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  Nov 2015 Marcellohhh
every time we touched,
sparks didn't fly,
a tempest arose,
its origin the sky,
for I was the wind and
you were the sea,
devastation was meant to be.
Marcellohhh Nov 2015
And as the regret swells,
I can't help but think of your name.
Over,  and over,  and over it repeats
So sweet and everlasting:
Highlighting the mistakes I have made,
Creating a sense of both hunger and lust.
The hunger to experience your mind
And the lust of wanting your body close to mine.
I can't help but think of your name.
In both good times and bad.
And I now know that no matter what happens,  it shall always be there.      
Lingering in the back of my mind,
Forever and always.

— The End —