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Mary Aug 2019
I’m a total mess and need a shower
I have a meeting in less than an hour
There’s no hot water – we have no power
Should I **** it up and take one now, or
Call in sick to work?
Mary May 2019
Excitement - attraction, ***, love
Happiness - money, marriage, family
Contentment - bbq's, vacations, friends
Boredom - schedules, chores, commitments
Apathy - distant, separate, divorce
Loneliness - heartbreak, regret, resolve
Renewal - freedom, flexibility, growth
Mary May 2019
Your words are like an arsenic drip
  slowly destroying me from the inside
Mary May 2019
The most beautiful green
I’ve ever seen
is the one between
the budding of the trees
and their fully formed leaves.

The color of spring.
Mary May 2019
You woke me, Death, and I saw you -
standing at the end of my bed

A shadow darker than the dark;
faceless and looking right at me

I looked back
and my blood froze

I recoiled and you were gone,
but you haven't really left me

It's been days since I last slept -
I look as though I've aged by years

Your presence is taking a toll on me, Death

How much more must I endure?
Mary May 2019
You kissed me softly in the rain,
then laughed gently into my mouth.
It tasted like Spring.
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