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Big Virge Sep 2020
Now I'm An UNTOUCHABLE... !!!
UNLIKE.... Cliff Huxtable... !!!
Or YES I Mean... " Bill "... !!!

When It Comes To My Will... !!!

I Lyrically ****...
Well I Hope... NOT ****.... !!!

But WILL- FULLY Build...
Verse That INSTILS...
of Using Your MENTAL... !!!

Stencilled Pencilled...
... Mental Rhymes....

Kinda Like UNTOUCHABLE Guys...
When It Comes To The Mic... !!!

ME... Well INDEED...
Some Do Believe...
That I Flow My Rhymes Alright...

Now That's A Humble Line...
To Let... YOU Decide...
If I Flow Like MIKE... ?!?
AIR JORDAN Like... !!!!!!

Well ONE THING I'll Claim... !!!
Is That My Wordplay...
Deserves A Place...
In Halls Where Fame...

ONLY HOLD What's GREAT... !!!!!

But Skill On A Mic' Is NOT A Claim...
I... Choose To MAKE... !!!

Because UNTOUCHABLE Names... !!!
In How They're Viewed...
And That's The TRUTH... !!!!!

Just Like... " JERU' "... !!!

Because I've Walked Through...
Where... DARKNESS RULES... !!!

But Moved TOO COOL...
To... Want To PULL...
Their TOOLS And ABUSE...

Because They KNEW...

" Big Virge Is Cool !

Because I Choose...
To Just... " Hang Loose "...

EVEN WHEN Violence Is Used...
Because of... Moods...
UNTOUCHABLY Crude... !!!

Where IGNORANCE Moves...
To... FEEDING FEUDS... !!!!!

I RISE......... ABOVE.......
So DO NOT Touch...
The... IGNORANT... !!!!!!

Because In TRUTH...
They're UNTOUCHABLE Too... !!!!

Because of How...
Their Energies Sound...

FAR TOO LOUD.... !!!!!!
For Me To Receive... !!!!!!!!
Because Like THIEVES...

They Feed DECEIT And ROBBERY... !!!
of Things I KEEP... UNTOUCHABLE... !!!

Like The Way My CHI...

A Chance of Getting...
TOO CLOSE To....... ME...

The Theme of THIS Piece...
Because YES It's TRUE... !!!!

My Poetry Is UNTOUCHABLY....
A Way For Me To Offer YOU...
A Piece of..... ME.....

A Piece of My Heart...
And YES... My Soul... !!!

Now It Can Get DARK...
Like...... Al Capone...... !!!!!

But Shows MORE LOVE...
Than... GANGSTER Thugs... !!!!
It's More Like... " NESS "... !!!
When I EXPRESS... !!!!!!

Or... Loch MONSTER Bred... !!!

I'm Just Blessed With A... NESS...
That Moulds And Blends In...

With......... " FINESSE ".......... !!!!!!!

That's ME... BIG VIRGE... !!!

So My Final Words...
In TRUTH... " ACCEPT "...

That When It Comes To...
... Government...
Their Court Systems...
And FEDERAL Friends...

They'll TRY Their Best... !!!
To Cause... PROBLEMS...

BUT NO Matter WHAT... !?!
They TRY TO.... PULL....

So I'll... ETERNALLY Be...

...... " UNTOUCHABLE "..... !!!
YUP.... This was actually inspired by the, Bill Cosby situation, as well as my love for the movie, with De Niro, Connery & Costner !
Swathilris  Feb 2018
Swathilris Feb 2018
The town was in chaos, with people running away to places
To escape the dark, haunted beauty of death
The disease spread like a fire, with no one to quench its rage
Killing people on its long run, stealing their breath.

Cries and screams pierced the feared silence
As mothers clutched their child's lifeless bodies
Who knew an epidemic could shatter million dreams in an instant?
For all that was now remaining were fading memories.

There lived an untouchable family- a father, and his daughter in the town
His only valuable possession, the one whom he truly loved
She smiled with her eyes and could never be seen with a frown
She was her father's world, his lovely little dove.

But who could erase his prevailing worries
For his daughter always went out to play?
Who could soothe his tortured mind
Saying that his daughter would return safe and sound by the end of the day?

It was that fateful day, when his dreadful fears came true
Crippling his daughter with the disease that had taken away so many souls
He cried for her lost smiles, he cried for her dull eyes
Will he ever be able to win back his fragile hope?

Nights seemed to drag by, or were those days?
He never could tell, he was always by her side
Cocooned inside the warmth of darkness, he fought to stay awake
But how could he when his daughter was fighting to stay alive?

The girl who used jump and play around
Now lay limp in her bed, her voice slowly growing weaker
She called her father and whispered,
'Papa, all I want is a flower from the holy temple.'

How could he refuse his dying daughter's wish?
But how could an untouchable step his feet into the scared grounds?
But there was no time to hesitate, no time to waste
Gathering his courage, he sneaked in without a sound.

But is life ever sweet?
'Hey you! How dare you enter the temple?' They screamed
Their hate filled voice mingled with the spiritual prayers
Trapping him, as they held him hostage for a week.

He rushed home, fear in his mind and tears in his eyes
Seven days had felt like seven years,
How could they be so cruel? How could they not understand a father's heart?
All he could hear was his daughters screams ringing in his ears.

He slammed open the door, searching for his daughter
She lied there, at the corner, lifeless black eyes stared back at him
He took her in his arms, and cried
That day, along with her, a part of him died.

He lost his love because he was an untouchable
He lost his smile because he was an untouchable
He lost her because he was an untouchable
He lost himself all because he was an untouchable..

An English version of the poem 'एक फूल की चाह' by Siyaram Sharan Gupt
Arianna P  Aug 2019
Arianna P Aug 2019
I will never be like you. Dependant not DEPENDABLE. I can’t wait to be set free from the cage I have been trapped in, the time can’t come soon enough. I have matured from pain and anger instead of time and age. I’ve become what you did not, independent and strong. When the time does come, do not come back. The gates have been shut and you may not enter. The walls I could not build will soon be built.
I will be happy again, happiness you did not supply me.
When I breathe again, my lungs will fill with pure joy.
My heart will beat will beat with new blood, signifying my new beginning.
Do not return for I am untouchable.
May  Sep 2017
The Best
May Sep 2017
We all feel like we have to be the best because everyone expects us to be the best
But the best is an untouchable and unreachable standard that we set ourselves
And we set this standard but we only end up feeling that were invaluable

Invaluable because we need to have something were good at
We need a thing to feel like were good enough but other people are better
And everyone is constantly competing against each other to reach this untouchable standard, expectation

Expectation because everybody needs to feel needed and special
We need to feel special but it's getting harder to feel special because were not the best
Not the best compared to everybody else that were subconsciously competing with
Were competing because its all we know and all we know how to do

All we know how to do because were constantly placed against everybody else
Constantly compared because we feel like we need to find the best
But the best is an untouchable and unreachable standard that we set ourselves because we need to feel worthy

Worthy of the praise and the glory because were made of jealousy
And jealousy obstructs our view of who we really are and what we love
Because who we are and what we love can be compared to other people
And when we compare we come back to the untouchable and unreachable standard

You don't have to be the best in order to feel special and loved
Because were all the best at different things even if they aren't advertised
You don't need to win a competition or be famous before everybody else
You don't need to because you can't compare compassion or love
You can't compare ability and performance to other people
You can't because were all different and conditions and situations are different
No one is living the same as you are and no one knows who you truly are
And you don't owe anyone anything because they aren't you

You don't need to be the best
The untouchable and unreachable standard
Because who you are can't be compared to anybody else because they dont have your mind
They dont have your heart and your soul and thats what matters
Being the best isn't about measuring how special we are
Being the best is about feeling better than other people and being superior

Superior because we all need a little power sometimes and some people have but don't need
And some people need but don't have because they aren't the best
But we dont have to set this untouchable and unreachable standard because were different

Were all different and we need to see that
Michaela Siaki Sep 2014
But you're untouchable,
and though your eyes speak differently;
the invitation is imagined,
the closeness; mere proximity.

I had no instruction,
and no intention to adhere.

You prodded, pulled and pushed
my precautions aside,
passively dealing every blow.
But I couldn't even wound your pride;
You are untouchable.
Shofi Ahmed  May 2017
Eye to Eye
Shofi Ahmed May 2017
It streams down eye to eye
from the unseen but the all seeing.

Far from the Mars far from the Neptune
skipping all the planets hanging in space
only on the cheek of earth, a drop of tear fell.

Every angel in the heavens' shore
has heard of this lore.
It’s timeless long mesmerising beautiful.
Far from the blue yonder sky
hunky dory is delighting to the eyes
the stunner is made to measure.

A tear in the corner of the eye
as if it's diagonally weighed down
with the 360-degree open looking sky.
As close as within a fingertip comes the Moon
still, a sea is ahead forever untouchable!
Sweetheart  Nov 2014
Sweetheart Nov 2014
Untouchable, like the stars.
A million of them, but only one for me.
I will never touch one, and they will never touch me.
Untouchable? or just too far away?
I see them, and they see me.
Maybe they see right through me.
millions of miles away, too far for me.
One might fall out of the sky just for me.
Maybe one day, it will fall right on me.
Then I will be able to say I've touched one.
Touched an untouchable star,
that day will be the day.
It will go down in history
and I won't, can't for get it
no matter how hard I try.
wrote 4 years ago
Sky  Oct 2014
Sky Oct 2014
i used to think I was untouchable
then I began to drown at sea
I survived in a sudden rescue
but I've never returned to that place

You're hands came from no where
And I remember asking you to kiss me
You shuffled me inside to call for help
But I begged uncontrollably

You spoke softly, like maybe if you were too loud I'd crumble into a million pieces
You told me I needn't do this again
You said you'd find me help

But by then I had already planned the next attempt
The success

I didn't need your help

I remember thinking I was untouchable
I remember being
And now I'm
Death is my only escape

I was untouchable
I can't write anything good these days
Sia Morweng  Jul 2020
Sia Morweng Jul 2020
You were written
in my destiny
Only as the sky

I can admire you
Your presence
Only never be with

When you are a star
I am not the dark
In my world to be seen

To fly would be
Feel your presence
Only never be
With you present

If you are the sun
I am only the ray
There by your eminence

You were written
in my destiny
Known by my heart
But my eyes not so
Richie Vincent Sep 2016
I find myself going 95 on the interstate,
I find myself weaving in and out and in and out of traffic,
I find myself feeling almost as untouchable as I felt when I was with you -- almost

I always loved the way you made me feel untouchable,
You always loved the way he made you feel touchable,
For the first time in a long time there was a man in your life who wouldn't hesitate to be everything you needed,
The sad part is that you thought you needed him,
The man, the one three times your age, who made you feel worth something, the man who gave you feeling,
The one who abused you for years, making you feel touchable all over the place,
Is not a man at all, I promise,
We don't call animals like that men

You were a beautifully broken masterpiece and all I did when trying to pick up your pieces was cut myself,
The taste of my blood was never as bitter as the cheap wine you snuck from your father's fridge,
Thinking maybe if you got drunk enough, you wouldn't hear the voices or feel them coming for your neck,
Thinking maybe, just maybe, the alcohol would fill your bloodstream so full that you would fall asleep and never wake up again, because every morning when you woke up, you saw him,
You woke up with his arms and hands all over you, and he wouldn't let go

For months you crawled over and under my skin, picking at each scrape and scar, trying to find a reason why everything was the way that it was, but you never found it

Much like our love, you never found it,
Like your head, you never found it,
Like them, you never found them,
Like me, you never found me, even though I was looking right at you the entire time

Like them, they'll find me in an explosion of fire, flipping my car down the interstate, weaving in and out and in and out of traffic, taking everyone and everything down with me

The feeling of a rush I used to get just by waiting to pick you up from your house, to the crash I feel when I'm coming down in my room,
The difference between **** and you is that when I breathe the smoke in, it hurts a hell of a lot less than your carbon dioxide ever did

You took everyone and everything down with you,
You taught me to do the same, I learned this all from you

For the first time in a long time, I do not miss you
Hell with Manu! Manu go to hell!
The wrath of your interpretation,
Put us under an inhuman subjugation.

You turned a group,
Dictators of a merciless culture,
Transformed us worse,
Than a scavenging vulture.

You gifted us the psychology of the worst slaves,
And robbed our culture, worship and God,
Who is there to get us out from these graves?

For centuries till now continue our struggle,
We are forced to live with worst strangles
In the poisonous jungle,

We the humans treated much worse,
Than dogs insects and poo eating pig,
Our scars wounds and blows,
Still remain untouchable and big.

Poisonous **** declared the crops untouchable,
Proclaimed itself the most unconquerable,
Less than a second it takes,
To **** the poisonous weeds with a cutter,
Throw them into the useless gutter.

Landlords, who rule the land and hill,
Put the lives of untouchable crops to a standstill,
Multiplied the existence of poisonous ****,
At the expense of the healthy crop seed.

Our journey in the doors of
Movements, struggle and legal
Was quite a win,
That proved out to be absolutely lethal.

We won successfully in the battle of right,
Till the end of the topmost administrative fight,
We lost to erase your caste ridden thought,
That is useless rigid and tight.

With your caste names,
You remind and hurt us, with useless exhibition
In hearts, we created die hard flames,
To take up the long term ambitions,
And get us out from these addicted inhibitions.

From mother's womb to a cemetery,
We have a same human life,
But when it comes to temple sanctum,
You **** us with a political double edged knife.

We built the temples,
You played a gamble and created troubles,
Pushed us to convert,
Got our identities to subvert.

World belongs to everyone,
Our life does not hold value.

Nature belongs to everyone,
We do not have access to water by Vedas virtue.

God is equal to everyone,
But we are restricted entry, as an oppressed queue.

There is no use to argue,
Of course it is untrue,
Let's put ourselves to the rescue.

What's next? What's next?
Let's create a new humanity societal text,
Let's create for ourselves new religions,
Let's begin to reach out to the next generation,
Work with them to build new revolution.

Let's create a new religion,
In nooks and corners, all areas, rural and urban,
That treats humans as humans,
And give life to the humanity slogan.

Change the rules! Yeah change the rules!
Throw into gutters all these useless fools,
For human lives, there can be nothing to tally,
Human life remains invaluable and holy

Being human is my true breed,
Crows and cuckoo belong to our creed,
Mountains and sea belong to our human group
Be proud, you will belong to this peaceful troop.

Let us get up, where we fell
And put this curse to the hell.
India suffers from the world's toughest disease named caste and untouchability. When we rewind through the history, we can understand that Manu’s interpretation of Veda, as Manu dharma created the evil ground for castes to hit its foundation strong. The person from the oppressed and suppressed class sings the poem. In the midst of the poem, the poisonous weeds are those inflicted with caste ridden superior thinking. Landlords are the rulers of the land or present politicians in India. Healthy crops are the oppressed class. Till today the pain of those in the oppressed classes had been unremoved. Caste ridden superior thinking is a psychological thought instilled through generations. From drinking water to honor killings, caste has taken its never reached big form. It's time we respond to it and work towards creating a world without any discrimination. I dedicate this poem to all caste warriors in India like Dr B.R Ambedkar, Bharathiyar, and Periyar, Jyotibhai phoole, vallalaar, vaikundar, and Rettamalai srinivasan and ayoddhidhasa pandith. It's time we reach out to the next generations and first teach them to treat humans as humans. It's time India wakes up to this human crisis.

— The End —