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A lone mourning dove
High upon the roof
next door
Singing my sad song
 Mar 2021 Debbie Lydon
sunk down deep soft in dreamland
into the knowing of eternity

accepting the truth of your being
resonating complete harmony

you take all others with you
as they take you also

timeless now and timeless forever
we dance around our fire
having the audacity
to accept the duality
of man, of time, of life
rather a causality
in itself
of things, of people, of emotions
you can finally let go
the loss of innocence
before you even know
not hopelessly muddled anymore
like the grey colour
in the middle of black and white
no more under the pressure
now off to where the air is fresher.
Accepting the duality is accepting yourself - as you are. Just like we live in the grey between the black and white of HP.
 Jun 2020 Debbie Lydon
Ciel Noir
a summer song you hummed to me
remembering the melody

I miss you

the wicked way you came to me
I'd best repress the memory

I want you

entangled in causality
and underneath the mystery

I know you

iniquitous soliloquy
and hidden in the litany

I love you
 Apr 2020 Debbie Lydon
Poetic T
Watching as my wares are consumed
within this vessel carrying
              my world.
Checking as if I were
                 revising for that exam..

If I fail..

       My heart palpitating as beads
of sweat congregate upon every
Dripping into pools of reality..

Wish I was there, locking my door I breath...
 Apr 2020 Debbie Lydon
Erik Luo
The path of our soul
is drawn between time
To the flower of the eternal
and the water of now

To what flow
shall we see the color
Of the suffering that carries us
and the beauty we saw

To what shadow
shall we chase tomorrow
to end our desires
and feed our sorrow

To what effort
shall we let go
to make up our love
or the hate that we spoke

O love
to what length will I go
to show you the void that we know

To be here for the living
or dying to the craving
of love
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