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Lisa Lesetedi Feb 2016
Maybe if we looked beneath the exterior , the radiant glow
All the pain hidden underneath would begin to show
What secrets she hides,no one Knows
But her grief, her depression continues to grow

A monster tears people apart
Hurting people merely for the art
A twisted tower of destruction
No preparation for your hearts abduction
In disguise do not undermine we
This terror, is this me?
Still at its confused state
Lisa Lesetedi Feb 2016
Show face
Inner demon, leering and brooding to have me dwell in my failure.
Show face
Caring foe , waiting to see me fall.
And I will, flat on my knees begging for the lords mercy.
Ask him to pave me a way forward
Thank him for letting me see another day . Even if it's dark.
Dark, clouding my vision, where do I go?
To my head where vision never mattered.
Where I could close my eyes and let the wind carry me with the birds.
Hear the trees whistle songs of how they have been liberated from freedom.
In my head where I am bigger than myself. I am the earth.
Only in my head.
My eyes will open soon and I will be blind again.
I will show face.
Paint it on, mascara, lipstick ,smile and all
Then show it.
Mixed emotions on a page
Lisa Lesetedi Feb 2016
I'm falling. So I catch myself
Before I fall into another series of what ifs.
What if I steal a glance
Or worse, what if he returns it
Either way it's a loss because if he is not looking, I'll wonder why he isn't and if I'm not good enough.
When I catch him looking , it plays with my mind because I don't know why he is. Leaving a burning desire to know exactly what goes on in his mind.

I'm falling, but I catch myself, because odds are, I will never speak and neither will he.
I'm falling but I catch myself ,because I'm just a girl and he is just a boy , we are just a boy and girl afraid to love each other. So they settle for stolen glances.
I'm falling , but I catch myself , because I bruise easily.
Lisa Lesetedi Feb 2016
How much would the devil pay for a lost soul?
Been to the earths core and back,but still theres this hole,
Im tortured by subliminal misconceptions
Neurons put to the vote but the are no elections,
Its as if ive been put in emotional detention with unknown intentions
I feel like an animal in captivity,
In need of cage keys to set me free.
I wish not for happy endings,because i dont want my happy to end,
Is it? Love or peace or even love of peace that will to my happy place send,, so i can be free eternally.
Lisa Lesetedi Feb 2016
These harmonies and melodies.
These vibes
Pierce through my soul like knives These vibes move me and yet they paralyze me
These vibes have such massive power
These vibes, so sweet and yet so sour
These vibes take me over and under
They make me hunger
Yearning for something deeper
Just the thought has me growing weaker.

These vibes fill me with desire
Burning fire, take me hire.

It's beyond what the eye can see
In this moment, heaven is you and me.
Our only enemy is time
But for now let us pretend you were mine
Sip me like a glass of wine.

I shall conform to your deepest desire
Burning fire, take you hire

Let us pretend that I was your only
Cause this vibe between us is almost holy.
You and I , like Bonny and Clyde
Just for tonight
Like we were more than just a vibe.
Lisa Lesetedi Feb 2016
Who are you, who am I
I used to know you.
Back when we used to laugh at the silliest things, we used to bring out the inner children in each other,I was yours and you mine, Once, when we were friends...

Who are you, who am I
I used to know you
Back when I Iooked in the mirror and recognized who I saw.
Now it seems other people's reflection of me are the only thing I see

Who are you ,who am I
I used to know you
Back when you were more than just  another citizen of sin city
Now we are residents, judging each other because we sin differently.

Who are you ,who am I
I used to know you
Back when we were more than just two people afraid to discover each other or dare I say love each other.

Who are you, who am I
I used to know you
Back when we let our souls connect and the world didn't matter.
Now any connection compared to opinions is inferior
With our eyes open we are blind to what's beneath the exterior

Who are you, who am I
I used to know you
Back when we viewed the world the same
Now we don't even live in the same one.
Now you are a memory that is fading
Who could you be?
You used to be me.

Who are you, who am I ,who are we?

— The End —