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  Oct 2018 EdgarAllenPoetry
We all swim in the ocean of emotions
some swim through with ease
others struggle to stay on the surface

I float adrift in a ocean of emotions
waves eroding my mental state
drowning in a sea of sadness
Nothing to help me stay afloat
no will to try
I sink into the darkness

some die in the ocean of emotions
EdgarAllenPoetry Oct 2018
What is it, a game we play with a almighty being?
Every day we live, we escape the plethora of pain thrown at us.
No one is safe
It ends in an instant
darkness is sudden
darkness is forever
#life #sincerelyseinfeld
EdgarAllenPoetry Oct 2018
Hopped in the rari
mama said she sorry
gettin all this money
you girl call me honey
droppin bands like its nothin
call me big bad cause im huffin
little piggys want no smoke
they aint nothin cause they broke
Urban meyer know he beatin
not fired cause he cheatin
Lets get this bread
EdgarAllenPoetry Oct 2018
The Ohio State coach Urban Meyer knew about the domestic violence allegations against former wide receivers coach Zach Smith in 2015, according to college football reporter Brett McMurphy, contradicting what he told reporters at Big Ten media days last week.
To anyone who still might care,
I have lost all memory of that dreadful test.
It is a burden I no longer bear.
I decided it was time for me to get some rest.
So I decided to not take Spanish this year,
And take two math classes instead.
My friends said that was mighty queer,
But I'll be collecting that bread.
I actually got an A on that test, and succeeded in the class. I already had taken 3 years of Spanish, and taking two math classes this year would have been more beneficial for college.
Zach beat his wife in Florida,
Mr. Meyer knew,
Zach beat his wife again,
Mr. Meyer knew,
There are texts to prove,
That Mr. Meyer knew,
He only had to sit out,
And lose a little clout.
Wifebeaters never win
Cool kids laugh at me,
Cause I look like a weird white giraffe,
My parents hate me,
Cause I don't worship the golden calf,
But I can make mac n cheese,
Cause it is really easy,
Can anyone see my tears,
Does anyone care?
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