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When I’m alone I like to think.
Think about life and what I want.
Like daydreaming but with a more deep meaning.
A storm of thoughts every time.

That’s only when I’m alone, completely alone and away from everything.
Just taking some time off from the world.
So I’m only in my own imaginary world.
With music as my only company other than myself.

I’ve gotten more time.
The time I’ve always needed.
The break I’ve always wanted.
Myself I’ve always happened to have.

I like the world when it’s dark.
Stars shining everywhere I go.
Street lights to show me the way.
So I don’t get lost dreaming.

It’s been a while now since I’ve felt good being alone.
The music slowly disappeared, with reality taking it’s place.
Dreams got shorter, time got slower.
I’m still happy, I’m always happy.

Somehow I lost the time, the time lost me.
I couldn’t find a place for it to stay.
Still I have it, and it’s too much.
I couldn’t control it.

Tick Tock time got faster.
The world got slower.
Took over and destroyed you.
Followed you and told you what you should do.
I know all of you,
probably just as much
as I know myself.

I see all of you,
just as much
as I see myself;

just as I cannot see myself.

I do not know if I can ever know anything.
I cannot look into any of your eyes.
I cannot look into my own.

I am only left to feel....

I do not know myself.         I do not know you.
I do not see myself.              I do not see you.

I am only left to feel....

& through feeling,
I know that I love myself.
...Through feeling,
I see myself.

I am only left to feel....

I am only left,
seeing & knowing you.

I am only left,
loving you --                  all of you.

I am only left...
to love.
I love all of you.

ALL of you, as well as you-all.

You people are amazing. Each and every one of you all. All of my friends, all of the other writers I have yet to meet, all of the ones I will not meet... all of the ones who do not write, all of the ones who share sharp & contrasting perspectives, all of the ones I hate, all of the ones I wish did not exist....

                                 All of you.
                                    I love each & every one of you
I just wanted to say this.
Sorry for imperfections.
I know I can do better.
I am sorry I have not.
My time & self will be dedicated this weekend,
to all of you. Thank you all, so much.



Means a great deal to me that this one made it as the daily. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, everyone.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
Money in the pocket of the biggest shareholder

Day by day, we grow older
Love is lost, hearts grow colder

So while you still can, you should hold her
Say what you feel, before you wish you'd told her

Don't stash your dreams away, in that folder
As you care less what they think, you'll get bolder

Listen to those, who need a shoulder
Let her live, don't try to mold her

Don't sell your soul, for something golder
You are my coffee
Not just in the morning
You keep me awake even at night
With thought of you that's never ending
Thank you for chosing this piece for the Daily.  This is my first so I am so happy, grateful and more inspired to write.
 Oct 2015 Thomas M Franey
01:52 am
have you ever asked yourself like why you so lonely?*

01:53 am
or empty?

that maybe you give too much of your essence to people and never leave any of you for yourself

01:55 am
i know i do

02:05 am
and like that's maybe why i get so attached to humans

because in them,
i find myself

02:07 am
i need to change, because things shouldn't be this way

02:10 am
but it's hard sometimes you know, when most days you don't leave the house because you feel unworthy of the space you take up

02:16 am
so you'd much rather disintegrate into soil because you've become all too familiar with people stepping over you and admiring the outcome of your beauty but never the roots of your pain

02:19 am
i spend so much effort watering people in order for them to grow and hardly get enough sun shine to feed my own soul

02:25 am*
because i don't know how to do anything else but care for everyone but myself
 Sep 2015 Thomas M Franey
"Sometimes you just need one person. Maybe forever..? Maybe for just a little while. Not long. Being alone is hard, but being with a lot of people can be hard to. Find someone is okay with talking for hour about stupid ****, but at the same time, would enjoy silence with you. Someone who would hike 10 miles then sleep all day. You just need someone to help you balance. Sometimes you need someone to help you keep your center of gravity."
It may have never been enough,
It may have been in pieces,
****, It may even have been the worst you've ever gotten..
But I gave you the best parts of me.
I gave you all of what's left of me.
Finally i'm free, finally i am
Away from that cage,  far from that hell stage

Been two months since I'd stopped chatting with them
They've never ceased stalking me, talking to me
But I fought them with gallantry
The courage of not making a noise
The bravery in silence

Finally i'm free, finally i am
Away from that cage, far from that hell stage

Might be the last visit of my loved ones that affected me so much
Gave me a true strength to overpower and block
They've danced, sang, even performed a magic tricks
But all are in vain, the coin was finally flipped
Until totally no voice from them, no sightings at all

Finally i'm free, finally i am
Away from that cage, far from that hell stage

It has been twenty minutes since we left the sanitarium
Finally i am away, finally i am far
"His situation is fifty-fifty" said the nurse that accompanied the body
As i looked at him to my curiosity
Oh God! It was my body in an ambulance...

written: September 1, 2014 @ 9:16 PH standard time

Mysterious Aries
My Schizophrenia Poetry Story No. 15
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