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Oct 30 · 43
she is a demon
Yashashvi Oct 30
you call her demon cause she isn't like other women you know,  but I ain't blind so i call her angel for not faking who she is .
she is and she will be different cause she is who she want to be not who you like her to be, women don't ask to respect they gain respect
Yashashvi Oct 30
if you're a tornado
i become the zephyr to meld in you
to bring stillness to you
if this destroys me , let it
I can be placid with your hand in mine
I promise not to leave you in pain
rather I take it all and die
I will take the blame for you
let them call me dust devil
so you never need to ****** alone
Oct 23 · 17
I wish I was a bird
Yashashvi Oct 23
I wish I was a bird
not because they can fly
just because i can desert myself
when I grow my first feathers
without any worries
I can wake up to morning sun,
dance in the dew drops from leaves
I can find my own food
which would be my only quench
I wish I was a bird
so when I feel homesick
I need not to worry cause
I don't remember where I belong to
I already have a new hideout from predators
and lastly when I'm  tired of the places
I can fly to clouds, moon, stars
without any spacecraft and permission
cause there will be no one to drag me down
sometimes it feels better to escape from the present and live the thoughts which for probably don't happen just to satisfy ourselves
Oct 17 · 22
Yashashvi Oct 17
those forgone days ;  the olden days

where the winter day feels the shortest of all ( winter days are longest)
the coffee in my hands no longer hot
because I was busy staring
the caterpillar hiding under leaves
so the dew drops won't fall on it
I know I won't understand
the cankerworm creative walking
yet I would stare foolishly
covering my legs with the blanket
watching the clouds moving as snail
through my window
the brush time ; when I breathe out acting like I'm smoking
where my hometown
looks like heaven with foggy mist
the birds bathing in dew
the night walk where I'm not even accompanied by my shadow
my ears sensing cool breeze passing through
touching my cheeks turning them red
the leaves shut down dancing along
finally when I can't even sleep
because the stars are calling my name

I want to live those moments again.
I didn't know how to pen it down , but I felt like sharing because this things matters the most for me

people don't tend to realise the little things that makes them happy
I wish everyone can see them and be happy that those little things can take  their sadness away
Oct 7 · 22
Yashashvi Oct 7
the word bothers me the most,the word which i want to understand although never i happened to know what it means then i found a answer through mirror,that can never relate.a reflection from another world smiling as like me but never did i knew myself i smile so beautiful,never did i knew i can look so pale with no smile.the crazy reflection of my ownself. perhaps it wasn't the anser i want, because it cheated me everytime.the mirror failed to show my thoughts and the real me who is hiding inside yet lately then i realized i was smiling knowingly all these years
is this really what the fate is?
deviceing oneself!
birth of human
death of human
things that always makes me eager to know , to understand
most specifically existence of human
Yashashvi Oct 5
if there's a language for pain
may be i can understand the depth of their scars
if there's a language for cry
i will to savvy the each tear rolling down the cheeks
if there's a language for feelings
may that be my dictionary
if there's a language for gratitude
will i be able to pay my parents with words
if there's a language for love
may i crave those words on heart
if there's a language for breathe
could perhaps i can understand the heaviness of sigh
if there's language for life
may i perceive the purpose of bloomed flower
if there's language for death
i mightly to believe afterlife waiting ahead
if there's language for soul
i wish to learn how immortal it is
if there's language for eternity
i would like to know the meaning of endless
if there's a language for divine
may i understand the actions of his almighty
Yashashvi Oct 5
when water can change its forms
in accordance with the sitch
how do you expect the person
to remain same through the ages.
Sep 30 · 208
the moment eyes met
Yashashvi Sep 30
he has a heart of ocean
where no tide can ruin him
he has a soul of colours
which embrace every emotion beautifully
he has the guts to be who he is
he is the lover , a secret keeper
an untold truth , a mystery of mojo
and a pop up to my happiness
he is my resume of life
a pause for my every misery
he was mine , he is mine
and will be mine forever
Sep 30 · 30
can he ?
Yashashvi Sep 30
he who gazes into eyes
will he be able to seek the truth
he who holds the hands
will he be able to feel the insecurities
he who hear the words
will he be able to learn the heart
he who smiles along
will he be able to see the soul
he who embrace you everyday
will he be able to appreciate your scars
he who takes you to skies
will he be able to accept you're one
among the stars
he who acknowledges you as resilient
will he be able to assimilate you're ethereal
he who sees the happy you
will he be able to find the really you
random thoughts
Sep 30 · 25
images of fantasy
Yashashvi Sep 30
A 7.5 lb new born begun crawling
soon falling down ; crying
stood on legs at four months
never knew when they learnt bicycling
now, the 16 year old legs are running

the legs abhorred the path at first
days passed by, the road is now familiar
each face passing by  "unfamiliar"
feet tapping the ground sitting on bench
the park holds sillage of sonder
lingering in the air

the smell petrifies everytime
but the mystical force of human
made everything cherished till dawn
there goes the strides towards sea side
they walk into manganta

it is the cellar door of luna
leading to different world of galaxies
of consisting astrophiles, ceraunaphiles specially there is a room of selenophiles
footslogging fastly legs made a way in

the moon hare's song is euphonic
the legs which don't know to dance
started to dance along with others
happily ever before, will it occur after!
and the legs found the abode

a light focused, through the window,
the morning light ; eyes opened
while the legs were laying static
the utmost magical dream ,
one could ever experience.
Sep 26 · 29
Yashashvi Sep 26
someone asked me what I fear the most;
I fear realtionships and humans.
I'm afarid to get attached , I'm afarid of the truth that one dies at some point.
I fear I might end up hurting them
what if I can't say a goodbye to them properly.
it's just I'm afarid of getting close to people
Sep 22 · 33
lost me in you
Yashashvi Sep 22
you said you will always be around
why did you lie?
I searched every cave, every mountain
still there was no trace of you
running for you with the feet of bruises
I even forgot how to breathe
I thought I would find you
where the world ends
but you weren't there
chest exploded of heartache
helplessly I cried out my heart
a cry enough to fill oceans
a cry that called rain to hide my tears
on my knees , I watched the sky
the day and the night, everyday
with a hope I can see you oneday
I searched you in moon
I searched you in noon
of the sun above wasn't pleased
as the cruel you never showed up
yes, I didn't say I loved you
I didn't talked to you alot,
there still so much I want to say
how can you leave me?
I haven't answered you
please stand infront me
I'm desperate to feel your touch and say
Sep 21 · 27
what to do ...
Yashashvi Sep 21
how should I learn,
to fly and disappear,
how would I know ,
the good and bad,
how can I judge ,
I'm a blindfold "lady justice",
how should I run,
I'm tied of ropes,
how can I hope,
there's no faith to believe,
how can I show truth,
dirt is all over their eyes,
how can I say,
stitches on lips,
how should i live,
for being myself is a crime,
               cause I'm just a little girl
               afarid of dark
               learning to seek the light
               but they tend to close my eyes
               with ribbons called lies
               saying I am fool
               being over much
               as I reveal out my mind

am I supposed to break the norms,
should I untie the ropes
am I supposed to endorse,
nod like I do agree
am I supposed to protest,
challenge how they think
you ask me to speak out
should I murmur the words
else show you the power of flow
am I supposed to be defined ,
am I supposed to make self comment?

         should I be one of them,
         just breathe to live?
         that air leaves my body
         the every next second
Sep 18 · 127
it's alright
Yashashvi Sep 18
I know it hurts
I know you feel numb
it's alright to stay calm
it's alright to say you're okay
you go through hard times
may be I don't even know what it feels
just remember
the pain will soon pay your regrets
so don't you cry alone at night
weeping on the pillow
cutting your breathe
I'll give you my shoulder,
I might not know the words to comfort
it's okay,lean on me
until all the tears dries up
lying to others is no fault
but don't lie to self
saying you don't fit for the world
it's alright, you're good enough
you did a great job tonight
so go to sleep and breathe out loud
I don't want to see your swollen eyes
you deserve to be pretty ~
today's youth problem to stress out themselves about what world think of them, and I hear from friend crying alone at nights , worrying for no reason and anxiety one of the biggest problem
I wrote this for those who cry alone, depressed and don't feel right

you all are doing great
you did a well job , so don't worry
you will be alright
Sep 16 · 54
Yashashvi Sep 16
one can recognise souls not faces
the souls shining brightly diligently
beauty is not of eyes ; not of lips
the beauty in the soul of hearts
but lately it's fearsome
the soul which is meant to be
began to "cover to cover"
under the smile of face put on
from the society it can't run away
forgetting to be itself unique
and never knew,
when did the five magic words
became routine.
the five magic words
Sep 13 · 59
Yashashvi Sep 13
How can the leaves falling down to the land could still seem to be beautiful when they lost all it colours.
Is it because they fall down to make the little girl in the garden happy?
or Is it to show people how you could even be attractive while you fall down?
never know

and do you now what is more interesting to me about leaves is do they are called leaves because the leave the tree with no time , literally leaves leave surprisingly
I was those one of the girls who use to enjoy and dance with the leaves falling in autumn

obsession of leaves
Sep 13 · 28
Yashashvi Sep 13
can you hear it?
the sound coming from the thing
hidden under the left chest
entangled by strong muscles
what do you call that?
ah, HEART - a monosyllabic
pronounced of low stress
yet weighting so much
a piece of flesh guarded by bones
stashed away from peepers
afarid to show up ,a frightened piece small than your mind, still
carries more burden than it should
acting tough and ruling everything
when it's only job is to pump blood
not to stimulate emotions
why you draw it in different shape?
when you know what it actually looks like
just random things in mind didn't know how to pen down
I don't know what to title it
Sep 12 · 69
Yashashvi Sep 12
You ask me what's so difficult
   to write about her,everything about
                 her is undepictable

it's hard to portray,her sparkling eyes when she talks,how her foot steps sounds when she walks ,how her smile draws a line on the cheeks,how her hair blows in the wind,how her each word makes impact on mind.It's hard to narrate,how her every flaw seems to be perfect,how her smell can make me refreshing,I never smelt that
anywhere,how her little hands works effectively.She's an non narrative poetry,a bacteria I'm not worried to carry forever withal she is complex happy virus.I don't need sleeping pills as long as she sings that lullaby to me
            Coming out of her womb
                 is my greatest glee

                 love you 💜🖤❤️
to every beautiful mom out there, you are indescribable
Sep 7 · 26
I wish it would last
Yashashvi Sep 7
When did u meet her?

I don't remember the month nor date neither the year

How did it start ?

It was when I was twelve with her smile.

How long it lasted?

It never ended ,began with smile continued to talks of chaotic drama filled with laughter  of adults fighting with eachother for silly reason soon apologizing ,its never gonna end it will last until I die

Friendship doesn't breakdown
        that easily, trust in eachother
                                         in  difficulties
how many of you have childhood friends still now? and would be with you in future too
Sep 6 · 58
simple understanding
Yashashvi Sep 6
everyday I walk down the streets
I find plants yielding pretty flowers
most days I find trampled flowers
laying on the road still worthy enough to praise
do you ask me what interesting in it,
first answer me ,
do you pity the one laying on road
or the one accompanied by peduncle?
everyone glorify the stem with flower
even though it do die as sun sets down
shall I say you one verity
and the thing people don't heed
they don't adore the plant producing flowers
the sad thing is they don't notify
that the plant can still produces more beautiful flowers tomorrow

if you compare this with life it's so similar
people don't see or pity your catastrpohes, reverses
they just admire your adroitness
cherish you when you bloom as beautiful as  flower
so just like the plant surprise them with your capacity
don't worry about the trampled flowers
sometimes your flaws are prettiest too
you should let them down
but remember even if it's a trampled flower or nourished flower
both of them dies at end of the day
so hope for refreshing start and give the best you can.
does anyone see the worth of the trampled flowers?
and embrace the ability of the plant to give flowers?
one more thing if you ingore the second verse and just consider the first one
there's something in it , I don't know how people reflect on it but yes
I hope for new understandings
Yashashvi Sep 6
We celebrate when the sky cries
regardless envy sun as it shines
We love when the oceans waves
besides hate when it's wild of pain
We go crazy of animals
hardly wants a jungle to live by
We need fresh air
yet don't want a tree in
We urge for more
even so doing nothing with the world
We want nature indeed
We want nature to feel
And leave when it heals
but why? Why humans?
Is it to show that you are mean ?
I scare the god must be shameful
of his creation.
I don't say to protect the environment at least don't destroy ,
and to all those who safeguard the nature , you are the best , thanks for the care
Sep 6 · 104
my beloved
Yashashvi Sep 6
teachers come and go
but very so often one comes along
that you'll always remember
one who makes learning an adventure
the kind who can make you the best
someone you can relay on
who really cares ; what happens to you
not just as a student but has child
who could give out love in all directions
so that you don't faint when you're homesick
inspire you and shape the best version of you
teach you the words that heals wounds
today I'm here because of you
it's you who made me believe that I can alone make it sense
that is you, taught me to smile in hardships
thank you for your presence
god must be grateful for creating you.and I feel the luckiest to be your student
you have and I need you as guide ,no matter what I have you at loss of words
you're the polestar for the child who lost his way.and I know this polestar takes him in right direction
(ma'am forgive me if I have any grammatical mistakes , this child is not perfect yet
the only one that understood me in school
Sep 1 · 126
Yashashvi Sep 1
a firefly curious of exploited sphere
set free, wish to wander alone
still and all it's the world
trapped it by hands
it's glow is so tiny
however people won't let it out
until it suffer to death
a firefly jinxed by fate
for it's gleam
I wish the society would change
and doesn't suppress anyone because they are beautiful, talented  so so
especially girls even though
they have got freedom by family
society never changes
everyday there are some millions girls
who loose their life's
as an account on being a human
I wish to  give aware to protect a women
and let her enjoy the liberty she allowed to have
never ever hurt peoplewith words like thrones
they cut deeper than knife
Yashashvi Sep 1
sextilis made it beautiful
leaves lost it colours ,turned pale
;falling down to earth
fall streamed as yesterday flew
the oak tree in the midst of winter
is not in leaf; standing strong fathomless
"pretty" verily pretty standing alone
ceasing growth until spring
hares are almost all white like six sided snowflakes
I wished I can also hibernate
passing winter in a near-sleep state
unwilling sky called me with
I thought my ears playing tricks on me
nae, it's the real thunderstrom of snow
I'm, be lost of words not because of snow
because of the colorful creature wandering
playing around my glasses in sleet
I thought everyone hates cold
but this butterfly as a hope remained back
when all it's friend left for warmth
like how the little water adds up to snow
I'm staying here with snowmen far away
I'm not the winter earth which is closest to sun
I started to appreciate cold of winter ; of people
the oak tree with empty branches
the hare which changed it's colour
the moist air of  fluffy snow
the lost butterfly , the thunders and I
are all temporary
are all alone but still at there place hoping for new start and warm
I wish till then I enjoy the winter
and love the winter as well as next year.
I'm looking forward for winter
Aug 27 · 56
Yashashvi Aug 27
be a girl who wants to fight
not like the men out there
wear three hundred pounds of muscle
and fight **** out of someone
be a girl,
the girl who wants to fight with fears
the impossibilities with tears
fight within the cold person inside,
to become more of human;
fight with the scars left by people
to turn the dreams into reality
fight with the words
so they make astonishing sentences
don't convince yourself
the society is full of haters, bullies
covered with the masks of innocence
don't try to show the real you
because they should have the privilege
to understand and begrudge
be the girl who fights with silence
so the demons shy to cause nuisance
to the every girl out there who are cursed by people don't let yourself down
they don't know you are the angel of  tolerance , and I believe u can tolerate and get through
Aug 27 · 150
Another stranger I am
Yashashvi Aug 27
want to be a stranger again with you
so this feeling would no more makes me exhausted
would it be comfortable, if I am a stranger to you?
I guess it would be nice
Aug 23 · 153
I can't see it through
Yashashvi Aug 23
Dark and light confuses me
Like which is the one actually exists
Is there illumination in in absence of darkness?
Is it we know it's dark as lustre is not found?
May be its our ears which believed words
The eyes that followed writings
As just being an earthling afterall
It's sounds crazy to hear monster.,
Even though they don't know why it is called as,
and of course they haven't seen.
Does anyone have answer,
Seriously, I want to know
And why? Human always believe others
No, I'm not saying we shouldn't trust
But should we trust blindly?
Aug 16 · 93
Yashashvi Aug 16
thought world is bitter
bitter with lies, sour of miseries
when the naked truth was invisible
nah, by any means seemed different
it wasn't perfect but it was enjoyable
the burning sun out of nowhere
became the beauty of bright
the once chirping birds voice
turned to be angelic as I wake up
the rain causing floods still has  power to bring smile on farmer face
the age that grown playing songs
and the unknown faces
which made memories
wasn't that bitter, just unpleasant
yet delightfully sugared with laughs
Aug 3 · 78
jamais vu ; dès vu
Yashashvi Aug 3
je t'ai aimé dès que je t'ai vu mais pourquoi j'ai besoin d'agir comme je ne l'ai jamais vu
never seen; as soon as seen
I loved you as soon as I saw you but why  I need to act like I never seen
Aug 3 · 40
Yashashvi Aug 3
sky also does know how to cry when toxicity is overloaded
i wonder what's wrong with me
it's just the rain here making me questionable
Jul 30 · 34
way up there
Yashashvi Jul 30
standstill under the sky
see there, up in the sky
the night star catching your attention
shining, twinkling the most ,I'm there
way up in the sky
to see you
looking down at you
back over the moon
through the misty clouds,I'm there
way up in the sky
smiling at you
seeing myself in your eyes
sending the breeze from my heart
could you sense me
so laugh now, I'm there
way up in the sky
to comfort you from miles
rooting for you, looking at you
whispering the love to fairies
this cold night I'll cease it
to see you alright, look up
I'm way up in the sky
please just see me, I'm there
way up in the sky
looking up to the sky makes me feel pleasant, my burden, worries everything disappears , it's just like someone smiling at me though I don't how it happens and who is that person
Jul 29 · 31
Yashashvi Jul 29
And like a small boat on the ocean
you left me in the world of illusion
Jul 24 · 31
Ineffable Mankind
Yashashvi Jul 24
people never fail to marvel me
just out of curiosity I fantasize each one
peculiarly I daydream; dream of
how someone can be **** awestruck
the other nonchalant schmuck
there's no wonder the most smiling
indeed must be so despairing
maybe i'm wrong , maybe right
like how you say - " don't judge a book by its cover"
in the eyes of thine one is warm hearted
and one is cold hearted
humankind of materialism and raphs exist too
people ralph others secrets
there are some concealed to pinky promises
i hear every now and then,
individuals saying we know each other well
i ponder how well!
like how i used to believe i know all about her
when literally i don't even know a speck of hers
people are amazingly amazing
we think we know everything
but the truth is we never know
the heart on one's sleeve
some are blue
some are pale
some are butterflies
and some are chameleons
one kind remains colourful throughout and,
the other kind changes with circumstances
people always confuse me with their personalities
they are parallel imitating same echo
seems to long along howbeit ne'er coincide
it's so fascinating to see different people with with variety of dispositions that  one could hardly understand
Jul 13 · 25
address yourself
Yashashvi Jul 13
"Address yourself class",said teacher

everyone was quite sure at their answer

person next to me -" I'm Robbin , I live in Newtown. I come from south of the city. I'm the only child to my parents" address as so

Meanwhile , my mind;

I know I'm not my name but what am i?
May be I'm the nature's descendant and also the Halloween baby
is that what defines me? where I'm from?
Am I speck of stardust? or Am I the whole milkyway?
I'm the lost compass for my own thoughts
sometimes I can be the sun who sets and wake up with full of questions which hardly have any answers
I can even be the dandelion wandering around the trees
is this me?
Am I the dreams I dreamt of? or Am I just an imaginary?
yet I'm still unknown to myself? WHO AM I?
I'm scared, scared of what think is right or wrong!
where do I belong to?
do I belong to the ashes that give rise to phoenix?
do I belong to the fire that burnt the phoenix?
do I have address? if so where I am in this world ? where do belong ?
wondering about my existence is something i have everytime on my mind
Jul 10 · 20
I ask you-
Yashashvi Jul 10
what inspires you to write?
the leaves holding tiny rain drops or
the sun shining mirage them as pearls

what inspires you to write?
is that the feelings in your heart or
the lyrics on your head

what inspires you to write?
the pen you hold or
the voice of the angel you hear

what inspires you to write?
is it the tragic of the new moon,or
the magic of the rabbit hidden in full moon

what do you write for?
for the words that can't come out of throat or
for the words that can heal wounds

what do you write for?
to the person you're in love with or
the person you've never seen

what do you write for?
whether the people to read you or
the people to understand you

what do you write for?
for the name tags after your name or
for the name you think everytime you write

I ask you , why are you writing?
I ask you , what are you writing for?
Jul 9 · 71
At the end
Yashashvi Jul 9
Throwing down the band on her hand
She said, "it all ends here"
who said the only reason for pain is love, believe it or not friendship hurts more than anything when it's done whole heartedly
Yashashvi Jul 8
Harmonizing with his un-understandable melody
I vocalize in a loud blare owieee-ee
he thinks I'm being a typical stuipde
than he raises his note to another key
thinking I'm going to sound like a monkey
Owieee-ee-eh-ee utters again my mouth
but this time mine is a little high pitch
"doesn't gives up", my baby sings now in a breathless tone
my amazed mug does nothing else than dropping jaw around 10cm length
proud in his face kills me to give a try
and here I go with another woah-oh-oh
not surprisingly I fail yet I'm delighted
to see the pride in his eyes
who knows all this starts with
a small piece of bow-bow,
ends with a long chord of boooww-boowowiehh
my little four-legged handsome hits it so perfect
all the weight of my burdens exonerates
I swear he can be a singer
Jul 7 · 225
A way to long
Yashashvi Jul 7
It's been way to long, walk back
to the land we knew
fall from the world we have now
build one together for us
just smile and speak until this dies
I'm running-
running in the woods of your sillage
breathing the memories you left in my cells
wishing we would hold the hands
and escape to the ukiyo in our heart
I'm aware this will become a memory ;dés vu
but still together
let's balter forever
leaving the foot print in the december snow
I promise, I will stare you like a mirror
bring the the color to feuillemort
when vernal is back to life
up to then feel the cold warming each others soul
I know that our eyes can talk like we used to
so don't wake up from the dream
unless we can see the scintilla.
forever we are together
the seasons never separate our souls
Yashashvi Jul 6
You can see the warmth in her
If you take a deep look
Her eyes shows more of solitude
a selcouth wandering in bushes
With the head in the clouds
Someone lovely discovered by windfall
She is the evening serenity
Mesmerizing beauty of ages
Jul 6 · 204
Yashashvi Jul 6
I'm in love trio with ME , MYSELF and I ; me flirting myself, myself overwhelming I, and I doing this hilarious act infront of the mirror
Jul 6 · 41
Life with Spring
Yashashvi Jul 6
Buds blossomed into flowers
Spring has arrived all the way after winter
Each breathe was making me inertial
That the air pulled me forward
Glancing the foggy droplets,
Touching my skin gave goosebumps
Soon then the night of astral called upon
And me dreaming of the moon to get down
With another chapter life began with sun
Jul 6 · 32
Yashashvi Jul 6
I don't know what it hurts
I don't know what it takes to heal
nevertheless I know what happend
between sore and pleasure
a period of trauma I cried under water
to act strong misleading self
thinking so much though I shouldn't
walking away the paths to feel the pain
ruining the days in thoughts
even they aren't worth enough to think
running off the shores
to know what happiness feels like
manipulating to smile when it hurts
realising that it wasn't their's fault;it's me
I have unfasten with brain
to hear the incarnation voice inside me
that feeling was so high, I'm literally on the moon
pain files when heart no more hurts for the same reason

— The End —