running from those who brine
they come in twos, blackholes of dark matter, divine
union to bleed salt, sleep for now, iron hope to your mind

#dance   #drama   #break   #singing   #choir  
5 days ago

and some nights I feel like ice that cools in the mid winter or crisp fall leaves that have just fallen, life less and dead at the end of their journey once so beautiful and radiant a sight to see some thought of thee then life came and the colors changed the greens turned into hot reds  then just as fast as it arrived the color left the leaves wrinkled and the wind came to collect its debt ripping its heart the leaf hit the ground slowly doing its last glide in the air as it hit the ground to no longer live again

#heart   #hope   #dead   #fall   #break   #hurt   #winter   #hopeless   #seasons   #lifeless  
Rebecca Lynn
Rebecca Lynn
5 days ago

treacherous and emotional
Hearts beat as one, break into two, but built stronger back
but true love never ends
True love holds deep affection

Zach Hanlon
Zach Hanlon
6 days ago

I am the destroyer, never the builder.
I take, and I break,
and leave nothing behind
that can be rebuilt again.

When I walk through the ash,
and the destruction spills
through my fingers, I realize
my life is already gone.

7 days ago

Let her go
because all that hurt isn't worth it

and we both know that
you're only holding on a ghost
admit it,
she already left months ago

How can you call it love when
you've been hurt over and over again

Aren't you tired
of the same act that she plays
she's not even a good actress

Aren't you tired?

You deserve happiness
and admit it you won't ever find it with her

I hope that you realize your worth
don't waste your love on her

I have no right to say this. I'm just an observer to your story. An outsider. I don't know anything. I don't know the whole story. But from the excerpts that I've seen—I saw that you're tired. And whatever reasons you have for not letting go, remember that you don't deserve this. It's not your fault that she failed to recognize your worth. You deserve so much more.

Don't settle for what is given,
for what is convenient,
for what is easy.

011017 / 9:51 pm
#love   #heartbreak   #heart   #sadness   #break   #hurt   #you   #letter  
Jan 10

You say I haven't done anything, but how can I believe.
When everything I do, really makes you bleed.
I'm returning the love you're giving, please give me a chance.
I'm trying, I've tried.

All the efforts that I've made, to make the affection remain
Can't you see it?
Oh it is there.
I'm trying, I've tried.

You tell me things I'm doing wrong, things I need to fix
I give it my all and all is that I can give
Do you think I'm lying? How can I fix this?
I'm trying, I've tried.  

Everything I've done, to save our relationship from sinking
Do you think that I'm not trying.
Believe me, I'm trying, I've tried.

Now you're not here with me, and I am left alone.  
My mind is going a mile a minute, the past is what scares.
I hope you see this, and know that I am here.
I am trying my love, trying so dear.

Rough days = good poems from the soul
Inspired by a poem I saw on tumblr (I forget who).
#love   #sad   #depressed   #scared   #break   #relationship   #breakup   #trying   #tried   #loving  

He had the power to both possess and shatter my entire universe, so he chose the latter. But he didn't know that it wasn't that easy to break me.

#shatter   #break   #him   #universe   #possess  
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