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Miriam Sep 2020
Walking up the path
I see the building she's is at
I walk around the building
to her window
She is sitting there waiting
Her smile when she sees me lights the world
I feel my throat get tight
My eyes fill with tears
I take off my mask and smile
I place my hand on the window
Her hand touches mine through the window
Miriam May 2020
White with lines
Tap tap tap
In and out in and out, breathing,
Crack pick up another,
Tap tap tap
Start Begin Go!
write my soul
write my agony
write my joy
Write my mind
Tap tap tap ...
Miriam May 2020
Stretch out my hand with agony touching the window,
Trying to get close, My hand drops back to my side
My throat becomes dry, yet filled with tears
Its hot and scratchy, from wanting to scream
I feel Cold, I need Warm,
Yet  it will be No No and No
I miss the smell, strength, the love
being so close and now so far
To protect her! because I love her!
she is everything, the giver of life
Her strength, Her wisdom
But to lose her would be unthinkable
I ache inside, Just give me a chance
Just can it be soon
to bring her close to me in my arms, under my breast
to smell her hair and lay my head on her head
and tell her how much I love and miss her
But I can't
not yet
they say
what a terrible thing, what a terrible price we pay
This emptiness for Life,
What a terrible choice we had to make
What a terrible day it will be,Mother's Day
Happy Mothers Day!
In tears No Hugs, No Kisses, At a Distance
Happy Mothers Day.

— The End —