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hannah May 2019
As we all wake up
But we aren't the same
Continuously living the same as we did yesterday
Dying inside cause we feel we have nobody
Everyone not caring what they say
For some people, fight to save their life
Giving her life
Her life is now actually being noticed
Inside her a fire raged
Joyfully she would lay it all down
Killing her soul softly
Love didnt win
Mending broken hearts
Never thinking of herself
Out of the ashes
Placed others needs before her own
Quitting the pain
Ripping through a past of scars
Shutting out others thoughts
Unlike all the others
Violence would cease
Was it all in vain
Xyst: something she has always wanted to see, now she can
Yellow, blue flowers and many more flowers to see
Zymotic is something she felt

Xyst: a garden walk planted with trees
zymotic :relating to or being an infectious or contagious disease.
This is my first alphabet poem from a couple years ago, it took forever!
hannah May 2019
I use to sit on my couch watching Dance moms and desire the way their feet would move.
I always wished I would open up and ask my mom, but I wasn’t brave.
Finally when I was older I asked, little did I know she would disapprove.
I would keep asking and then finally my junior year she approved.
I went to one of the classes for hip-hop and had to try my best and prove.
I couldn’t help but realize how much I loved the way my feet groove
I am so glad my mom didn’t try to make that thought get removed!
This is just a fun little poem I wrote about my experience joining hip-hop<3
hannah May 2019
May I say I do have some fears
Like everyone else
Yes, I hate spiders
Yes, I hate snakes
I hate roller coasters
What else do I need to let you know about me
I am a really picky eater
Yes, I hate celery
Yes, I hate tomatoes
Yes, I hate plain tastes
I still have a whole lot I hate
Well whats next
I love my family
Yes, I am the youngest
Yes, My parents are divorce
Yes, I hate 2 cats
I like them more than you can imagine
Well now lets talk more deeply about myself
I hate the way my body is made
I hate that I look more like my dad than my mom
I hate that I am the shortest senior in my grade
But Yes I am fearfully made
hannah May 2019
I looked up at your face
Slowly your tears started falling down
I started getting gloomy and sad along with you
I’m sorry but there is nothing I can do to cheer you up, I guess
Then the tears they start coming down faster!
Oh now I’m getting more upset.
I love you more when you're happy like the guy name Sun shine.
Yah he actually seems pretty cool why can’t you be more like him.
I cover my mouth I just spilled the tea about how I actually feel about you
Although i don’t know why I am covering my mouth I Actually don’t feel bad about it.
But oh my gosh I can tell you are so mad you try to strike a swing at me of what call lightning but miss
Then grumble with so much madness which for some reason you call thunder
Then I remove my hand from my mouth
Also why can’t you be like Mr.Cloud White.
He moves around all the time non stop
Not once have I seen him sitting still
I just give up with you sorry not sorry
hannah Mar 2019
Well let me just say, I am not that big of a fan when it comes to myself
But there are some things I wouldn’t to put on a shelf

I love my hazel eyes that like to switch colors and sparkle when the sun beams
Compared to some other teens

I love my long eyelashes that I magicly have
But I don’t like how they don’t curve

My face wasn’t clear
But now it only does that a few time through the year

I may be really shy at first
But trust me I will definitely burst

Music is something that always keeps me calm
Because its the bomb

I love being creative with some things
I’m not that good to paint Colorado Springs though

I love my hobbies
But I don’t like coffee

I love how I keep an eye on something that really sticks out to me
Because hoepfully someday mine it will be

I will always love my summer tan
But sadly not as tan as one of my sisters Morgan
hannah May 2018
I don't know what I am doing wrong
We were friends for so long

I tried so hard
But you played me like a card

I don't know what else to say
Our friendship might just have to lay

It was nice knowing you
I hope you at least feel the same way too

Maybe we will know why this happened
Our friendship will have to be imagined

Hopefully I won't cry
But I believe this is goodbye...
hannah Jan 2018
I sat there
waiting for you to get home
you came in and grabbed the beer
I ran upstairs and locked my door
you broke the promise
"I will never drink again"
I hear you drop the dumb can
tears start running down my face
I scrambled around my room
something that could hold the door closed
"a chair!That's it!"
I grabbed it and say it in front of the door
I looked at the window
"Open up"
I smashed the window opened
and tried letting go
I tried to take the step back
but then I stepped forward
I opened my eyes
and there you were by my side
I looked at the window
still attached
not broken
just a dumb dream
you then opened your eyes
I smiled and said
"hold me"
I then realized you I can never let go
you are my home
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