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daisypunk Oct 2018
o mother star
bright and elating
how may it be that i
could ever shine
with your strength
your grace
your kindness

o mother star
is it not true
that we should all aim
to live with
a purpose above
only ourselves

o mother star
let me be your champion
your paragon of love
my one truest hope
is to be able to
call the sky my own

o mother star
please lend me a wish
any night of my time
so that i may reach
the heights you've set
so dazzlingly high
Wided Ben Jul 2018
And sometimes I feel like my heart is bursting from all the lives I’ve lived for others, I’d abandon the comfort of the familiar and the approval of herds
for the enchantment of new faces, new songs and the mystery of new roads, escape from the tyranny of morality and sanctity, and lose myself to the beat of the soul and the pulse of desire. I want mornings that don’t remember yesterdays and a present that exists for itself, days that don’t hope for the future because the moment is so full of my mother and all the love she has for me, all the wrong that’s born out of splendor and a God that has no expectations but to see us surrender to the wildness of our spirits and the softness of our being.
Blade Maiden Jun 2018
We come from broken families,
you and I
hating ourselves for years.
People did terrible things,
to us
at times willingly, most of the times..

Where their lives end,
the places they ruined,
we try to rebuild,
find shelter in broken shells
in each others bruised and battered

And I know it's hard,
it takes a thousand broken things,
to get to a part,
of life,
that gives you strength

You know the good place,
you can see it,
it exists
We have been there
many times
it's not just one place
there are countless
and one is
somewhere between our two bodies
and minds
waiting for us to mend

I wish to be whole,
even with all these fragments missing,
I want to be whole with you
but healthy, simply, easy,
to not be one
who is just as broken
and terrified
and lonely
as the people we once

What does it take
I ask us
It takes
a softness
and a toughness
only found
between two
that have endured.
Kartikeya Jain Apr 2018
you remained soft.
I think you
are made of water.
silenced Apr 2018
I trusted
you would forever be
my soft watered song.
Maxx Feb 2018
my heart, a peach
with each heart break
until it is too ripe
and it must be discarded
at least
i never
sealed it in a can
and kept it hard
love is sweetest when we no longer desire to consume it
Rohan P Jan 2018
softness flows over
rocks and rivulets, jettisoning
the clouding embraces of treetops,
holding the modulating fog on brushed canvases:
away, floating away, currents of love.
R Nov 2017
Hello there.
I greet you gently with the fireplace,
warmed by our hearts entwined
as our spirits chase.

I'm leaning against you gently as
the television plays gently something
the both of us would love.
The light soaking both of our bodies
the shadows of us becoming one as they blanket the floor,
my hand held with yours, my sweet turtledove.

My cheek against yours, both our eyes closed
as my eyelash is traced against the side of your face.
In our near slumber, we can only be drunk
on the sheer warmth of our embrace.

A soft rain starts outside, as the pane streaks down
little stars all around us, the TV shutting off.
We feel each other's breathing fondly, as slowly,
I whisper into your ear, subconsciously...
"I love you."

You are dead asleep, but you smile regardless.
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