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  Nov 2018 Seer of All Good
You said you

were made to

swim free;

but, my darling

I'm a harbor not

the sea..

Seer of All Good Oct 2018
Good morning world,

what do you have in store for today?

If it's good or bad I'll survive because that is all I can do.

Every day is the same, it is just a repeat of the day before.

Today is yesterday.

Tomorrow is today.

One day it won't be.

One day, but not today.

Today is just today.


The name shows what we have but can never keep.

Tomorrow is the same as today, but it shows a difference.

Today is what we have but can never keep.

Tomorrow is what we will never be able to have.

It will never be here.

Forever out of our reach.

Goodbye, tomorrow.

Hello, future today.

Good morning to another forever today.
Seer of All Good Oct 2017
I will see you again and every night I see the stars
Seer of All Good Sep 2017
Have you ever want to disappear but not die?
Ever want to leave but don't go?
How can I do this without losing me?
What do I do?

I can't leave but I don't want to stay
I feel lost in my own skin
I don't feel my heart anymore
I feel like a sin

Can I escape from these feelings?
Can I not be me anymore?
Can I run and not stop?
Can I stop being sore?

Why can't I be the one people want?
Why can't I be what I wanted?
Why must I stay?
Why must I be haunted?

I won't leave
I'm not done
I will stay
But one day I'll be gone

My pain will be gone
My poor and tired soul will be gone
My light will be gone
But yet I will remain

Until then I will not be gone
I have really bad depression right now and it's hurting, but I can't leave. I'm trying
Seer of All Good Sep 2017
I was lost
You found me
I met you
You saw me
I liked you
You liked me
I kissed you
You saw us
I fell for you
You loved me
I got hurt
You lied
I gave you everything
You took it all
I saw girlfriends
You saw friends
I broke
You said sorry
I forgave you
You wondered
I stayed strong
You questioned
I was happy
You gave up
I loved you
You tried
You left
I cried
I rebuilt myself
I am not giving up
I am still here
I am stronger now
You are gone
This was about my "girlfriend" breaking up with me after a great relationship.
Seer of All Good Dec 2016
Friends are there to help you stay  
then why do so many help you leave?

Friends are there to keep you afloat
so why do they help you drown?

Friends are the ones yo can count on
so why do they always tell your secrets?

Friends are there to be with you
so why am I alone in this desert?
Friends always seem to leave me and never do what friends are supposed to do.
Seer of All Good Nov 2016
You will make magic
that no one thought could be made.
You have the magic inside you.
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