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Cc Jun 2019
I am vulnerable.

Like a budding flower, I try to open myself up to you

but my petals are fragile

though you are harmless to me while shut up

when I am opened, I am exposed.

And you are just the wind

you do not know your force,

your strength,

until all my petals and

my protection is gone.

I am afraid.

A child in the dark with a flickering candle.

But every touch of light belongs to you,

and in those moments where the light banishes the dark

I am brave.

I leap over the chasms that you carve into my heart

the rivers you trace over my skin

and though I drown in your lips

it is not air that I search for.

I am selfish.

Though I should try to protect you

my mind screams to be with you

steal you away

keep you even though...

Even though you may not be mine


I am lost.

I search for stable ground

but with you, there is no such thing

so as the ground disappears beneath us

and though we are vulnerable,





We fall together.

— The End —