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Bharti Singh May 2020
Human issues are unruly
Vicious circle of
Self created paradoxes
Killing life on earth
Looking for it on mars
Nature alone is
Holy and ruly
Bharti Singh May 2018
Mirror mirror, 'Who is better?'

Mirror replied, 'One who does not compare, is rare.'
Bharti Singh May 2018
I always think why

sometimes we see light in the darkness
sometimes find darkness in the light

sometimes we say right is not doing wrong
sometimes we feel doing wrong is our right

sometimes we play safe avoiding risks
sometimes we take risks in a stride

sometimes we think world is a mystery
sometimes we realise world is what is in the sight

sometimes we swoon over little emotions
sometimes we are indifferent to the plights

sometimes we are full of ourselves
sometimes we feel empty from inside

all our lives we face instability in feelings & thoughts
question why stability in the world is a fight
Bharti Singh May 2018
Don't be "full" of yourself
As "empty" is "full" of "air"

Don't throw your "weight" around
As "hollow" is "light" in "weight"
Bharti Singh May 2018
Yesterday, less was more and merry
Today, more is less and dreary
Tomorrow, happiness will be history
Bharti Singh Apr 2018
Sometimes I wish to write
But unsure what to pen
Sometimes I know what to write
But unsure how to pen
I guess, it's all impromptu
At the right time one knows
What to write and when
Bharti Singh Apr 2018
Our planet is like
A spec of dirt in the space
Our ego bigger than the space
In the human race

We call ourselves
**** sapiens, the wisest race
Still we fight bitter than animals
Dismissing the nature's grace

Of being unique.
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