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Mar 2016
The taste of sin on your lips, you've got me begging to sip more.
Of the forbidden fruit
Be free, but save me the last dance
To tango with the devil is something I adore.
If it's evil you are the root
Route, I do not know any other.
Two steps forward , you seem to take me farther
I let darkness attack
Even stars need the darkness to shine
Sweet nothings Devine
Hearts heavy
You raise the levy, to break my spine
I bleed love the color of cherries
You have my spill as wine
As you dine , on my bruised ego and shredded spirit.
It was all a game , and you were in it to win it .
Princess and the ***
My feelings ****** upon
Monsters are not born
Like the one you made me
Past loves beauty I could not see
The beast that lives within
I was in ,thick and thin
Loving you was the true sin.
To think I could change you was wrong
But since I'm not dead, I guess you made me strong.
The world is a cold place without you descending hells heat upon me
But it's a perfect fit for a heart you turned to ice
It was a huge sacrifice
But my curse a blessing for my failure to feel has set me free.
Let the tail be told, of you and me.
It's still a sketch
Something to do with battling your own demons...I use the term demon loosely because it could mean anything.
Lisa Lesetedi
Written by
Lisa Lesetedi  19/F/Botswana
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