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Philomena Jul 2019
I step over the edge
My feet feel the rope
Test it
And then I step again
Fully on the line
And at first I feel as though I will fall
I wobble and I lean over what feels like miles
And I don't want to fall
It's a fine line and I'm not sure I know how to walk it
But I hope with you here I can take your hand
Walk it to the end
Lest I fall off again
And start all over again
Shy Apr 2019
I feel like I am walking on a tightrope
Gently balancing myself
On the thin line
Between trying too hard
And letting go
I sway to one side
More often than the other
And I am finding it difficult
To regain my balance
Pyrrha Sep 2018
He is afraid of his future
Unsure what path to walk
Upon his tightrope of pressure
He walks without a safety net

If he looks down he falls
If he looks up he becomes dizzy
His only option is to look straight ahead
Eventually he will reach the other side to safety

But it isn’t about the start or the end
It is about the journey and the adventure in between
It will work itself out
If he keeps a level head and his balance is set

He will see his future fall in place before it's met
And kiss the thin rope he had tread
As it took him on the path that showed to him
The meaning of destiny, fate, and chance
Alex Apr 2018
Running when you shouldn't be,
racing for the exits.
Jumping for the nearest window,
though every part of you says it:
Don't even try it.
You won't make the leap.
The glass is only touched by a finger- tip.
You're walking a tightrope and the ***** is steep.
Risk- taking is good. In some situations.
Angelina Desh Dec 2017
he walked on a tightrope with your glass heart
lost the plot in the story your eyes told
and when his balance followed, your world became one million tiny shards of fear

I spent the rest of my life picking up the pieces
And only got to 999,999.
This is about losing someone to commitment issues. It's a particularly conflicting heartbreak that consists of so much love, yet so much contrast and confusion. You may or may not be the love of my life, but regardless, these words are for you.
Steve Page Sep 2017
My tightrope stretched across the void.
Unimaginable pain on one side;
a new uncharted land on the other.
Balancing anger, pain, loss and a sack of regrets,
I concentrated on the next step and no further.
With no sense of what may lay beyond,
I went on.
Carrying loss. Fearing change. Carrying on nevertheless.
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