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gabe Apr 2017
i don't know when was the time i realized i have fallen in love,
i have no idea when was the first time i told you those three magic words,
and since then, i never felt a slightest hint from the hands of fate, that we would ever come to this.

but what i do know is that, in each passing day, my heart only beats louder for you;
that those three magic words grow more magical as it escape our lips;
and that as days, weeks, months and years pass us by, i will forever be grateful that the universe graciously led us to each other's arms.
gabe Apr 2017
a man out of his wits,
what a pity he's become
another casualty.

loved ones, betrayed him:
left to oblivion,
only girl she ever loved,
ran away with
another man.

all sense has left him,
they say.
but he's listening
to all the bickering.

hoping one day,
a voice so familiar,
he'll hear,
the sun rising
a complete darkness.
gabe Apr 2017
a question troubles, island’s peace is lost,
am i who i am?” eager land inquires.
disturbed, the once serene and calm water,
enraged waves sent off, crashing onto shore.
the answer that you seek i cannot speak,
straightforward answers, never meant to please.
a storm threatens a downpour of yes, no,
confusion flooded, train of thought submerged.
surveying islands, bird’s eye takes the view,
clouds fleet along, marveling at it all:
a lake, a river, waterfalls of hope,
a hill, a valley, mountains of regret,
grown with experience, plants and trees stand,
learning through challenges, animals flock.
what an amazing sight!” wind blows soft breeze,
what an amazing mind!” whistles the bird.
land and water, both finally, calmed down,
resolves to address the troubling question:
am i who i am?” echoes the island.
wind and ocean answers in unison:
a tiny plot of land, blessed by the gods,
but with one’s hands, an island has emerged
this is a poem in blank verse i wrote for my shakespeare class
gabe Jul 2015
how many?
how many hearts have you broken?
how many people have you left unmended?
how many innocent people have you torn apart?

how much?
how much pain have you caused?
how much tear has been shed?
how much trust has been crushed?

how can you sleep at night,
knowing you've hurt more than a fly?
how can you eat a lot,
knowing you made someone lose their appetite?
how can you still stand still,
knowing you never bothered catching  anyone who fall?

**how...    how could you?
gabe Jul 2015
"Oh, how I love the rain,"* she mutters to herself, feeling the rain trickle from her face down to her feet.

Most people loves the sun,
she prefers the clouds.

She loves the rain,
for it keeps her sane.

It keeps her safe,
and serves as her escape.
  Jul 2015 gabe
How is it possible
To miss someone
Even tho he's just in the other room?

How is it possible
To crave for someone's presence
Even tho he's sitting next to you?

How is it possible
To love someone so deep
Even tho it is unrequited?

How is it possible
To be broken by someone
Even tho he was never yours?

How is it possible
To wish for something
Even tho we all know it is impossible to happen?

How is it possible?
How is it?
How is?
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