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hannah May 2019
May I say I do have some fears
Like everyone else
Yes, I hate spiders
Yes, I hate snakes
I hate roller coasters
What else do I need to let you know about me
I am a really picky eater
Yes, I hate celery
Yes, I hate tomatoes
Yes, I hate plain tastes
I still have a whole lot I hate
Well whats next
I love my family
Yes, I am the youngest
Yes, My parents are divorce
Yes, I hate 2 cats
I like them more than you can imagine
Well now lets talk more deeply about myself
I hate the way my body is made
I hate that I look more like my dad than my mom
I hate that I am the shortest senior in my grade
But Yes I am fearfully made
hannah Mar 2019
Well let me just say, I am not that big of a fan when it comes to myself
But there are some things I wouldn’t to put on a shelf

I love my hazel eyes that like to switch colors and sparkle when the sun beams
Compared to some other teens

I love my long eyelashes that I magicly have
But I don’t like how they don’t curve

My face wasn’t clear
But now it only does that a few time through the year

I may be really shy at first
But trust me I will definitely burst

Music is something that always keeps me calm
Because its the bomb

I love being creative with some things
I’m not that good to paint Colorado Springs though

I love my hobbies
But I don’t like coffee

I love how I keep an eye on something that really sticks out to me
Because hoepfully someday mine it will be

I will always love my summer tan
But sadly not as tan as one of my sisters Morgan
sierra Jul 2015
it's ironic
the second I put my thoughts out
they all seem to dissipate

it's ironic
the moment I consider sharing myself
I've realized that it's too late
Tommy Johnson Feb 2014
Who am I?
Who am I?!
I am the one who sleeps naked
I am the one who sneezes two times after I awake every morning
I am the one who ****** for at least a minute straight
I am the one who measures my water by the quart
I am the one who cracks his spine, his neck, his knuckles, his knees, his ankles, his toes and his writs
I am the one who can’t breathe through his left nostril as good as the right one
I am the one with an oddly large tongue
I am the one who the good lord has mockingly withheld a pair of full eyebrows from
I am the one who put ketchup on everything he eats within reason
I am the one who can play bass, some piano and four chords on the guitar
I am the one who loves The Doors unconditionally
I am the one you will see attempting to eat fast food and then shortly after ***** it all back up and wasting my money
I am the one who does not wear undrwear
I am the one who picks his nose, his teeth and his ears
I am the one who is insecure about his image
I am the one who is horrible at math
I am the one who works out two hours at a time
I am the one who will roll you joints, pack a bowl and get you higher than you ever been
I am the one who will do a shot with you then another and another
I am the one who will **** freely anywhere
I am the one who lights incense
I am the one who searches for answers from history, philosophy, music, literature, metaphysics, psychedelics and art
I am the eccentric expressionist who writes in poetic prosaic streams of consciousness
I am the one who tries to sing
I am the one who aims to sleep for eight hours but never does
I am the one who needs two cups of coffee and then a cup of espresso
I am the one who looks for enlightenment, progress and success and spiritual, physical and mental healing
I am the one who doesn't give a ****
I am the one who cares deeply
I am the one who confides in his own contradictions
I am a complete person
And I am the one who is ending this drawn out repetitive poem that’s been in my mind for months
But I leave my readers with this question...who are you?

— The End —