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Sep 2020
A 7.5 lb new born begun crawling
soon falling down ; crying
stood on legs at four months
never knew when they learnt bicycling
now, the 16 year old legs are running

the legs abhorred the path at first
days passed by, the road is now familiar
each face passing by  "unfamiliar"
feet tapping the ground sitting on bench
the park holds sillage of sonder
lingering in the air

the smell petrifies everytime
but the mystical force of human
made everything cherished till dawn
there goes the strides towards sea side
they walk into manganta

it is the cellar door of luna
leading to different world of galaxies
of consisting astrophiles, ceraunaphiles specially there is a room of selenophiles
footslogging fastly legs made a way in

the moon hare's song is euphonic
the legs which don't know to dance
started to dance along with others
happily ever before, will it occur after!
and the legs found the abode

a light focused, through the window,
the morning light ; eyes opened
while the legs were laying static
the utmost magical dream ,
one could ever experience.
Written by
Yashashvi  18/F/India
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