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Zerø Aug 2015
i didn't mean what i said
i was outta my mind
we didn't mean what we said
we ****** up
but you gotta let me talk
and i won't ***** it up
i promise

it's me that was supposed to be mad
then why are you mad?

but the thing is
we sacrifice ourselves for the one we hold most dear
we let ourselves fall for our love ones
we wouldn't mind throwing ourselves in front of them

but that is what is like to be a human being
that is the right way to live
we arent invincible
that is what is like to be alive

and i supposed that is
what is like to lose someone

is it enough to be alive then?

deal with it....
Zerø Jul 2015
Red light's burning.
Im tired.
I can feel my mind breaking apart,
My soul repressed,
My blood emptying its veins.

Hollow, yeah that's what i think i've become.

Can i just run away?
Push the key inside the ignition
And drive.

Just drive,
Anywhere the mind will take.

This is new.
It's raw and cold.
I feel drifted
Miles, miles away from you.

and too bad i don't know the way back home.

- Ø -
i was thinking about this poem when i drove to the woods with a couple of friends and i quickly ask my friend to drive from there & change seats so i can write this.
Zerø Apr 2015
her mouth speaks lies.
her act's all so innocent.
her face's always covered with
so many masks that i too can't memorised all yet.

but i could see that

her eyes are darkened with lust
drunk with pleasure.
her pupils shines bright black abyss.
her cheeks all burned up red.
her skin are heating up to summit.
her lips parted sore
asking for more.

i could see
i could see the real her

her mind's all ****** up...
all because of


i can break all her walls that easily, love.
i promise her that.

oh, darling.
she can't hide from me no more.

- Ø -
i need god lol
Zerø Apr 2015
let me
untangle you from those pearls
let me
free you from that thigh dress
let me
rip those stockings
let me
make your makeup smeared
all over my sheets

let me, please...
i can't contain this anymore!

oh ****

just please...

let me
make you beg for it.

- Ø -
my brain's rotting creating this lil ****, i don't even know where this came from :D
Zerø Sep 2014
I never felt this kind of pain before
I felted everything
The heat
The cold
The emptiness…

There is a fire burning inside me
It stung so deeply under my skin,
It felted almost like hell

Oh, how pitty…

I never felt so alive.

Until i realized that


- Ø -
not physical yeah, but the pain's deadly enough to **** for another.
now that's ******' war alright.
Zerø Sep 2014
Those light
in your eyes,
ugh, how shimmering
they are.

I'm blinded by them.
By your appearance.
By your small talks.

Truly hypnotizing, are they?

- Ø -

— The End —