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Dec 2020
walking alone in the street of lights
i took a trip down to the reminiscence
the souvenirs tucking out of my bag
the hanging bracelet of yours is a spell
that made the twirling mixtape of past road

everything with everyone are oblivious meetings
unknowing smiles that cheeks made;
to the unknown persons to become one on path
when the eyes met for the first time we became friends
of friends who just know truths not secrets
of friends who changed into soulmates

tons of people crosses the path with us
hundreds makes smiles
few people takes a step forward to talk
some shares stories
some shares realities
while others leaves stains on heart

however lately i realized the path leads to last step
the step we take alone to never return
when i think about it i'm afraid to talk causally
it triggers in a way to skip my breathe
and then i remembered;
i met strangers and eventually leave as a stranger    

its just the strangers we meet at start
and its just the strangers that makes memories
its just only the strangers makes you laugh
its just only the strangers you think twice per day
to the strangers you get attached
yes, its just the strangers makes you cry at the end

in between its exactly the same strangers you can't  let go
eventually you fall in love with those strangers
love them in a way you never forget
although you know , you can't hold them forever
this how i fear to bond myself deeply
after all i know , "we were meant to be strangers again".
does everyone you know are really known to you?
according to me i never literally knew one person
cause myself is unknown to me

i feel soulmates are never meant to be , cause they never existed
(sorry if i have texted something wrong , its just my opinion)
Written by
Yashashvi  18/F/India
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