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Caren Dec 2018
Having you on my mind is easy,
I pretend to hold your hand as we walk past my memories and thoughts
I pretend to gaze into your eyes while my head replays the sound of your laugh
I pretend to make the illusion of your presence, using whatever i have left of you, seem real

Having you in my heart is the difficult part,
I cannot make my heart nervously beat faster if you’re not actually there
I cannot feel the warmth of your presence against the cold expanding in my chest
I cannot make it believe in the presence of something that is not there

Having you on my mind is easy,
but my heart knows that’s a lie.
Caren Nov 2018
You will look for me in her - The way my rosy cheeks blushed at the sight of you. The way my voice was your only remedy on a bad day. The way my eyes spoke a language only you could understand. The way my words rolled off my pink lips like melodies - and you will never find me.
Caren Nov 2018
She wrote poems to the butterflies, and they batted their wings to the lyricism of her words
She read stories to the trees, and they blossomed to the sunshine of her voice
She sang lullabies to the oceans, and the waters swayed to the limitless echo of the syllables which farewelled her lips
She caressed the sun, and he surrendered his power to the silken skin which embodied a soul of gold
She kissed the clouds, and the skies watered the forests with their tears of joy

She loved him,
and although the earth, the skies, and its oceans did too,
He could not love her back.
  Oct 2018 Caren
Bryan Lunsford
Since she walked away I haven’t known what to do,

With all of my colors that have turned gray–I’ve been left to only feel this color of blue,

As there’s not a shade in this world that could ever replace her hues,

My sight and mind has been left in a haze–and left ever so confused,

With my eyes that stay closed–for I’ve been blinded by the truth,

Wherein the only thing my eyes want to see–will no longer be in my view,

So go ahead and paint my world however you wish and want to,

As you can paint my whole world with the most vibrant and amazing hues,

But until the day that she returns–all my eyes will see is gray and blue
Caren Sep 2018
i hope the butterflies that used to occupy my stomach sing you the lullabies i will never be able to sing again, for my voice has bade me farewell as soon as you left and has left me with a void that cries out for you; my lungs now gasp for air and my glass fragile heart has shattered into a thousand shards that thirst for the blood that used to run through my veins like honey.

i hope the butterflies guide you for a million years, for i will love you until the end of time.
Caren Aug 2018
it’s almost like a game of tug of war, only to watch the opponent let go of the rope on purpose to watch you fall.
it’s almost like a daisy that is about to bloom, only to be blown away by a hurricane the next day.
it’s almost like a complete puzzle, only with a missing piece.

they say the pain goes away after it has taken everything from you, so i guess i can say that i’m halfway there.

“how did you get over him”, they asked.
“i’ll tell you when i do”, i answered.
  May 2018 Caren
Our bodies may never entwine again
In their lifetimes
Our skin may eventually shed
Every touch and kiss and grip
Of you and I
To be all but mere dust
My longing for you may seep
Into every sweet letter and noun and adjective
I choose to utter
Unto my speech is but lost scripture
But the very ashes of me:
Bones, organs, salt and all
Will sleep with undying peace
In Earth’s nomadic bed
In the knowledge
The hands of time are tied 
When we’re together

It’s as if the cosmos, the stars
The planets, unknown forces
Whatever it is, banded together
To preserve a timeless pocket
Of our love’s lint
That transcends us
And the us that comes after us
And thereafter
Until our paths collide again
With a big bang
And time will roll into motion
Along with light and love
And our hearts
Will grow old together
As sparked from the very same
Atomic lint

My dearest, this will be our beginning
And it will be the most beautiful thing
The universe has ever seen
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