May 21 Caren
Our bodies may never entwine again
In their lifetimes
Our skin may eventually shed
Every touch and kiss and grip
Of you and I
To be all but mere dust
My longing for you may seep
Into every sweet letter and noun and adjective
I choose to utter
Unto my speech is but lost scripture
But the very ashes of me:
Bones, organs, salt and all
Will sleep with undying peace
In Earth’s nomadic bed
In the knowledge
The hands of time are tied 
When we’re together

It’s as if the cosmos, the stars
The planets, unknown forces
Whatever it is, banded together
To preserve a timeless pocket
Of our love’s lint
That transcends us
And the us that comes after us
And thereafter
Until our paths collide again
With a big bang
And time will roll into motion
Along with light and love
And our hearts
Will grow old together
As sparked from the very same
Atomic lint

My dearest, this will be our beginning
And it will be the most beautiful thing
The universe has ever seen
  Mar 25 Caren
Ugo Victor
I can't sleep
Everytime I remember your words
They snap and recoil
And hurt me awake
Next time when someone
Promises me forever
I'll just smile
Look them in the eyes and ask
How long is forever to you.
  Mar 19 Caren
You ripped it
my pretty little heart -
but that's okay because
now I can pin it
to a wall
and scream
This Is Art.
The Infinite Seas
Caren Mar 13
He reached out with a leaping heart to the sky,
He wanted to fly

He wanted wings,
preferably blue,
Oh, how he wanted to see the moon

He always imagined how the world from Above would look like,
if only his visions were not so


He had a unique world view,
Oh, if only I could see it too

He dreamt of a world with a turquoise hue,
almost like the color trapped in the cobwebs of his eyes, a beautiful captivating blue.

His fantasy turned to reality
when his butterfly wings could no longer support
his limitless glee
as he gave his final plea

My angel, solace has taken you from my hands and granted you angel wings
and you will forever fly

I shall finally see a smile, instead of a battle cry.
  Feb 13 Caren
you will never be forgotten.
your name twisted into metaphors and colors and distractions will forever
be painted across pages and pages of her favorite brand of notebook,
no matter how many she burns
there will always be one she forgot,
and she will only find it once she had almost forgotten you.
she will find the one Papyrus notebook
and all of your metaphors and colors and disractions will come flooding back,
just like how the ocean in your eyes
flooded her heart all those years ago.
Caren Feb 11
How has it been for you lately?

the butterflies are telling me stories I do not wish to hear for they bring me sorrow,
but I listen nonetheless.

does the warm sunshine trace every curve and every beauty mark on your skin
does the wind sing you the sweet, sweet lullabies you once heard from me
do heaven's teardrops caress the same rosy lips I once claimed home
does la Madre Tierra nurture and comfort you with open arms the way a mother never could
do the estrellas illuminate for you, attempting to mimic the brilliance of your hazel eyes

has the Earth y el cosmos cared for you the way I have instructed its skies and oceans?

the mariposas are telling me stories I do not wish to hear, but I listen nonetheless.
Caren Feb 11
color me turquoise
the color of serenity
the color of healing
the color of heaven
the color of positive energy

color me indigo
the color of mourning
the color of reminiscence
the color of melancholy

color me blue
color me with the silk lips that have kissed all that is beautiful
color me with the fluttering eyes that could tell unlimited tales
color me with the tip of your finger that traces every pore of my ivory crème skin
color me with the blood that bleeds through my heart like honey

color me with the color of gaiety and sorrow
therefore color me grieving
and color me euphoric

you are solely responsible for dyeing my dominant scarlet colored blood a puzzling sapphire hue.

nevertheless, color me blue.
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