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Madalasapriya Jun 2020
It was raining over clouds
I found he is searching to get a shelter
He never lost  a hope
What triggered him to attempt his best

As he walked every mile
He heard a soul speaking to him
Just as he heard, it was me standing in pain

He felt we need to move on
Irrelevant  even if what it may
Just as he heard my cries
He took a lead to show me a shelter
He left himself alone in rain forever
Kai Feb 2020
twenty-five words
left to tell you
that without you
I feel so broken
you are my glue
that fills the cracks
left from my past
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Adrian Nov 2017
Dizzy daydreams echo in my head
As I utter words that will only ever be
Half read
Systematic syllables that ring in your ears
And mindless phrases that sit in a gap
Trying to fill a hole they do not fit into
Words words words
A weapon so many wield like a sword
Or a shield
I am one of those people
One of those people that could talk
And talk and talk and talk
Until my throat is bleeding
And your ears screaming
And the world rings with words
I will have said nothing
It's frustrating
To never be able to say what you mean
You wish you could craft a word
But then you could only describe it with words that have already been written
So it would defeat the meaning
Wouldn't it?
Pondering existence in places mundane
As a sidewalk covered in chalk
Typing away at keyboard
Until you have reached 157 words
But you are still not satisfied so you continue to write
But you have still not said what you meant as words echo in your head that Might describe this feeling countless ideas and emotions
That cannot be written
That will not be written
So they sit alone in the dark
And try to light a match

— The End —