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Herselfher Jul 2019
Trust is greater than love
You can easily love anyone
But to trust them,
Is vulnerability
Herselfher Jul 2019
Confused between loving myself
Or hating it all
Between loving my body
Or changing it all
Nip & tuck
So i could simply be a good
Herselfher Jul 2019
I restored
What she destroyed
#relationship #love #secondchance #breakup #love #life #lovelife
  Mar 2019 Herselfher
Emily Dickinson

The saddest noise, the sweetest noise,
  The maddest noise that grows,—
The birds, they make it in the spring,
  At night’s delicious close.

Between the March and April line—
  That magical frontier
Beyond which summer hesitates,
  Almost too heavenly near.

It makes us think of all the dead
  That sauntered with us here,
By separation’s sorcery
  Made cruelly more dear.

It makes us think of what we had,
  And what we now deplore.
We almost wish those siren throats
  Would go and sing no more.

An ear can break a human heart
  As quickly as a spear,
We wish the ear had not a heart
  So dangerously near.
  Mar 2019 Herselfher
Emily Dickinson

If I should die,
And you should live—
And time should gurgle on—
And morn should beam—
And noon should burn—
As it has usual done—
If Birds should build as early
And Bees as bustling go—
One might depart at option
From enterprise below!
’Tis sweet to know that stocks will stand
When we with Daisies lie—
That Commerce will continue—
And Trades as briskly fly—
It makes the parting tranquil
And keeps the soul serene—
That gentlemen so sprightly
Conduct the pleasing scene!
Herselfher Mar 2019
She was in search of something
Other days
Whatever was  
But she was afraid
He didn’t want the same
She wouldn’t lose herself
Like she once did
Falling for someone’s
Is a great mistake
Yet his kind heart
& fatherly ways
Made her question should she go?
Or should she stay?
Herselfher Mar 2019
Compiling life  events
In one day
Live with no regrets,
The old folks say
However, i regret you
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