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Mikey Kania Nov 2019
have a look:

the [a-ha-ha-ha] platform is packed with
dressed in
occupational colors  

the commuters are not used
to smile regularly by the end
of a long day


have a closer look:

between the commuters you
some guys carrying
transparent [hr-ha-a] chunks filled with

somebody asks
about the fluid

now people have a
reason to laugh

Planejane2 May 2019
You’re so beautiful
But I get the feeling that you get told that all the time
No, not beautiful, but that your fine
And it’s ran to your ******* head
Don’t trust women, yet can’t seem to get them out your head
Don’t trust the devil,
But you always let him lie in your bed
Watching demons through different mediums
Yet wonder why you can’t get them OFF your head.
Always breaking bread with your ******
But can’t get up and make some bread
Got an ole lady at home
But you tied to the streets instead
When you gone grow up
And learn how to be a ******* man?
Salmabanu Hatim Jan 2019
He came,
Spurted a teaspoon of ***** inside her:
A politician,
A model,
A traitor,
A patriot,
A teacher, nurse, doctor,
An artist, a poet, a writer,............ and I,
A swimming gold medallist.
We all swam to reach the ****,
I was Y and I merged withX first,
A new swimming sensation was born.
Salmabanu Hatim Jun 2018
What did the ***** say to the egg.
I am Y,
I have travelled a long way,
Open up,
Let me meet your X,
They have been ordained a Boy,
So it shall be.
Smriti Ranabhat Nov 2017
Yes ! I am a girl
And I have a monthly guest
It comes without any messages ,without phone calls
Just with the flow of pain
Always endures me
I get lots of gifts
ache in bloatted belly
breaking back
Death hanging in the waist
pimples blush at the cheeks
Yeah ! I have periods
Red petals stain
in my beautiful white dress
like a bouquet of roses
These cease pains garden my womb
To be a  perfect clock
without tick tock and bell
But runs for  nine month
Just to change
****** ***** into a baby...
Being a girl is a bless with a free gift called pain .
Phoebe Hynes Dec 2015
I love the way rain looks when it melts the pavement into glass.
All the trees and lights cast back the tangled road.
Looking out the window during a storm
and bringing your eyes from the street
to the window,
all the water droplets move along to their own rhythm like land *****, ending up a puddle in a stage of full maturity.
Arlo Disarray Jan 2015
How many times must I ask myself
"What's the point?"
Before I'll actually have an answer?

And I see all people
As disgusting pieces of
Trash, waste and cancer

I'm so fed up with trying
To understand these fools
Who insist on filling our population

And they just

Not realizing
Many mouths we're
Already feeding

And how

Duke Thompson Oct 2014
go ahead, sell my data
it's like *****, i can always make more
Lack of sleep and lack of adderall make me cray

— The End —