1 day ago

I am a flower.
Hard to handle
At times
Because of my thorns.
However, I am strong,
I can grow, and
I’m beautiful

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6 days ago

For nothing
Worth doing
Is easy.

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Randy Ray Price
Randy Ray Price
7 days ago

The anchor weighs down the boat like a weary and uncertain heart. Aching and rusted, these chains increasingly weak as each roaring wave strains it more and more. The wooden sides of the boat are at maximum capacity, the mast already torn from the storm’s massive winds. Tears of god flood the deck as the storm grows nearer.

From inside the cabin sits a wise man upon an uncomfortable rusted chair. He no longer looks outside for signs of damage to the boat, as the boat is all he has left and he cannot handle worrying about it any longer. The cabin floor sways out to the open sea from the undertow, almost as if a magnet is pulling it away from the safety of the shore.

In just a few hours, the strongest force of the storm will be here. In anticipation, the man simply sits and waits in the vessel, fully prepared to go down with it, still clinging on to a clouded hope that his home will withstand its toughest test.

The man asks himself just one thing as he waits … “Will my heavy heart stay grounded through the toughest of times, or will the winds pull me drifting into the lonely sea? Time will tell. ”

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As if i wasn't good enough at baseball
I threw one through your window
Last month i hit mine
Nothing killed me more than
Planning to smash through yours
And with these holes in our houses
All i want is to go camping with you
Tell you how much i want to rent a condo
And you can help me pay for it
We'd only need one bed
How i long to dream together

Yet i threw away
I shatterd us
First my heart
Then yours
Because we don't work together
Love and life don't always match
Our highs were space ships
Our lows were mermaids
Our hearts were perfect matches
Our minds were mortal enemies

You kept me captivated
You kept me intrigued
You were my intellectual opposite
You were my curiosity


We couldn't understand each other
We couldn't co-operate
When i said left you looked right
When you said up i looked down

Heart over mind
Mind over matter

To my greastest challenge,
My best accomplishment,
My favorite memories,
And my hero.

You made me,
You broke me,
You loved me,
And you healed me.

I miss you.
I love you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

Heart over mind
Mind over matter
You broke me
You made me break my own rules

I had no other choice
She was my fiance, too.
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Fall so hard you can't get up
Try so hard not good enough
Laugh so hard can't hide enough
Think so hard you think your done ..

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There are gloomy sunsets;
And sometimes even the moonlight is enough
A home far away from the place where I live
A scar from the past which I never had
"Maybe  I've  lived  through  this  feeling  bef­ore"
I say, as I try to find a way to escape the castle of my thoughts; a secret door
As much as I feel terrible;
As much as this life has become a riddle,
I wish I could do better to make everything okay
The masks behind which I used to hide, have become a reality today
Who I am now is not what I dreamt myself to be,
Or maybe I never knew what I really wanted to become
You know our lives are so preplexed,
It's difficult to guess, what comes next.

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Wyatt R
Wyatt R
Mar 1

I know I try so hard
to grasp this face I hold.
Trying to look like I'm in control.
I know I tried to tell you so many times before
that I'm on the right train of mind.
The things I think about
probably never occur to you.
The things I feel
should probably never be felt
and forgotten for as long as we live.
I know I try so hard
to keep holding onto something.
I know you probably know
something about me.
Maybe if I decided to vanish
it could free a bit of that storage
inside your head you waste on me.
I know I try so hard to contradict
every single other stance I ever held.
My thoughts and my words sometimes differ
and it's hard to tell which one is my truth.
Who knows what else I could do
if I tried to plow through mental blocks
that barricade my road,
my path to something worth it.
Who knows how it'd feel?

Who knows how I'd feel if I could just eliminate the scary things that block the view everyone else says looks so beautiful.
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The one that I love,
he's so sweet.
He lights up my dreams,
as I close my eyes to sleep.

His smile is a sight
that I always long to see.
Even when I'm upset,
his laughter spreads to me.

When things become tough
and rain comes crashing down,
despite not knowing how to swim,
I'll never let him drown.

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