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Smriti Ranabhat May 2018

Throbbing noises , neon lights
Please ! Go away
Smell of caffeine ,
It's being unendurable
Oh ! Aura stabbed me
Torment troubles somewhere around
I want the drug acetaminophen
Don't drill my cerebrum
Head is walking with nightmares
Monsters are advocate there
I need relief
Agony is so inconsiderate
Fire is in brain and flood in the eyes
ibuprofen ? Didn't work !
Headache is still over eye
Though attack is fixed for skull ,
I'm taking high dose aspirin
Now , I'm gonna sleep with migraine
And wake up with migraine .

©Smriti Ranabhat
How painfully a pain feels
Why does everyone want to lose it?
Isn't it supposed to be somewhat sacred?
I've always thought so.
It's too bad that mine was stolen from me.
  Jan 2018 Smriti Ranabhat

a smile is just like a ball
it bounce from person to person
with the right


© Pax
just a quote

Thank you everyone. It was a tough year for me. As you have known, i lost a parent a few months ago. Coming back here and writing  is like starting all over again. Smile was inspired on how i wear it on my daily routine in the office, even in tough times. This shows that i still have strengh and will to move forward. So i greatly appreciate everyone's support.
Smriti Ranabhat Jan 2018
Her life is pen
It proceeds swiftly without pause option
once marked , ever permanent
No one can erase

Time flirted , she is no more ordinary  girl
Now she dreams poetry in colour
Grasps world in the words
Secrets maunder in heart
Inky thoughts void through fingers
She picked up heart , throw in the sheet
Everything whisper ****** darkness
She fetched happiness in loneliness
Cause she met death before

Gardening a grave with passion
Her search rattles like a pill in bottle
Her wrist drowns in blood of killed poems
Her heart beats just for her darkest desire
A name - " A dead poet "
Her heart just beats for her darkest desire
Smriti Ranabhat Jan 2018
What you depict ?
Assuredly , the reflection of life
Do you need paintbrush ?
I survive on words
How you worth wisdom ?
Emotions are my vitamins
Why you write ?
Cause words live longer than person
Words live longer than person
Smriti Ranabhat Nov 2017
Once I had a faith ,
Now I believe in atheism ....
Where is the god ?
  Nov 2017 Smriti Ranabhat
A Poem.
Take your heart,
Dunk in Ink.


'Throw it on the Sheet.'
It's Ready!
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