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Duke Thompson Jan 2017
another pink little sugar pill
wash it down reflexively
saying maybe don't wake up tomorrow
maybe won't be so bad

but, thinking like you walk,
with lilting gait, and furrowed brow
stumble-fall, only to be

bruised peaches
with fuzzy knees
looked over later
rejected for riper fruit
Duke Thompson Jan 2017
You ******* been trying to get hydro to keep me warm for a a winter's week

Xanax and bud help but neigh
They aren't the treat I seek
Duke Thompson Dec 2016
Mid rise bodies
On horizon

We live well
Here, Do we?

Above, away, around
Drive by
Guess why
Duke Thompson Dec 2016
Mid rise bodies
On horizon

We live well
here, Do we?

Above, away,around
Duke Thompson Dec 2016
Orange sunset over snow drift parking lot

I can centre myself within her
Motherly warmth
Our shared home anchors us

Our city of trees
I guess I breathe easy
Looking out winter

Not yet so bad
Maybe love in me
Excited, we speak the same language
When can I see you again?
Cautious refrain
Duke Thompson Dec 2016
dare I?
be your *****
whatever you like

director drives me to town
asked if things slowed down
when the other car hit

most likely probing crises response capacity
intellectual curiosity or genuine concern
wager the former at 10:1
if they'd take bet

I'm just like him
I'm going to be him

flatly delivered jokes about a ***** test
better received by coworkers
"funny guy"

who is this man at the keystroke?
beached and bleached
disco ****

same old heady glazed blue-grey stormy
reminiscent of bucolic childhood splendor
when was good and town was endless
that never really existed on a barren rock

"many of you look changed, somehow older..."
pause for suspense
"and some look exactly the same"
cue laughter and my irritation,
salt rimmed with rage

am I now jailer?
indeed here now the gatekeeper
open locked doors knowing

will purge again
no matter how movement restricted
treadmill only, calorie burn
gym restricted

not equipped
(won't talk)
transfer to children's hospital
before heart fails

do it make a difference?
displaced despair
wash not over me
instead cut through me

starve binge
sniff and smoke
Duke Thompson Oct 2016
if this line is last line
know it was a victory lap
rari, 'cedes AMG (ya brazy)
commercial life dream rabies
make fun of commercial rap

still want that mclaren,
yea you starin' baby
uhhh please, you broke
talkin' bout the red cross town limo (OCTran)
'po lika baby momma didn't even know
save me yuh (87 baseline yuh)

808 boom bap clap snap (sound here)
never joke bout straps (round here)
ace in my cap (down here)
never pretend to trap, white as **** (blind seer)

pass the puck without the ruckus
down the range with the shiv stuck us
gotta strong poker face tryna bluff yuss
knock wig back gut stuffin if you rushin us
boy i dust the rust off my metal alloy pen
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