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sancus Jan 2018
would you finally
reach out for me if i would
come back to the sky?
do we go back into being stars?
lea Oct 2014
Explore the timid quiet night life;
Hear the billows of the gushes of the wind
And the orchestra of the grasshoppers
Within the blades of the knee-high grass.
And as the fairies and nymphets,
Dance under the umbrellas and mushrooms
And the star-clusters of constellations,
Walk past through the lane where lovers embrace,
And you, all alone, with no lover or so,
Just have to fall in love with whatever there is
To fall in love with.
The wax of Artemis, and the wane of Diana
Beams at you in static cinema-like spotlight;
The ghost of a girl with a battered heart
And the dew-damp earth and rain
On an empty 10pm cafè
And the scent of a purple paradox,
Oh, it’s death and so lively magic,
Fill the night.

Pick a petal,
And pick another one
And feel the stardusts coming into life.
iridescent Sep 2013
if we were made of stardust,
why do we not shine as bright as the stars?
are we dead on the inside,
like the diamonds we see in the skies?
are we darker than the shadows that
it overpowers the light inside of us?
why do we destroy ourselves,
when the stars gave up their lives for us mortals?
moonrae May 2019
You were a symphony of stardusts
And I, a lost prismatic star
But you came to me
As if I was your constellation
As if I was your universe
You came to me
And suddenly,
I am drawn to your symphony
annore wu Mar 2014
if only the dark would
embrace me and
turn my thoughts
silvery stardusts

if only my
body went
i'm literally in need of a sleep right now.
(c) annore 2014
Mystic Ink Plus Apr 2019
Phasing her smile
Moon greets
In perfect solitude
Embracing all of us
No less than
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Cosmic World
lea Nov 2014
She’s a bone-clung loveless girl,
pillows and comforters of wanted love
suffice and supply her with the stardusts in the night,
along with the ebbing and flowing waves of her sailboat dreams.

And he is a wanderer of wanderings
with eyes that are ready to take over and under the world;
packed with all the innocence and bottled-up love songs,
with the boyish playful smirks in the curls of his smile.

Then, it just so happened that the world shifted.

They are souls meant to be.

It just so happened that two stars collided
and a magic-bag spilled all over the place.
It was a constellation pulled in threads, needles and bobble pins.
The universe was never the same after that nanosecond.

And he’d look at her
with decency and yet with batted lashes
of course, with all the guts he could muster to put up for her
as she still suffers in uncertainty
treading on thin, thin ice
caged heart, skinny love and knotted locked heart.
Puzzle pieces perfectly fitting and filling
the gaps and holes and blotches and emptiness.

Two worlds smeared with the colors
of radiant red, pastel blue and hope
lost-and-found pair of hearts
that are far apart
yet entangled and tied and bound
by the red fate heartstrings,
never ceasing to tug monotonously
on their constant constrained heartbeats.

They are souls meant to be.
And souls meant to be.
And souls meant to be.
iridescent Jun 2015
You claim you have never seen a supernova. Perhaps you hadn't witness beautiful things explode with such brilliance and never again.

If we all had a role to play on this earth, I'd say some are astronomists. They never stopped longing for the taste of a spark so distant, light years away; they never stopped chasing the lights that perished way back in time- that could only compare to a flickering candle but never to the twinkle in one's eyes.

Perhaps those who believed that we were made of stardusts, believed that what's inside of us were never alive.
some find beauty in tragedies and that's ******* sick.
Celaine Aug 2017
In a universe full of galaxies;
its clusters, superclusters, stardusts
and other heavenly matters in the
twinkling space,
the universe attracted two mere specks of dust in the earth
called mortals
with nothing quite like yin and yang demeanors

In a dark sky brimming with millions of stars,
the earth holds a sea of billion people who wander toward each other.
The universe must have conspired for these
earthly mortals to work their way around each other,
and finally to consign love and affection.

One mortal breathed life with her
shoulder-length hair at a time when her life is still unkept.
She did not know that
love was hiding its presence at the corner of the cold room,
branded with dark ink on his arms,
also concealed in bleak mood.

Love, all of a sudden, made known its presence and
his being to this startled mortal who was clueless
of anything.
Through time, Love altered its image from blonde to black;
and arms now fully covered with ink seemingly from back-to-back.

Somewhere along time and circumstance,
it was as if the universe almost failed its attempt of holding
everything together.
But fate
worked its magic around for two mortals who are
polar opposites to give in to the universe's strong gravitational pull.

Love, at first, failed to deliver on time
and could not have two mortals look straight
to each other eye to eye.

Finally, this mortal deciphered love
revealed through long full lashes which tickles the eyes.
It came with cute laughter,
chubby cheeks and bite-sized
chubby banana fingers.

Love wasn’t weak
for it found the courage to
finally meet his opposite
and carry on his purpose
in the vast mysterious universe.

Love always welcome with arms so strong
and wide open
Despite somber days and
as well as in luminous nights.

Love, surprisingly, came prepared with movie tickets
but decided
it did not want to watch
secret life of pets.

Love has a tiny medicine kit
always kept in a knapsack and
deep in the pocket.
Love was always making sure
they could have the time of their lives and
and accomplish a bucket of wishes written
in a dreamy list.

Love came with such thoughtfulness
and witty nature,
and rational mind,
and feisty feature.
Love came tough with love
and a smile so vivid it would capture you in

Love came with past branded on his arms
but was handed over with a present
through the mortal who identifies herself as shining light.
For the shining light thought
Love really did arrive in time.
Happy Birthday. You are enough, is still enough and have always been enough. :)
rufus Aug 2014
The first time i loved forever
was when he came up to me
and said ever so sweetly,
"i really like you, please accept this flower"

he was glorious and all,
a boy not a man,
he really made me fall,
gave me smiles when nobody can

and boy, my heart was whole,
it was nice, we were good,
it was me, it was full,
at least until it lasted.

Everything changed when i met my sunshine;
the one who taught me bad things,
who made me shoot comets,
the one i fed stars and those in between -
when i met the one

i learned how to sew stitches,
i swallowed a needle,
i ate stardusts,
and accepted burnt candles

my heart was flashing bright,
i was blinded by the sight
of how deep and gentle love could be,
if only we were meant to be...

Nothing can come out of sadness?
therefore you should live again
for sadness gave me a lot,
sadness gave me my solace
sadness found me an angel
sadness lifted me up from hell

we built towers and fortresses,
we are catching the falling
and patching the holes
of a broken heart's great desire -
to be whole once more
Anastasia Jul 2016
Your words flow in and out of my mind
and goes straight into my heart

Time has stoped
and all I know
is that we were meant to be

Our silluettes
clashing with the sparks
we feel in our hearts

all iridescent
swirl around us
invisible to the naked eye

You will forever be the reason
why I've stayed alive.
B Aug 2017
"When she leaves, she leaves a part of her in you.
Just like how a comet leaves behind a trail of stardusts.
Just like how a hurricane leaves behind a trail of ruins.
She, leaves behind a trail of memories, tears and smiles."
Ira Jun 7
And now those who gather stardusts,
Are summoned in the wake of a century-old catastrophe!
All these brave men must face now...
A crusade, beyond the sands of time!

Entangling all like a chain, intertwining love, and karma,
With one’s fate shrouded by platinum!

(Stand up! Stand up! Stand up!)
Shooting far and beyond!
(All right now! All right now! All right now!)
Like a vigorous bullet!
(Break you down! Break you down! Break you down!)
Let these fists fly free, with this hallowed vision to STAND PROUD!!!

Undaunted by the confines of time,
They are the ones to who the sunlight shines so fervently!
Leaving hope for the world’s future,
They are the Crusaders of the shooting star...
Wagering their lives, and their souls, for the ones they hold, oh so dear,
A Tarot card dealt each their heart!!

(Stand up! Stand up! Stand up!)
Against all obstacles!
(All right now! All right now! All right now!)
Together we can’t lose!
(Break you down! Break you down! Break you down!)
Paving one's own road with the vision of hope to STAND PROUD!!!

With an echoing, laughter from deep within...
The chase is on, deadset to find that demon!
Footsteps creaking along that Requiem,
All while leaving marks in sand!

(Stand up! Stand up! Stand up!)
Shooting far and beyond!
(All right now! All right now! All right now!)
Like a vigorous bullet!
(Break you down! Break you down! Break you down!)
Let these fists fly free, with this hallowed vision to STAND PROUD!!!

(Stand up! Stand up! Stand up!)
Against all obstacles!
(All right now! All right now! All right now!)
Together we can’t lose!
(Break you down! Break you down! Break you down!)
Paving one's own road with the vision of hope to STAND PROUD!!!

— The End —