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Angela Nature Dec 2017
A deep attraction . .the one that is followed by seduction..The strong affection, a beam that awakened my soul. My senses silently exploded,  and a deep sensuality reigned . Your **** manly figure, turned my world around. I felt I couldn't be nowhere ...without you 
.....By myself ..
Only you could light me on.. That strong attraction and longed seduction, ignited my soul.  Not getting enough of you , I   seemed to exhaust insatiable love.....then I drove myself  "framed ", and begged you to arrest me.  I was lost seeking your heart , a place you led me to dig deep..and you touched me and  oh.. so hard , pushed me in so right ..that I resided there, as a type of breed that swallowed  your concentration in ... Now. ..
I'm addicted to you.
An insatiable thirst for you blinds my thoughts .
And it is you and only you ..
Your pure heart and sporadic lovely company ...from which I cry for more . Your fun way to be yourself : nice personality and transparency  ..addicts me to yourself.
I get thirsty for you
I give you a strong touch
Grab me towards you
I want to feel your skin
Kiss your lips throughly
All your corners ....
Explore your oceans and hidden corals ..
Followone  your smell , whIle you take me there ......
Written a year ago. ..
Angela Nature Nov 2016
A year ago we got reunited
A year ago you left.
Almost a year ago I found you
Almost a year ago I found you too
And him as well
And so it went
A few more months until another year
Two more months, to reach a year since I saw you again .
You, me,  him , and again. ..
Love and tears are timeless and countless
All the above...... meaning does not have
Stop counting!
Stop dealing
Just feel .Only the Heart knows.
Angela Nature Nov 2016
When a leaf falls down,
Making no sound,
It sails away........
And Just like the wind,
  It has nowhere to go.
It changes directions,
Mercy of its strong flexion
And like a rebel,
It reckons a win.
Freedom is brief
and so unseen
It's worth the wait
Once you redeem
Yet the feelling isn't forever,
Cause a scar is seen...
Just like the leaf, treasure your dreams
Long, dull or bitter,
They give you a gleam
Nature is teacher
To all living beings
Please let me be with you
For as long as I may leave.
Angela Nature Nov 2016
Wishing to know you
I search  inside your heart for  a reason.
A reason to keep you by my side
Please...stay with me for a little while.
Taking me with you, you'll make me smiile.

They once told me
That you had deep blue eyes
That they were sad as the future,
Sad as a sky with no falling stars.
So I went in search of them
Did I find them, ...I don't know. .
I just remember this pale guy
who turned paler once he fell
The harder he fell , the paler he got .
(I said ) ; please stop dancing , as they had closed the bar ...
He just went on and on....non stop.
I heard him hauling at the moon
The other day at the Boulevard
I just ignored it, as I learned to ignore him now.

But please,

Let me discover your voice within the silence,..look at me a little longer ....
While listening to your song
I feel your touch
The one that was physically absent
Perhaps resting in your mind
Reaching out to you I feel you
Let me be with you one time.
Unobtainable, as a sudden dream
Your image disappears
Although it stays nailed in my heart
As a reason to believe.
Or take me with you
Be my shadow, ardent thought.
Angela Nature Nov 2016
Inscrutable look.
Deceiving eyes.
I read your soul, therefore I feel.
Come next to me, I want your pain.
Poisonous love running through your veins.
Intoxicated with it, I mourn  this loss.
Hug me, strike me.
Be  my cross.
There are some attractions that we can't sometimes explain.
Angela Nature Apr 2016
"The song of a distant owl in the middle of a cold, chilled night. Its' voice raising as high as the tall pine trees, echoing through the silence,  mixed with the misty fog as that one of a King's ........The cold seemed like nothing.....compared to its somewhat full of impiety song of darkness, that emerged from its keen"
(Angela, 2016)
Angela Nature Dec 2015
None of our days have a price.. they are as priceless as they are for us and us alone. And if they are not valuable .., that's only up to us . Days can be just illusions that are just passing by. Many days we don't even remember, although some of them can carve deep within ourselves. Our days don't have a price. Our days are  what we make of them. Sometimes they get swallowed through a pool of blood and other times they swim freely in a pool of hope. Ensure you make your days your own and don't let them be taken,  as they are yours and just for you.
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