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Feb 2016
Let's tap into someone's mind

Young you understood that life was fine if you obeyed the rules your parents/guardian had set...Your goal was to do this...until you were old enough to understand what the television shows you were watching were saying...then your goal was to become rich ,find the love of your life and travel the world unraveling secrets that don't really exist. You tell yourself your life will not be complete if you do not achieve this...because this is the definition of success gain a few more years and start to experiment with other things that could fill your hollow...start of with a little puff from a cigarette...**** perhaps...alcohol... Soon enough you like the world you see through the shade of intoxication better than your reality... But the real drug is wanting people's acceptance ...change your style around a couple times, until you find the one that gets you the most compliments...your biggest desire now, is to be value your worth by the amount of ****** in your dm ,the amount of girls you can get with,or your ability to land the prettiest or most difficult, the amount of likes...your ego begins to grow and so does your hunger to feed it. You tell yourself that you do not need the validation of anyone, but that's all you crave because deep down in your heart of hearts, your biggest fear is to be forgotten .
I like to observe people, how they work , why they do what they do...and I never fail to be amazed, no amount of statistics can measure the variety in humans...lets tap into someone's mind
Lisa Lesetedi
Written by
Lisa Lesetedi  19/F/Botswana
   Lucinda Hikari and Got Guanxi
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