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Smriti Ranabhat May 2018

Throbbing noises , neon lights
Please ! Go away
Smell of caffeine ,
It's being unendurable
Oh ! Aura stabbed me
Torment troubles somewhere around
I want the drug acetaminophen
Don't drill my cerebrum
Head is walking with nightmares
Monsters are advocate there
I need relief
Agony is so inconsiderate
Fire is in brain and flood in the eyes
ibuprofen ? Didn't work !
Headache is still over eye
Though attack is fixed for skull ,
I'm taking high dose aspirin
Now , I'm gonna sleep with migraine
And wake up with migraine .

©Smriti Ranabhat
How painfully a pain feels
  Jan 2018 Smriti Ranabhat

a smile is just like a ball
it bounce from person to person
with the right


© Pax
just a quote

Thank you everyone. It was a tough year for me. As you have known, i lost a parent a few months ago. Coming back here and writing  is like starting all over again. Smile was inspired on how i wear it on my daily routine in the office, even in tough times. This shows that i still have strengh and will to move forward. So i greatly appreciate everyone's support.
Smriti Ranabhat Jan 2018
Her life is pen
It proceeds swiftly without pause option
once marked , ever permanent
No one can erase

Time flirted , she is no more ordinary  girl
Now she dreams poetry in colour
Grasps world in the words
Secrets maunder in heart
Inky thoughts void through fingers
She picked up heart , throw in the sheet
Everything whisper ****** darkness
She fetched happiness in loneliness
Cause she met death before

Gardening a grave with passion
Her search rattles like a pill in bottle
Her wrist drowns in blood of killed poems
Her heart beats just for her darkest desire
A name - " A dead poet "
Her heart just beats for her darkest desire
Smriti Ranabhat Jan 2018
What you depict ?
Assuredly , the reflection of life
Do you need paintbrush ?
I survive on words
How you worth wisdom ?
Emotions are my vitamins
Why you write ?
Cause words live longer than person
Words live longer than person
Smriti Ranabhat Nov 2017
Once I had a faith ,
Now I believe in atheism ....
Where is the god ?
  Nov 2017 Smriti Ranabhat
A Poem.
Take your heart,
Dunk in Ink.


'Throw it on the Sheet.'
It's Ready!
Smriti Ranabhat Nov 2017
I am your poem.

From that mountain hole
Too many pains left
And from the island of the vexation
A little pleasure on the journey twinkle They made  a missiles
I was fabricated just below your heart
And I am the part of it

Just by planting a tree farm
Trouble dirts your hands
I was penned from composition of roughness
And I am the stanzza of it

Thunder thrown out of your eyes
They are more expensive than pearls
Drinking  nano water
I was  masterminded
And I am the Masterpiece of it

The debt too scared by itself
Searching for fertilizer tissue
Selling the blood of your own
I was painted from the words of penalty
And I am the same book of it

Momma ! I'm not a poetess
I am your poetry ....
I am the product of plenty of sufferings ,and vexation that momma suffers
I am her words falling and rolling in the real life   ,pattern of her language
And I am her whole book
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