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Hussein Dekmak Dec 2018
A breathtaking creation,
So close in distance,
Yet so out of reach.
Millions of light years away,
Physically untouchable,
Yet fully embraceable with your heart!

Hussein Dekmak
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Precious El Nov 2018
All the never-ending cries and pains
are gone now
Scars you drew into my skin
won’t fade now
Trembling feet you broke
can fully stand now
Swollen chin is up even it hurts
is being healed now
There’s no turning back
for it is the perfect time
I can finally say goodbye now
she's too fine for mortal men, not even angels should lay a hand.
as devils lust over her perfect frame and her glossy eyes, they whisper her name.
to love her is suicide, cause for her you'd **** or die, dare truth or lie.
her beauty is fatal, fierce, and faint, it's impossible to feign like dodging the rain.
only immortals can survive her face, it'll longer than eternity to outrun this race.
as her gaze gives pursuit keep your feet moving with eyes on the ground, never lifting for a peek, or else your fate will be bound.
- From Adaptations of an Imperfect Evolution
Aayasha khan Jul 2018
Life is not a fairy tale,
You don't come alive after true loves first kiss.
You stab yourself to sleep each day,
Just to get up and see your pillow soaked with broken dreams.
Tears of sadness untouchable through and through.
A million promises made due,
Of the infinite love of me and you.
We all do love, loose and learn
Salmabanu Hatim Oct 2017
I was barely even,
From Northern India,my mum's little one,
A child bride,
My husband's family rules I had to abide.
Godnas (tattoos) were mandatory for married women,
So several days after the wedding
An elderly lady came to brand me alone,
Her tool, a needle,she would heat with fire,
Burn my skin and fill with colour pigment on and on she would not tire,
No anaesthetic  to numb the pain,
No cream to heal the skin.
I had several tattoos,
Subjugated  without any ados.
Now, my daughter is a different version,
She is a rebellion,
Refused to have the tattoos done,
I supported her and she won.
Rural Indian women of certain tribes had to be tattooed. It was compulsory or they would be treated as impure.
Peninsula Oct 2016
When we've turned to past
And all our memories turn
To vicious whirlwinds
: Untouchable
Aftermaths of aftermaths of flames,
Of which we were the arsonists--
Even with our senses impaired--
I'll still come back to you.
Watching DC and ****
In The City
You're  U n st o p p a b l e
You're  U n t o u c h a b l e
You got options,
b a b e .
In The City
There'll be a lot of games
There'll be  f a s t  c a r s.
So Lets
Catch It.
My  l o v e
For you,
Still remains
Nerves had a hold over me
We were So B u s y,
We were So C o o l,
We were Busy being Cool.
S c r o l l i n g
Doesn't benefit anyone,
Just come on  o v e r  baby.
These are my  f i n a l  w o r d s
The past is nothing
All but a m e s s y  m a z e.
I  a m  s o   s a c r e d
Baby.  P l e a s e  be  f r e e
Sweep away my
Fears or doubts
In the corners of my mind
Help me  l o s e  my  h e a d
To come to my  s e n s e s
Everything about us
R i n g s   a la r m s
But I'm too  c u r i o u s
To let life all pass me by.
So, f r e e d o m  is when
We have nothing to lose
So now,
A  s p o t l e s s  mind
Take a deep  b r e a t h,
I'm walking into my  f e a r s
I'm walking
I n t o  y o u.
When you  m e e t  me  a g a i n
There'll be no games
I'm gonna
Go Hard.
Walk right up,
B a b e
B i t e  me
Grab a hold of me,
B a b e
F i g h t  me
But  b a b y  please don't
Leave my dying
On the ground
B a b e.
I found a lot of beautiful songs and/or quotes that have inspired me over the years in my old phone, that I wanted to apply to my life now...
Ana S Jul 2016
No one knew what is was like being unloveable.
No one knew what it was like being untouchable.
Not literally untouchable.
Just on the inside so stuck in the past that you can't breath.
Half of my panic attacks excist because of the past.
Past events that are out of my control.
And so worried about the future that I begin to lose hold.
So out of reach an untouchable.
I keep myself away from others so as not to feel the pain I've enflicted upon myself.
My life
Lillian Harris Apr 2016
If only the skin
Wrapped 'round
My bones
Was not so
Paper thin,
Tearing with every
Sharpened word
That needles its way in
But rather, forged
In searing flame
And sheathed in
Cool detachment,
Impervious to every pain
Unmoved by
Fleeting passions.
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