cross my heart and hope to die
without a trace and no goodbye
I'll leave you gaping with a hole in your chest
I stole the one thing you gave freely and yet
woefully in denial you scrape up whats left
which wont be much as I took all you had
you search and search but
you're always two steps back
you stop and remember how I use to laugh
how I use to kiss you and stare into your eyes
if only, you say, you had known they were lies
cross your heart and hope to die
you vow to find me or perish trying

The Con Artist of the Heart's Pov
(Inspired by the new TV Show Impostors)
#love   #heart   #fake   #break   #false   #search   #show   #tv   #con   #impostors  
Hannah Newman
Hannah Newman
1 day ago

no one wants to get in but once you’re a member, you’re a member for life.

a 16 word story
#love   #heartbreak   #broken   #sad   #heart   #girl   #break   #boy   #hearts  
2 days ago

i stopped checking the weather forecast because it's been 2 years and it hasn't stopped raining since you left

i took the bracelet you bought me out from underneath my bed, blew off the dust and wore it to a wedding. only to take it off half way through because as if being a prisoner to your heart wasn't bad enough, i didn't want people to see the shackles too

i stopped wearing my seatbelt when i drove 100 on the high way and started using drugs with funny names, i did anything to make my heart feel the rush that it felt  with you.

i kissed other boys and chugged the whole bottle while i danced on the table at the party, only to cry the  next morning because he wasn't you and even after all the alcohol was consumed, i was still empty inside.

i messaged you at 1am that tuesday night saying i was sorry, you messaged me back asking if i was okay and i told you i was, i was really drunk crying on the floor of his bathroom because he was too fucked up off drugs to hold me the way you use too let alone care about me at all.

i drove all over that small town looking for all the parts of me you stole when you left and all i could find was my self wanting to just give up and go home, only to drive half way to your house and realize you are not my home anymore.

i have never laughed, smiled, or cried the same since you left ,i will never be the same ever again. my world is constantly dark now and i will forever push everyone away because they aren't you.

2 fucking years. 2 fucking years since you left me, jimmy.
2 years of hell.

i fucking hate this month.
#love   #sad   #depression   #heart   #up   #lost   #break   #heartache   #imissyou   #imisshim  
Adelaide London
Adelaide London
3 days ago

If society was a person
it would be a girl with
perfect hair.
If society was a person
it would be a burden too heavy to bear.

I society was a person,
it would have rotten insides.
If society was a person,
it would be a Rottweiler
or a runaway bride.

If society was a person,
it would be a student
and ideas it would seek.
If society was a person,
it would be as sharp as a mountains peak.

If society was a person,
it would smell like sweatshirts and gigs.
If society was a person,
it would hide behind colourful wigs.

If society was a person,
consider it suicidal.
If society was a person,
its acts would all be genocidal.

Society is a thing,
heinous but misunderstood,
Society is ruined,
like the embers of burnt wood.

We broke it
Not bothered to fix it
Want to know it
Want to change it
Go and understand it
Change it
Break it
Make it
But I’m just a writer,
What should I know about it?

But I'm just a writer, What should I know about it?
Reza Sedghi
4 days ago

I see clouds in the sky, made of rope, knotted Stark...
No light through this boundless horizon, only glowing Dark...
Reached the point with no more milestones to Postpone...
In the end, I'll be the forgotten bones under dusty Tombstone...

I carry the knapsack of my empty actions thru this way of Perdition...
As I look Behind All in my Sight is My failed Ambition...
Footprints tells wrong steps, breaks and failures I made...
There won't be another chance, and no catharsis can make Change...

soundless Screams through day, void susurrations in the Dark...
and this Grotesque expression is my last standing Mark...
each wrinkles on my face tells a story of Pain...
I'm still standing here and slowly going to Fade...

The everlasting taste of dirt, from hitting the ground...
In this cataclysm of Misery I will be Drowned...
Complicated with contradictions, cant be fit into any Ism...
Let my soul through crystal, outcome will be reverse working Prism...

Traveled in this labyrinthine road and every moment I have Waste...
Farewell to You Ephemera World, I farewell with Distaste...
Soon or late I will be forgotten, there's no further pass in this Impasse...
and when they recall memories of me, with only a Sigh, they'll Pass...

Oh dear great god, in multiple scales...
Tell me that you can hear if you haven't rented your place...
Help me to put an end, Grappling this Trauma...
or you might be busy overcoming your own drama...
#sad   #pain   #break   #failure  
Hadiy Syakir
Hadiy Syakir
4 days ago

To know whether you are strong
or not,
break, break and
break everything
that you have
into bits and pieces.

Only then
you will know
whether you
deserve to be here,
or you should just
cease to exist.

Well, we are all going to diminish, eventually.

After all,
we are made from
nothing else but
bits and pieces
either it is
a dream
that you nurture
all this time or
a trait
that you pick up
from others or
a move
that you steal
from a movie.

Break it
for its strength
and invincibility
it will still survive
and kick everything
into life.

A puzzle
would never be
on its own.

#love   #life   #pain   #death   #break   #mind   #joy   #existence   #existentialism  

There's no deeper meaning or connection
here, nothing at all to spark my brain into
a chaotic explosion of thought. I
can't even use my words to string you up
to some greater power, or an invisible
force that is controlling our lives, because
you render me useless and simply apathetic.

~~ Not for you. ~~
#words   #hatred   #life   #loss   #break   #mind   #confusion   #chaos   #useless   #connect  

Sometimes nothing feels right until you light a few cigarettes.

Sometimes you need that moment of silence when you feel your lungs fill with smoke

Sometimes you need to think about your life as you spend five minutes outside alone with your thoughts

Sometimes you just need a cigarette break

#alone   #time   #break   #cancer   #cigarettes  

It will do its best to hurt you, twist your emotions, break you financially, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It wants you to suffer. To break you before it can 'make' you. Snared between its gnarly teeth it has no remorse. Until the very end, it will bite in and grind, chewing on your patience until every day is simply the same and you beg for mercy. Recalling memories like postage stamps to a bygone era, days fold themselves away into neat envelopes, ready to be relived both now and never.  

Those who are sensitive know the score. That life is a game that sometimes they don't feel like playing. At times you win, at times you lose. The thrill of the ride is in the journey; that first rush of life that flows through your veins and down the drain. After that, routine is a mundane affair that will kill you if it gets the chance. By keeping you breathing.  

A victim to circumstance, you find yourself trying to take control where there is none. Frustration sunsets kick in and scream for resistance. But still, the routine. Average life, average dreams. Mr and Mrs Grey only become free to express themselves sexually as every other form of creativity is strictly banned. Colour an illusion, playing with love. There is shyness. Uncertainty where there should be knowing. TV drama. Break-ups. Celebrity divorce. Iraq. Iran. Paid for wars. Bloody and delirious children. Emaciated women. Sexuality, a given. Robots on stage. Narcissism all the rage. Fear in fashion. Outrage but no action. We parade our pain online. Wax and wane. Reliving youth, former glory. And all the time we wonder where it ends. Begging for another story.

I guess this is more prose than pure poetry. Anyway, it is something that slipped through my consciousness this morning.
#feelings   #pain   #world   #break   #you   #emotions   #prose   #negative  
Amber K
Amber K
Feb 13

I remember when we were together.
Everyone thought we were perfect together.
They all seen happiness and smile.
But they didn't know the truth.

No one seen the way you pushed me when you'd get angry,
or the way you'd force yourself on me after I told you to stop.
They didn't hear you telling me I wasn't enough.
None of them knew the real truth.

Although our relationship was a complete disaster,
I tried to work things out and make things right.
I gave you chance after chance,
because I had never really given up on anything before.

But the last year of our relationship,
It was like we were a ship that was inevitably going to sink.
I stalled the process enough so that I could say I tried,
but finally I just let go.

I remember telling you it was over.
Your voice sounded crippled at those words.
My heart no longer wanted you,
and I knew it was time to say our goodbye's.

You tried to keep us as friends,
but I knew it wouldn't work.
Not after all you had down.
Not after what you put me through.

Our ship had finally sunk down to the depths,
and there was nothing left to salvage.
You kept trying to revisit it,
but I had accepted it's fate.

Now I know you thought I was weak,
for just walking away like I did.
But I want you to know the truth.
I want you to see things for how they really were.

I had tried so hard.
I fought for you.
I fought for everything we had,
even though it was nothing worth fighting for.

I gave up so much,
and lost so much of myself,
just to keep you happy.
Just to be enough.

But nothing was enough.
You fought against me,
and you were always "needing" more than I could give.
You were never grateful and never satisfied.

I let you push me around.
I let you torment me,
I let you tear me to pieces with your words and actions,
just so I could make you smile.

But after all was said in done,
the girl you met was long gone.
You had destroyed her.
I was no longer quiet or in need of validation.

And because of everything you did,
I no longer needed you.
I wasn't weak anymore.
I was strong enough to stand on my own.

So I let you go.
I let you feel the pain of never being enough.
I loved watching you beg me for a second chance,
saying you'd change.

I had become blank.
No emotion.
Nothing left to say to you.
I was done.

I'm better now,
and I still have no need or want for you,
but I still wander sometimes,
if you realized exactly what happened.

I wander how it feels to know,
that the one girl who had the biggest heart,
and never gave up on anyone,
gave up on you.

I had a dream last night that my ex had come to visit me and was asking for me to get back with him. He was trying to hold my hand and kiss me, and I laughed in his face. I let him know that everything he put me through caused me to let him go, even though I never give up on anyone. It felt like such a relief getting to tell him to his face that he was the problem in our past relationship, and that I wasn't. It was like he finally realized that all of the pain he put me through had made me so cold towards him, that I no longer felt he was worth holding onto. I still wish I could say these things to him someday, but I know I never will. If anything, I'd probably just walk away if he ever tried to speak to me. I have nothing left for him.
#ex   #heart   #break   #past   #cheated   #breakup   #used   #broke   #ship   #exboyfriend  
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