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Ekzentrique Jan 2020
Petrifying yellow agony that I concealed inside my mind
Made untouchable even from my brown bare hands
Escape like a prisoner but the end is dark and nowhere to find
Untimely, these scarlet embers burning in the sands

Succumbed into a swirling abyss of agonizing questions
A bizarre episode of losing in a game we all call Life
Only cascading tears are present in effortful actions
Merciless, stabbing me relentlessly with a stainless knife

These thoughts have been in my weary heart for the longest time
Hidden under the deepest chambers preventing anyone to discover
Hindering myself to soar with blissfulness, it’s the most violent crime
Lest, I’ll be ****** and impossible to recover

Mixed thoughts of melancholy and sorrow, these are all fleeting
Although these were the ones that left a massive and painful scar
Shrouded by the blanket of smiles behind an unbearable sting
I cannot wake up from this nightmare yet because it’s dawning afar
Ron Conway Sep 2019
It's transient aphasia
When the bullets only graze ya
And nobody can save ya
From the fog

And you think that it's a tumour
In a twist of Satan's humour
And you feel that you will lose your

Then the gathering frustration
At the failed interpretation
As nobody in the nation
Feels your pain

I know my head's imperfect
I will need some time to work it
It's just a slight short circuit
In my brain
Transient Aphasia
Colyskie Aug 2019
I have been here before
Nothing hurts me more
It gave me this feeling
Like I had to start another new beginning
The thorns go budding and it's out of control
I hear no more, I see nothing at all

The winds have changed its direction
I wish everything had been left in oblivion
I could not burn every bridge
I just could not leave and ditch
I am staying on the same ground
Where nothing could be found

Don't wake me up from this dream I am fine
I know everything I own is not mine
No one's going to stay
I feel like pushing myself away
There was no pain when I played the game
In the end, nothing stayed the same
Change is inevitable as well as pain.
my sheer
wend this
goal when
score is
low and
pasture is
blue as
our chronology
indigo that
boogaloo in
the steps
that triumph
with such
adversity that
group in
a mantric
frost again
A frosty night
I travel through mirrors transcending time, reflective clone of a genesis divine. I see not 2 or 3 but a plenitude, a sea, endlessly expanding at angles and tangents by factors of me.

each of these pushing, still, forward until the primordial spark fades, making illumination impossible, lest they all catch up and we.... me ....regroup to collectively angle the fire back home to push on again by myself all alone.

I travel through mirrors, a transit through time, reflection of a universal consciousness with a singular yet transient genetic design
Universal consciousness
Like a drop of dew I condense—
Onto a leaf where I sojourn.
And as swiftly as that I fall
Beneath the clouds
Hand in hand with gravity
Offering zero resistance.
Umi May 2018
Perhaps it was destiny,
That we met on that rainy day,
You looked so happy, saying the teary raindrops were like jewels,
Joy surely comes in different kinds but what made them like gems for me was that bright, luminous grin of yours, while gazing away,
Out of selfishness and lonesome thoughts I drove myself near you,
To feel your warmth, to feel your soft, delicate skin and to feel loved.
Drawn into the imaginated landscape within my heart you lit an evening star, made it shine so my dim thoughts shall not corrupt me,
How generous you were, sharing your light with one who has none,
Yet, when I understood the meaning of eternity, you were long gone,
Passed away due time, an old dreamer who always saw the positive,
Fallen to the destiny of a life's end, oh how ruined I was then.
Since I cease to fade, I may as well keep the light you lit within me forever, so you too will never fully disappear from the face of earth.

~ Umi
Umi May 2018
It happened in the dark of the night,
Scrolling through a story line my attention was caught by a picture,
She carried a wondrous smile, bright and very warm and inviting,
In response I began to smile as well, beaming in the somber night,
Though my smile was not a mirror, it was distorted, yet brighter,
I soon understood that my body wanted me to carry on, shine on,
Not stopping despite having no reason to grin I began to chuckle,
The moonlit night had turned crimson, yet it was more luminous,
Was it because of my means, my very purpose of being a bound,
Bound to time and fate that I couldn't recall to stop smirking ?
Or was it the blooming of a flower in this phantomed moonlight ?
I must've stopped asking questions, of transient content,
Because, they would ruin the beauty of this contagious expression,
Ending up losing the track of time or any means whatsoever,
I fell asleep by the melody of the wind, as itecho's through the valley,
Even if tomorrow were never to arrive, I wouldn't care less,
For now, just let me rest my eyes.

~ Umi
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