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Emily R Jul 2018
Take the leap that steals your breath
Take the joy which you deserve
Take the hand that pulls you up
Take the chance to quickly serve.
Emily R May 2018
Grey smothering static
Someone must have pushed pause
On my emotion remote
The bedsheets are my comfort
The tattered yet loved bear
Seems to be my only friend
Firm yet gentle grip
Leaving small red imprints
Leads me to soft couches
Leads me to ****** in the crook of my elbow
Leads me to holding an orange bottle
I never liked the color orange
Two little blue pills
”Check for improvement” they said
Oh I see improvement
It is easier to be happy
It is easier to smile
It is easier to laugh
And it is easier to cry
But it also makes it easier to fake it all.
  Apr 2017 Emily R
Lauren Ehrler
"The flower that blooms in adversity
Is the most rare and beautiful of all."*

I climb to the top
I won't ever stop
I may be a woman
But I don't belong to a man

I am not the same
Or even sane
But I have fought
Because I've been taught

Never lose sight
Of life
Take the knife
Keep it near
To turn on peers

I've learned to defend
Against those who pretend
To be friends
But stab you in the end

I've fought so much
To die by my own touch.
I will fight my battles
And make the world rattle.

I'll stay true to me
Instead of flee.
I know the movie  isn't true to the legend but... still beautiful. It's inspired me to be myself instead of someone else
Emily R Jun 2016
Hear the words
of a trembling parent
whose limbs you
must soon  lay down
in the cold and silent grave
from whence no traveler
can return.
a few more days
and they go
the way of all the earth.
Yes I know I copied the title! ;) respect your elders!
Emily R Jun 2016
Awake my friends
put on the armor
shake off the chains
with which you are bound
come forth from obscurity
and arise from the dust.
Emily R Jun 2016
Though curse and shout
the world may try
you will always
put up a better fight.
never give up!
Emily R Jun 2016
Music makes us lose control
until the beat is like a tsunami
surging through
and replacing the blood
in our veins
with an unquenchable fire
and the world is left behind
the sound fills our head
and our souls
those who listen together
are joined in unison
to rejoice in sync
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