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Tabitha Susan May 2015
Its raining its pouring,
Facebook is boring
Life's a Beach Nov 2014
of my life have been leading up to this.
The decision to go wasn't about you,
Wasn't about leaving or
forcing a rift,
I'm sorry I've 'robbed' you of every
timid kiss I've given you at midnight when I
can't tell if you're angry or sad or just tired
of my life being intertwined with yours
I'm sorry I've taken away every sentence I'd have used
to reassure you that I'm not bored with the
Silence which brings calm
And yes, I'm truly sorry that I can't feel your
arm around my shoulders
When I feel like your compliments have become
loaded boulders that intend to hurt
I'm terrified every time I think of you looking like Kurt
Because silence is now loaded like a gun
It's not such 'teenage fun' when I imagine
every last knife that you own, isn't
happy when I wait for the moan on the inbox that'll let
me know you've survived
Will let me know you're still alive
and haven't left me forever.
You're bones feel lighter than feathers when you
forget to eat, the unsteady beat of your heart is a
part of my own

Please, don't leave me alone.

You blame me, but you've framed me with a crime
that is yours.
I'm sorry I've missed every kiss, hug and snore
But if I'd stayed I would have hated you

Because you'd have robbed me
of my life, in favour of
your own.
Don't leave me alone, because you blame me
for the silence
Let me roam

If I come back, we'll be stronger.
And, while I'm gone, remember that I still belong
to you.
Serenity Elliot Nov 2014
We were wild and eager in the cold,
Wanting to explore
Life lived by each minute-
We wanted more and more.
And these are the nights remembered, in September
And we were told to enjoy them, remember, September

You have just one chance,
Don’t you know that child
Drink, smoke and dance,
Don’t care,  
Go wild
Have no regrets, you shouldn’t care,
Please that’s what they say
But we feel pain, tears pour like rain
When we wake up the next day

But those are the nights remembered, in September
Force yourself, enjoy them,
Those nights,
In September

Go insane and feel no pain
They don’t know what to say,
When you wake up and look around
At the hurt caused the next day
Soph Haze Nov 2014
I’m drinking ****** coffee and doing my readings;
what a terribly adult thing to do.
But I wish I was in high school again,
because I’d rather be with you.
Life's a Beach Oct 2014

— The End —