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I was right there 

to see the style of
your text. 

traveled far to 
feel the colours of content,.

All On Digi-Way.
© Feelings Coated
Salmabanu Hatim Jun 2018
What did the ***** say to the egg.
I am Y,
I have travelled a long way,
Open up,
Let me meet your X,
They have been ordained a Boy,
So it shall be.
Julie Grenness Jan 2017
The road less travelled,
Personal choices unravelled,
You meet the wrong person in life,
You descend into his strife,
Best to stay remote and aloof,
"Write it a doctor's!" I say, you goof,
Where would my life have gone, eh,
Much ado about nothing today!
Feedback welcome.
I gaze into eyes
They unfold weariness
Born from child birth
Eyes to be proud of
A person so brave.
You have travelled many roads
You have trod on scorpions
Faced your giants
Fought with all your might.
You are still standing.
Many have spoken of you.
You have reached distant lands.
You will always be remembered

— The End —