Elissa Deauvall
Elissa Deauvall
2 hours ago

To heal
is to create

To heal is to create a
new and improved version
of what was left in a pile of
shattered emotions

To heal is to break free
from the chains
that held you back
for so long

To heal is to learn
how to breathe again

To heal is to
feel alive
and to start anew

To heal is to become
a masterpiece;
a mosaic of pain and heartache,
reimagined into the most beautiful
thing to have ever existed

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6 hours ago

you'd know if you truely loved someone
when you're willing to give everything up
even the things you loved so much
& held dear to your heart

you'd give yourself up too

and i guess i didn't want that
so you broke me first

because it was vivid in my eyes

or maybe i just lied
& it was my own defense

for you to break me first
before i'd fall for you
& it'd be really late for me
to be safe

#break   #my   #safe   #he   #fault   #vivid  
Charlie Wonder
Charlie Wonder
20 hours ago

Next time my room will be empty
Only a bright  grand piano
Next to an oak wood chest
Under a gold framed Van Gogh

Maybe then I can find myself
Decisions are such a pain
You fuss and hope all night
For nothing, it's all in vain.

#break   #venting   #ups   #jazz  
Anie Rose Tiu
Anie Rose Tiu
3 days ago

Break my heart,
I want to write about you.
He left
Then I started Writing.

#love   #poem   #sad   #heart   #break   #hurt   #brokenhearted   #left  
Vince Chul'Theg
Vince Chul'Theg
5 days ago

"Back beat The word is on The street That the fire In your Heart Is out"

Strip the red petals from the stalk
Strip the sweater I borrowed
That clung as a guest
On my shoulder's hanger

Develcro your lips from mine
Deconnect these locked legs
Decide that separate, we shine

You said that I am the colored pencils
That shaded in your faded

The light that cuts
Through the cloud
Rainbow gradation

I promise
That stays
If we want it to
And I want to

Blinking menthol
In your direction
Same fire green eyes
I cry, why?

Because you're beauty
Is undeniable
Our connection

But reliable doesn't tap
The water table
Beneath my basement's floor

At least not in the
Way we deserve

- - -

Never spoon
The alphabet soup noodles
Back in

Let them rest in the
Carpet fibers of our
Makeshift house

Because those words were real
Are real
Because I am real
And my love is real

But evolved.

Let me fall asleep,
See him one last time,
Feel his heart beats,
Blow him a kiss,
Tell him all the untold,
Hold his hand closely,
Under the thousand stars.
Let's see those dreams again,
Let's make no promises,
I will let you go,
And never look back,
You will remain with me,
In my treasured memories,
Let me fall asleep,
See him one last time.
One last time.

#love   #poem   #heart   #hope   #break   #feeling  

And so I was foolish enough to believe that I knew everything
At least about this one thing
That you and I were destined for something greater then anything I had ever dreamed,
That your high rise state of mind would ballance out my desire to settle,
I would love with a ferocity I had never shown in anything
I would hold one truth apparent above all others that life would be lived not as one but two,
And I had the ring to prove it,
I guess we'll never know which knee to bend down first
Because life isn't always fair and it isn't everyone who cares,
And I wish I had the depth of character and the state of mind to climb outside of the walls my mind has hid behind,
It's a terrifying place to be at this time of night.
And it's these truths I hold to be evident in light of the current circumstances,
Love is a sham,
I've said it before and I'll say it again
Love is the most destructive force known to man.

#love   #poetry   #words   #life   #pain   #anxiety   #up   #break   #breakup   #breakups  
6 days ago

i made love to your poetry
and it made love to me
its words lightly caress
the body that once felt

i made love to your poetry
and it made love to me
its dead verses
filled a body so insensate

i made love to your poetry
and it didnt make love to me
meaningless letters
had only resided

   within the deepest depths
                                      and corners of
                                                             my murky  m  i  n  d  ...


#love   #desire   #lust   #break   #forgiveness   #despair  

What's the point in loving you?

You never even cared.

#love   #sad   #heart   #lost   #break   #left   #abandoned   #forgotten   #behind  

my mind
what my
is afraid
to let


#love   #fear   #heart   #alone   #in   #break   #rejection  
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