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Focus on the good, and
Remove the bad/negative in your life. Look with "fresh
Eyes" and
See the beauty that this world
Has to offer.....

Except we're destroying our world and each other
Yet no one cares. We need to wake up, and
Each of us make a change---Together we can
S**top this and make our world better!
©2017 McNally/Flanders, Inc.
I wrote this last month and now have a chance to upload it.
I love this song and wrote this in like 10 minutes.
Song title by Andy Grammer
Go out and change the world;
Only you can change you. Show
Others Kindness and end the hate.
Differences makes us unique.

Together is the way
Only way we can make this world

Everyone has their own beliefs, opinions, views

And we can agree to disagree--that's okay.
Life will be alright if we all got along.
I** know it ***** and hard sometimes-everyone struggles-it
Varies-person to person, but we'll be okay.
Each day is a new day-So live it like it's the last.

(Happiness happens to when you worry
About you not what others might be doing. Your
Life is yours not others--
Live it your way and forget the rest, but give respect-
Everybody has a right to
Live their own life the way they want.
Understanding all beliefs are out there is okay not
Just your's- No one is perfect, but together-maybe
All of us- can end this
Hate in this world.)
Written in a few minutes of picking the title from an Andy Grammer song. We are all in this together. Another 2 part poem.
©McNally/Flanders, Inc. 2017
Bharti Singh Oct 2016
Clinging to PAST TENSE

All VERBS tensed.
All verbs tensed implies our thoughts, speech, and actions.
Alyssa Torres Dec 2015
I measured what you could do with me,
what I thought you could do,
and I was right,
for most of it was true.
I practiced my math,
made a's and a's and b's,
I calculated your words,
tried sifting through their meaning,
I typed them up,
but my heart was just dreaming.
I practiced my grammar,
to tell you how I felt,
but you had already left.
I do my math now,
but I make c's and c's and f's.
Inspired by my failing grades
Shelby Wilson Dec 2015
You think that you can beat me down
But your lol, sup, and *** wont take me down.
You use your fist instead of your head
With your wuv ya, brb, and ***.
And maybe you are correct to assume
That you are more pyshical,
More stronger then me
But your mentallity is far from superior
Because you might use fist
But I use grammer,punctuation, and english.
You wont ever take me down,
With that poor literary
You have there.
I just read on the news that it sounds threating if you put the right punctuation and grammer in text message. So  I must sound like a total *****.

— The End —