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Thomas M Franey Dec 2016
i can see, what was then, has never have been, for you as it was for me.
Like it was just yesterday, we were laughing together in magic, but now u am the object of your laugh
i can see, what will be, is just the pain i seen in me.
Like it was just moments, i held your hand and save you from the despair,
only to see i was toy within your love scam career.
If you remember the hand that fed you support, the light i cast on you, as you reached out to me before
as the one who feels, you would see the pain i have in me.
I am the pawn of your unrequited love, the unrequited love that has ripped my soul into a reality of shame.
I am the pawn of your unrequited love, the unrequited love that has ripped my soul into a reality of shame.
unrequited love so deeply true
I can see, us dancing with our fingers creating a meal, only to be a dillusion in my head
Like it was just yesterday, we shared a alot of our own soul, smiling.
i can see, a person who foolishly open his heart and given the blood to be,
Like it was just moments, you held my heart and said you're lucky for me
only to see i was an object of your own deceit.
I am the pawn of your unrequited love, the unrequited love that has ripped my soul into a reality of shame.
I am the pawn of your unrequited love, the unrequited love that has ripped my soul into a reality of shame.
unrequited love so deeply true.
Now broken i can be, building my true me, picking up the pieces indeed, Ooh, i will open the heart to someone to be,
only in time the tears will drive slowly from the ice i am thawing. love is all around me, over me, under me,
but ....
i can see, the love is from you, but i feel greater love through and through
Like is it is seconds, holding you as you cry tour pain to me, hoping for a smile again
I can see, what I am now, in tears in my spite of my loss and invisibility,
Like it was now, when the mirrors of ur pain, u bestowed on me with your ability
only to see true hate over my true love
I am the pawn of your unrequited love, the unrequited love that has ripped my soul into a reality of shame.
I am the pawn of your unrequited love, the unrequited love that has ripped my soul into a reality of shame.
unrequited love so deeply true.
  Aug 2016 Thomas M Franey
Light House
I know all of you,
probably just as much
as I know myself.

I see all of you,
just as much
as I see myself;

just as I cannot see myself.

I do not know if I can ever know anything.
I cannot look into any of your eyes.
I cannot look into my own.

I am only left to feel....

I do not know myself.         I do not know you.
I do not see myself.              I do not see you.

I am only left to feel....

& through feeling,
I know that I love myself.
...Through feeling,
I see myself.

I am only left to feel....

I am only left,
seeing & knowing you.

I am only left,
loving you --                  all of you.

I am only left...
to love.
I love all of you.

ALL of you, as well as you-all.

You people are amazing. Each and every one of you all. All of my friends, all of the other writers I have yet to meet, all of the ones I will not meet... all of the ones who do not write, all of the ones who share sharp & contrasting perspectives, all of the ones I hate, all of the ones I wish did not exist....

                                 All of you.
                                    I love each & every one of you
I just wanted to say this.
Sorry for imperfections.
I know I can do better.
I am sorry I have not.
My time & self will be dedicated this weekend,
to all of you. Thank you all, so much.



Means a great deal to me that this one made it as the daily. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, everyone.
Thomas M Franey May 2016
Many people, including yourself say I do what I do because I am fighting hard for a prize.
I have news for them, you are no prize, what so-ever. As harsh as this sounds, it is really a great phrase.
When I say you are not a prize, it means you are not an object that can be taken or to be possessed. Instead,
you are a beautiful human being that I am lucky to have in my life, and that everything I do, is intended to earn
the right to be the official person that will make you happy, take care of you, support you, as well as grow as a team, whether
if it is labeled only has best of friends or something special. Only selfish want I always had that the chance that I see the true feelings I sometimes see in you in waves, maybe a breath of fresh love from time to time, that I could one day improve myself and prove to be a best person in your life in a meaningful way.

    A deep connection like this should be pleasurable and fun everyday as we build each other up and frolic under the stars. A beautiful friendship with deep feelings is most similar to dancing, as it should not be painful work but a journey of smiles at the end of the day.....

    That mentioned, to best describe the world of deep friendship up to true love and anything between is to describe why two people dance. When we chose to dance,
unless professional, it was never meant to be an object of hard work or stress, but the activity that brings out the best of each other while enjoying the rhythm    
of music, as we know as life. It's all about combining out best moves to show the audience that the duo can dance to any beat. Sometimes dancing can demand a lot skill. To maintain a great performance,  it does take good communication, social cues,  and proper response to accurately synchronize the dance steps as a team. A second look back is sometimes needed to execute a shocking introduction without injury; But more or less, without targeting the end result as in the audiences approval or a prize at the end, the true gift is the laughter and excitement of celebrating the music in a coordinated dance skit.

    I have danced with many partners, but I must say I have enjoy dancing with you the most, despite hiccups on the disco floor and few skipped rehearsals. Some moves you made can put the king of pop to shame, as I do believe I can rock the Caspar  from time to time. I am satisfied with any genre of music while dancing with you. I must admit I am no Fred Astaire, as I can be a klutz. I made a few misleads that I accidentally stump on your toes while some of your moves have place bruises on my shin. This is common when you dance hard to the loudest, most brilliant music we tend to discover. There are times I blow the dance routine by misreading your next step totally, where at other times, I come unprepared to a new move that impresses the best judges. My main error is when I over-coordinate my special moves when the music of life drops the beat. I am happy though we are savvy enough to whip back into rhythm. I may not be the greatest show partner on floor, as I have not maintained my dancing jacket over the years, even though I believe that jacket was once cute. I understand that a good dancing partner must take the time to visit the tailor to replenish the thinning cloth around the collar, maybe add a bulk of fluff to the shoulder pads, refresh the color, and most important replacing the missing white buttons. Until then I do understand you want to dance with other people that still maintained their jackets, but I know that my dance moves are best coordinated to the rhythm of your style of music  :). That being said....

Let's enjoy today, enjoy the flow of the music and where t leads us, and most importantly,.. May I have this next dance :) I am always honored to tear the floor with you, and redefine the musical genre called love and friendship.
I was thinking about life, and the good and bad events over the 3 years knowing a person that is dear to me. I was deliriously tired driving, but yet made up this whole metaphorical poem that explains love in friendship that could grow more and the challenges I had in the past. I know this can explain a lot. :)
Thomas M Franey Feb 2016
True love is not saying I love you,
true love is saying I will always love you unconditionally.

True love is not randomly made dates on valentines,
true love is willing to cancel any dates to be with you emotionally.

True love is not a right to misplace a person and bad treatment,
true love is willing to take the abuse to ensure truth and peace.

True is not selfish, needing , taking, and tolerance,
true love is friendship, trust, wanting, and providing both ways.

True love is not temporary times with acquaintances,
true love is always there as a best friend and more.

True love is not providing all negative statements to ones image,
true love is acceptance and positive criticism when only needed.

True love is not controlling and putting words to break people up,
true love is following through with the offer of help.

True love is saying I love you and accepting the person in whole.
True love on valentines.
Thomas M Franey Jan 2016
Walking down the street, I have lived many days with content.
In my heart, I have danced a thousand dances without repent.
Living the life of million opportunities.
Living the life of full of billion challenges.

Yet, I know in my deepest soul there is one constant thing.....
One constant thing that rules my day and nights....
United by one rule, I will always pause for you.

Beautiful parties, fast lives, working day by day, things are moving on.
East to west, parted by rivers and mountains and many things anon.
Making a better life for yourself, I know one constant
You have always paused for my every need in true.

Giving the best fruits and cakes, we evolve to new heights in our lives.
Under many stars, running millions of miles, we driven a lot of drives.
Yesterday has past, as we ride the waves of today, shopping among                                                                        ... a string of futures..but yet....

In my heart, I have sang a thousand songs of sweet wisdom.
Living a life of million smiles and tears in our kingdom.
On every single of the seven seas we sail to the distance.
Virtually nothing has held me back without any resistance.
Eventually, eventually we all know this to be true.........

Yet, I know in my deepest soul there is one constant thing.....
One constant thing that rules my day and nights....
United by one rule, I will always pause for you!
I am not sure this can come to be lyrics, but I tried my best :)
Thomas M Franey Dec 2015
Many times we have fights, silence, and differences.
But yet underneath the turmoil, I see a soul fighting a feeling.

Many times I have hold your hand,  supporting you with all of my might.
But yet,  the fear of retiring the free will of excitement is evident.

Many times I assure you I can never fill anyone's dream persona.
But yet, I can always fill your heart and needs as you're the one.

Many times love existed in millions of layers from platonic to deep.
But yet, without labels and constraints, it is best enjoyed and evolved.

Many times I have cried within, and laughed out loud with you.
But yet, The feelings of extreme emotions alerts me the difference.

Many times I have been offered, loved, asked, and seen others for me.
But yet, only one holds the power to enlighten me in a powerful way.

Many times I have seen harsh punishment and confusion that ills me.
But yet, I also see someone fighting what's best.

Many times you are first thought and last dream of the day.
But yet, it scares you, in which I fully understand.

Many times I will prove that I love thee and will love forever.
And yet, I am compromising to offer the best happiness.

My heart to yours, I see you, a boy who sees me, and smiles inside.
And yet, you have seen me cry inside and secretly held my heart.
My thought of the guy who found a piece of my soul.
  Dec 2015 Thomas M Franey
Free Bird
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
Money in the pocket of the biggest shareholder

Day by day, we grow older
Love is lost, hearts grow colder

So while you still can, you should hold her
Say what you feel, before you wish you'd told her

Don't stash your dreams away, in that folder
As you care less what they think, you'll get bolder

Listen to those, who need a shoulder
Let her live, don't try to mold her

Don't sell your soul, for something golder
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