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Declan Quinn Mar 2019
I scoffed at enlightenment,
Then it embraced my battered mind
Declan Quinn Feb 2019
The silence hits harder than a punch,
Yet time flies by.
But oh so slow when words, once so easy,
become lodged in the deep well of insecurity and defiance.
The dichotomy a crescendo with each silent passing hour.
The fire's smoke, now whimpering tendrils, flit out as if caught in a breeze.
But the air is still, the storm is only raging in my unsettled mind,
And the next farewell may become another Eulogy to love lost.
Monday's can be brutal
Declan Quinn Dec 2018
That simple fleeting touch of skin on skin,
Heaven itself
Declan Quinn Sep 2018
Acceptance, the catalyst for healing,
When you accept it's value
Declan Quinn Sep 2018
I left before I left.
I just didn't know then.
Declan Quinn Jul 2018
I visit your grave at the cemetery and I feel nothing,
This horribly beautiful and peaceful place.
All I see are monuments to death.
I don't think of you there.

I remember gripping your finger,
As we walked to mass on a Saturday night.
I think of the times we shared a beer,
The times we made each other laugh.

The one time you made us cry,
Was when you left us.
But, left us with loving memories and hope,
That one day we'd see you again.

Now when I visit the grave,
I want to laugh in the face of death
Then tell him he'll never win.
You're in my heart and in my head forever.

Someday we will all marvel at the lives we've had,
Inspired by one great man to some,
Simply Da to me
Dad's birthday coming up, much more fun was taking him for a pint of Guinness and a game of darts
Declan Quinn Jul 2018
Accept those thoughts in there,
Every one is yours alone.
On an acceptane and gratitude kick #workinprogress
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