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Peninsula Oct 2018
Late night playing with a fake gun
Pointer finger married to the middle one
Latched to the side of my head
I let out a whisper through my teeth
As clenched as the fist on my chest
I let out a whisper through my lips
They shiver with the thought of death
I'm scared but sometimes I want to do it
I often pick fight with myself
Not knowing which side wants to win
I click one-two and hold my breath
Shake as I ***** all the ***** into the sink
And shake off the ***** and sink to my bed
Peninsula Jan 2017
I remember burning down a whole forest a winter or two ago
From a room without a light, we were like fireworks--stars, even
And all the noise from the collisions made me deaf

I remember hoping for the light to fade out slower than slow
But now all I could do is run my fingers every now and then
From all the burns and the scars you so carefully left
Dead Fire And A Black Star revisited
Peninsula Dec 2016
Is it cruel that I wish she stops looking for you
If she ever even starts to
I think she will but I'm wishing
Maybe I'm doing too much thinking
About her warm smile and little hands
About your cold eyes and your tiny heart
When she gets older we'll be celebrating her seventh birthday
I hope you've stuck around and stayed
But not too close
Peninsula Dec 2016
I begged for your hand from the depths of the flood that swallowed me
I can't swim.
I tried to scream those words
As every breath I took filled my lungs with the sea
And the sea tasted like silence
And the silence not even monks are pleased to hear
I reached out until I couldn't
Even you were just there in front of me
It felt like you were on the other side of the world
Just because the sun shines so brightly on you
And you don't believe it could be raining somewhere too
With 4 inches of space between us

And growing
and growing
and growing

The ship sank with me
This is about the bridges that need no burning: those that collapse due to the rain we usually are incapable of seeing... or we dare not to see.
It's a poem about martial law in our country
Peninsula Oct 2016
Dowsed in deep darkness
You, love, were and is my sun
'Til in blinding light.
"But how can I say that I am your sun when you have always been and always will be my sun?"
Peninsula Oct 2016
My love,
Never worry
For even though
I can not tell you much
Of the affection I feel for you
The only reason that I have stories
To tell the galaxies that gather around
You and I, above us, and below too
Is because you are my sunlight
And to them I am the moon
And the emotions I shine
Is your love; the light
Coming through
Some people will love you in ways that they are not capable of putting into words. But they will radiate this love to you... and their friends. And some of these friends will make poems about such love.
Peninsula Oct 2016
When we've turned to past
And all our memories turn
To vicious whirlwinds
: Untouchable
Aftermaths of aftermaths of flames,
Of which we were the arsonists--
Even with our senses impaired--
I'll still come back to you.
I feel like I have to tell YOU why it is written the way it is... I have been pestered by the desire to draw. I have this series of ideas I can't put on paper yet because of all the work and studies I am juggling.
I decided to make a haiku (first 3 lines) and added a divide that acts as a bridge to connect it with the stanza (last 4 lines) that has decreasing syllables. I originally wrote it on a receipt without the punctuation and I figured I'd add them at the end ermmm for artistic purposes.
To you and for you.
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