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I am a teenager
Whose voice isn’t loud enough to hear
Drinking and smoking
Are not my priorities

I am a teenager
I am not a runaway or a party animal
Nor a dope head on the street corner

I am a teenager
I am not idiotic or relentless
I’m expected to be an adult. Yet, I get treated like a child
I don’t have flawless skin; pimples are all over my face

I am a teenager
Who’s slowly learning to love my flaws
And not listen to society’s definition of beauty

I am a teenager
Who’s attached to the social media 24/7
They think I don’t know anything, believe me I know more than you think

I am a teenager
Who loves to pray
Always take the time to honour our Lord for everything he has done
for us

I am a teenager
Who is still trying to figure out their future
But in reality, is scared for what’s in store

I am a teenager
Different from the others
But they think we’re all the same
- bcdh
bethany cotton Dec 2013
Society killed the teenager
It burned her it hurt her
Made her feel worthless
But is she
Is she I mean id love an answer because all anyone has ever said was
Why are you so weird whats wrong with your hair
Why are you always alone standing over there
Are you okay
Did you finally **** yourself today

But she thinks that if she can just start over
She can change herself completely
It never worked
She changed herself till she was nothing more than plastic
She was nothing more than what you would call an outsider
A ****** a dork a nerd a freak etc

But what she has underneath would burn someone just to know what she has gone through it would bring you to your knees crying
Give you the worse migrain head ache
Wishing you could take it all back
But yet not to be that simple

For all she wanted was to fit in
It wasn’t her plan to be an outcast
Are you happy
Huh are you happy now
For she never hurt a soul
Yet the only emotion she has ever felt
Was pain for she had no love she had noone to tell her
That she was loved

But not everyone gets that kind of help well I time atleast because when some like that happens to someone they never think to look behind the smile plastered on her plastic face just to think if we lived in a world that noone had to anything to fear that we had to change ourselves to fit in no one had to fear anything noone had to hide behind a curtain
To cover them up because they are afraid noone will like them

Society killed the teenager
It hurt her and burned her
At her funeral her parents were parents were morning finding out what she was going through while her “friends” and all her bullies are living their life and giggling not knowing that she was a girl looking and hoping to be accepted and you wouldn’t help her and you were just society banishing anyone yet to even look for acceptance

Was fitting in really that important would you rather be popular then help the girl in the corner with a blade to her neck did it really mean that much when you could have reached out and saved a life instead of letting her rott away in  her thoughts and misery for if she had a friend she wouldn’t be in a casket in her dress dead  cold never knowing she was ever loved because you obviously had nothing better to do for her life wasn’t as delicate  and precious as another one word was all it took for her to realize she was better than that and that one word was hello that one word could have saved a life that day

For if her life was not important then how is yours  
For if you are so special then you could have helped her
You were to worried about your hair makeup and boys to peel back the plastic cover and see the girl crying with the knife to her throat wishing she was perfect like you
Oh but no because you obviously have better things to do

Society killed the teenager
That is definatly true
But her life was so delicate
That even the simplest
I love you was faded out as sarcasm
and that she could never be loved because
all the hate made love feel like fairy tales

society killed the teenager because she denied all love
the only love she ever got she never knew it
and that is how society killed the teenager

so society next time you see the teenager
help her
because noone has ever done anything to deserve such torture
but that teenager forgave each and everyone ne
because she realized they were all to blind to notice
to notice that she was aching inside for love and compassion
to blind to find your way to help her
Dr. Bruce Banner is hiking and sees a terrified, little boy running towards him, which is true;
Asking Banner to help him is what the little boy would do.

The little boy tells Banner that his teenage stepsister is assaulting him and his mother, as you can see;
The little boy's stepsister is evil and always will be.

When the little boy takes Banner to his house, Banner sees the evil teenager assaulting her stepmother through the window;
Banner tries to break the door open and here are more things that you should know.

When Banner can't break the door open, he gets mad and morphs into the Hulk, which is great;
The evil teenager is full of hate.

When the Hulk breaks the door open and confronts the evil teenager, she uses her gun to shoot the green guy;
The Hulk is bulletproof and that's no lie.

The Hulk snatches the gun away from the evil teenager and breaks it, which is good;
The little boy and his mom are glad that the Hulk was in the neighborhood.

The Hulk pushes the evil teenager towards a wall, knocking the ***** out, which is cool;
The evil teenager is also a fool.

When the evil teenager is knocked out, the Hulk comforts the stepmother and her son;
The little boy and his mother are happy that the Hulk had broken the evil teenager's gun.

When the police arrive to arrest the evil teenager, the Hulk goes away;
The evil teenager is going to prison and that's all I have to say.
AJ  Dec 2013
a teenager thing
AJ Dec 2013
i simultaneously long for life and death
i want to **** myself, but don't want to die
i want to disappear into a nothingness
i want to float up into the sky
     (but maybe that's just a teenager thing)

in crowds, i get panicked and weepy
alone, i suffocate on the floor
i belong to no person or thing or place
and i fall to pieces behind that bedroom door
     (but maybe that's just a teenager thing)

sometimes, i'm just teeming with emotion
the pain and the love and the best and the worst
all of the feelings get twisted together
until i'm sure that i'm going to burst
     (but maybe that's just a teenager thing)

on the contrary, sometimes i feel numb
i'm immune to the pain of this place
i can't feel the good or the bad or ugly
it's amazing what you can hide behind a happy face
     (but maybe that's just a teenager thing)

i constantly feel like i'm empty
and that i've got nothing left to give
i feel like i'm broken and done for
and that there's no reason for me to live
     (but maybe that's just a teenager thing)

i write suicide notes in my free time
and count the number of ways i could do it
and hide pills away in the drawers of my dresser
like my own little "how-to" death kit
     (but maybe that's just a teenager thing)

i keep razors and knives in my bookcase
i have methodically placed lines on my wrist
i long for the pain and the blood that it brings
i flirt with the demon of death, and then give it a kiss
     (but maybe that's just a teenager thing)

i live in a world of pain and anxiety
in constant fear of the people that i'm supposed to love
i think that i want to die, but what is want is to be free
depression's the cage, and i am the dove

but i guess that must be a teenager thing.
anshika gehani Jul 2017
I am a teenager,
I fight for acceptance,
Every day I try to flaunt the hours I didn't sleep,
And every night I dream of being abandoned.

I am a teenager,
I have to listen to each song,
Coz I don't want to be left alone,
When my squad is rapping "******".

I am a teenager,
I have to take care about my skin,
Coz some people say there's too much of makeup,
And others criticize of not knowing what makeup is.

I am a teenager,
Either I have to be hot or act cool,
There is no other choice,
Coz then I won't be in the school news.

I am a teenager,
I respect my teachers,
But just because every one makes fun of them,
I am blamed too.

I am a teenager,
And people expect a lot,
In this run of expectations and reality,
I  get *******.

I am a teenager,
I can't be me,
Coz today's teenagers,
Have got a definition to be seen.
ThatBrokenOne Dec 2018
As a boy I said to my mom,
"Mom I don’t want to life anymore."
As a boy I was tired of my life,
I just wanted to get out.

As a boy I was bullied,
School was no fun at all.
As a boy I used to have one friend,
He was my only friend.

As a boy my life ******,
So bad I didn’t want to live anymore.
As a boy I grew older,
I became a teenager.

As a teenager I was bullied,
But I could handle it.
As a teenager I had this friend,
He was my only and oldest friend.

As a teenager I found some new friends,
And lost my old one.
As a teenager I fell in love,
But she had to go into some treatment.

As a teenager I fell in love again,
Just to see her dating someone else.
As a teenager I wanted to die again,
I felt miserable even though my life was not that bad at all.

As a teenager I grew older,
And became a student.
As a student I hated my life,
I had to stop studying due to too many fails.

As a student I kept going,
I applied to a new study.
As a student I met this awesome girl,
She did the same study.

As a student I was happy for once,
We started spending time together.
As a student I found love,
It was with that awesome girl.

As a student I had the happiest moment of my life,
She and I got together.
As a student I stopped studying,
The study didn't have my interest after all.

As an adult I was happy,
I had a girlfriend.
As an adult I found work to do,
I was working until I started studying again.

As a student I was happy,
I found the right study and had a girlfriend.
As a student I did something bad,
Is ******* up life once again.

As a student I had the saddest moment of my life,
My girlfriend broke up with me.
As a student I wanted to die,
I hated my life.

As a student I try to keep going,
But I preform bad at my study.
As a student I don’t know how long I can last,
Before I **** myself.

As a person,
I don’t want to live anymore.
As a person,
I hate my life.
one song that I find very relatable, it has me every time I lissen to it. I like the cover from Faith Marie more than the original song, so that is why I added that link.
I remember when I was a teenager ya know playing sport eating junk food oh yeah
Yes it was fun being a teenager
Being as cool as they come
You see I was a very good worker and I was as fit as well
You see I was a cool teenager
Yes that sounds real cool
We went to see the raiders from Canberra oh yeah
And we waved our flags and yelled out to make sure everyone hears
We celebrated new year at the with some sugar or alcohol
Yes it was fun being a teenager
Yes I was so cool
You see I was in the basketball team and I was very fit
And I was with the bowling team
And at that stage I wasn’t very good but when I got back into it as an adult I became the best I can be
You see it was fun being a teenager you see I was wiling to learn
You see I did bushwalking and I mucked around in school
Getting detentions and ****
I squabbled with another bloke who wanted to show how cool he is but me, being a teenager
I showed him I can be cool too
Yes it was fun being a teenage boy and I had a lot of fun
I had sleepovers with my mates and boy I had a great time
We watched movies ate pizza
Without worrying about our weight and our birthdays we had parties enjoying it yeseree
But it was it was it was fun being a teenager still having fun
Loving life, yeah mate it was fun
Ashley Centers Aug 2010
The envelope was red, white and blue just like the flag
Betsy Ross spent days with bleeding fingers over so many
years ago. It was addressed to me from an unknown sender.
I was giggly, jumpy. Who would write to me? I wasn’t important.
Just a seventh grade nobody stuck in a sparkly purple wheelchair.

Mom said I could join. She secretly wanted her outcast
of a daughter to have a sense of normalcy during her
last fading moments of childhood. I just wanted to have
fun. I wasn’t ready to accept that I was different. I knew
that I was. The stares told me so but I didn’t want to be.

The letter said that I could represent my fine country
as America’s National Teenager. Me? All I had to do was show
my ability by competing in a scholarship pageant. You know,
a beauty pageant except it wasn’t being called so because adults
are trying to be sensitive to teenager’s feelings because we’re
more likely to be sensitive, emotional and prone to disruptive
and potentially harmful outbursts. The perks of being a wallflower.

Teenagers, we know this. We’re also not stupid. I and every
other girl who would participate knew this pageant
was nothing more than a beauty pageant; a popularity
contest. That didn’t keep us from dreaming of becoming
rich and famous, stop the crying fits, hormones from raging
or acting like drama wasn’t our life’s goal and college major.

Four days in Southern Idaho and an eight-hour drive
to and from gave me plenty of time to practice my talent,
an essay. Even then, I knew I had no real physical attributes.
Instead, I shoved my fears aside and wrote, rewrote and polished
my essay on America until my parents, teachers, and friends
repeatedly had to tell me “that’s enough already. You’ll do great.”

I made friends, told stories, laughed until snot came out my nose
and answered the ever cautious “What happened to make you look
that way?” I had the time of my life. I knew I wasn’t going to win
because let’s face it, I’m not pretty enough. And just as predicted,
I left with “Most Inspirational” and cried ugly tears when I
didn’t come home as America’s National Teenager. Looking back,
I was a real American teenager. I don't need a pageant to tell me so.
Copyright 2010 Ashley Centers
Emily Nemec  Apr 2015
Emily Nemec Apr 2015
I'm a teenager. I get mad at my parents. I like to get into trouble. I'm obsessed with technology. I don't know how to sit down and have a conversation with another human. I don't know how to have feelings.

I'm a teenager. I like to do drugs. I want to go to jail. I want to mess my life up.

I'm a teenager. I'm supposed to be prefect. I have to be happy, get good grades, and be popular. I'm supposed to be the best, but I'm not.

I'm a teenager. I can't be good. I'm built into a hating machine.

I'm a teenager. I should be able to be what I want, love who I love, but I can't. I have to have permission to be human.

I'm a teenager.
I can sit and talk.
I can be happy.
I can love.
I can be human.

It's hard to be right when you're not the one saying what's wrong

I'm a human, but I'm only a teenager.
Because when your a teenager your almost not human.
Victoria Ruth May 2014
Not quite sure yet
What I want to be
But so much pressure
Just to get my degree

I’m young and free
Even crazy and wild
Don’t you even dare
To treat me like a child

Though I can’t help but think
Where will I be in 10 years?
Will I finally have courage,
to face my worst fears?

Will I still have my boyfriend,
who I’ve been with?
Do high school sweethearts
exist, or is that just a myth?

Should I go get drunk,
this weekend with my friends?
I got invited to another party
The fun never ends

Wait I’m kind of insecure
About my body and weight
Why am I still awake?
It’s getting pretty late

Yet I still haven’t started
Any of my homework
Who cares anyway though
I mean my teacher’s a ****

I’m under so much pressure
Because I’ve got to graduate
But you try being a teenager
In a world filled with hate

Overthinking killed the teenager
And that teenager is I
Overthinking every thought
And I don’t know *why
"Teenagers"-People who are treated like children but expected to act like adults.

— The End —