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Dec 2015
Help me......
Help me understand the way my mind wonders.
Help me ....
Help me assimilate the wrong way of the World
Help me.......
Help me comprehend my uncontrolled thoughts
Help me......
Help me tame the wild wine running through my veins
Help me.....
Help me maintain a sane insanity, because  I feel it can be achieved.
Help me be myself without feeling guilt.
Help me deal with an unacceptable Society, on where everything is implanted as if we were only flesh without a soul.
On where the material counts more than any feelings
And where  darkness is wrongly  seen as harm.
Where love is overlooked because of its intangible state
Help me moreover, to  want to stay.
Because sometimes it seems it was not meant to be,  as many bad effects and sorrows carve deeply inside  through me .
I have a hard time wanting to live in a Society on where only the material matters..., when there is so much  else to give and take.
Angela Nature
Written by
Angela Nature  Pretty Pollock Pines, Ca.
(Pretty Pollock Pines, Ca.)   
   Harriet Cleve, Styles and ---
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