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Tina Oct 2019
what is this going down my face,
water from my face,
i don't understand,
i am fighting this feeling,
when the fight gets hard,
they fall with nothing,
i cry as the fear of lost,
i am crying to love someone,
when they hide from the dark,
we are alone,
tears falling,
coming down your pretty face,
not wanting to do anything,
head in the clouds,
fighting the teas.
Tina Oct 2019
My fear grows by the daylight. It never falls but it will not stop growing. It falls into my life like no other. It burns like hell has nothing to hide. The truth me told life is a game of fear. No matter what u do the pains and fear will grow. It eats u up like the four of July. U never know what hits u until it does. And pain grows with a flash of life. Never to be awaken again.
Tina Oct 2019
When you're feeling down and blue,
And life is being cruel to you.
Just remember you're not on your own.
I'm always there; you're never alone.
You might not be able to see my face all the time,
As hard as you look around the place,
But close your eyes and think of me,
And before you know it there will be me.
Keep me in the midst of your mind,
And life will seem easier, I think you'll find,
So when life gets too dark to bear,
Just close your eyes and think of me
Tina Oct 2019
How deep is my love?
You asked me before,
It’s deeper than the bottom of the sea,
So far from the shore.
How strong do I love you?
You inquire of me,
Stronger than diamonds,
I promise to thee.
How brightly does our flame burn?
You may wish to know,
Like the core of the sun,
And it continues to grow.
How beautiful am I?
You often request,
This is an easy one,
Your prettier than all the rest.
Will I follow you forever?
You say with eager eyes,
You are my comet and I am your tail,
Eternally pursuing, for I know not otherwise.
Tina Jul 2019
I am feeling a feeling,
So sweet and loving,
One i can't stop,
Asking for,
I love this,
Feeling so much,
One that u know that,
Your really for,
One you been waiting for,
You even been looking for,
This feeling is love,
Love from the one u care about,
One that u fall in love with,
You have everything,
Love is you and him,
Love is true with that one.
You know that he ain't going to leave,
Hes all about you,
He don't want anyone else,
He's yours,
That's love.
Tina Jul 2019
Family is first,
They say,
Well they leave,
Have fun,
One only left behind,
Sadness rised over,
They having fun,
They laughing in the back round,
Shuuu. Little one,
Is you fall sleep,
Dream happy,
Be happy,
Alone don't be scared,
It's the darkness coming over,
You only cry yourself a sleep,
Don't be scared,
You only left behind,
Your loved,
Your happy now,
Your not left behind,
Your happy with the one u love,
He's your forever,
No more sleepless nights,
No more hiding under the blankets,
No more crying,
Your not left behind.
Tina Jul 2019
Your own family,
hates u,
They don't talk,
They don't text,
They don't say anything,
They don't care,
About you,
They don't ever,
want to see u again,
The pain hurt,
Your heart flys out,
Ripping you to,
Hating yourself,
Telling yourself u are hated,
That your unwanted,
No one cares about you,
That pain grow,
Bleeding out?
Well that's only your,
Heart bleeding,
You have no family,
You only have yourself,
You only have to love you,
You can only help you,
The problem is your mind,
You ain't ready to forget,
You ain't ready to leave,
Your the daughter,
You only want love,
But all that love and support,
Is gone now.
This is really how I feel as a person. I have a man but family is more important than anything else to me.
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