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LIAN LAO Oct 2018
I am in space
A visitor in my own mind
It's dark, and cold, and lonely
Things are falling apart

I ran and ran as fast as I could
It's still catching up with me
What to do? What to do?
Help me, please tell me what to do

I sat alone in the dark
Looking for my way out
There's a light, I can see it
I know I can, and I will make it...
LIAN LAO Apr 2017
Let go of the person
Who chooses to hide things
That reminds him of his past
Rather than throw it away, to where it belongs

Let go of the person
Who wants to ends things with you
Rather than dispose things
That should have been done months ago

Let go of the person
Who keeps on saying he does not care
Yet hides the old things
Under his bed
LIAN LAO Oct 2016
Just like the rose
I picked you, only you
And not any other flower

Just like the rose
Our love bloomed
And it was full of bliss

Just like the rose
We had our thorns
And we were both bleeding

Just like the rose
Our love withered
And died
LIAN LAO Oct 2016
Waited for a long time but
It was worth it.
Losing you was a misery
Loving you is unexplainable
It's deeper than the sea that I can't
Afford to explain it. So,
May I have your heart for the rest of our lives?

To say I like you would be an
Because by the way,
I will always
Love you, William G. Tubil
LIAN LAO Jun 2016
Happy is to be with you.
Every minute of everyday.
Able to see you,
Able to touch you.

It's been 15 days since I last saw you
I feel empty
As if I'm standing across a sea
Without fishes.

With those 15 days,
It was miserable.
Like a man looking for a water
In a desert.

Missing you is inescapable
It isn't palpable with bare hands
But I feel it,
I feel the longing-ness in my heart.
LIAN LAO May 2016
A deep ocean
Lies before me
Silently showing me
How deep my love is for you

A ship that sails
Across me
As if it is after something
That it truly wants

I stand before them
Wondering, thinking, wandering
Always & forever I will think of you
Every time I stand before an ocean
How deep the ocean is how deep my love is. As the ship sails across me, after something that it truly wants, I see myself, as I have been after someone I truly love. You will always be the thought everytime I stand before an ocean and a sailing ship.
LIAN LAO Apr 2016
Hurting him was like
Stabbing myself with a knife
All over again

Losing him was like
Staring myself in the mirror
With nothing but a broken heart

Missing him was like
Waiting for the rain to pour
On a hot sunny day

Loving him was like
Able to do difficult things
In a very easy manner

To be loved back by him
Was something I never imagined
And yes, until now, I am speechless
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