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I have within my being
A hurting broken heart
Crushed and beaten down
Ripped and torn apart

Lord,to you I plead
From deep deep within
Take my hurting broken heart
Lord, make it whole again

Sometimes things happen and we just don’t understand why.
The little things a loved one did
That irritated when they were near
Would no longer cause frustration
If today they were here

Some small thing they used to do
Some word they used to say
No longer would cause us anger
Now that they are gone away

Some small annoying habit
That would cause us to dispair
We now would gladly endure
If only they were here

So many unimportant habits that troubled us
That didn’t really mean that much
O how gladly we would take them back
To once more feel their touch

We to often pay to much attention to the things that mean nothing and do not realize it until it is to late.
Go beyond
The safe harbor

Cynthia Jean
February,  2020
The one who seems the happiest
Carries the heaviest burden of sorrow

Written by one who is;
Crushed in Spirit
Living on earth
I am dying
Through my dying
I shall live

1 Corinthians 2:9
Eye has not seen ear has not heard neither has entered into the hearts of men the things God has prepared for those who love him.
Life is linked with death
As the headstone with the vine
Deep within mans heart
Both so intertwined

From the bow you are the arrow,
Sent speeding in its flight,
I wish you were a sparrows feather,
Wafting down from heavens height.

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